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U Neek Findings

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Review: [redacted] is the owner of the store. [redacted], the owner wont allow me to get my purchased chandelier in the other words, he forfeited it. He claimed that I made the store storage for it took my long to get it which is a lie. I tried many times and attempted many times to get it.

The day I paid off the layaway the owner [redacted] (owner of the chandelier) promised me that it will be ready for me to get the following day and that she will take it apart. But when I went back to the store, things changed. [redacted]- sales representative instead grabbed a box to put the chandelier, the whole chandelier. Another man helped him but the chandelier didn’t fit. Next thing, they have give me the responsibility to get the box myself. I was suggested to get it at [redacted]. I went to 2 [redacted] Store – San Mateo and Eubank but they don’t have the size of the box. Next things, I went back to U NEEK brought a plywood and cushions- suggesting to [redacted] to use the plywood and just laid down the chandelier and carry it to my truck but this time he said no, he said he will just cover my sheets. And then I went back again but they were busy and the lady at the counter was upset of me when I demand to take the chandelier. She was rude and even [redacted] said to me she is rude.Desired Settlement: I want my chandelier for it is paid off.

Review: the landlord has changed the terms of the rental agreement, retro-actively. Typically statements are issued on the 7th, which is when the notification was made. The landlord is now holding me to this change to the rental agreement as of the 3rd, 4 days prior.Desired Settlement: I have requested that the original rental agreement be followed, but I am being held to the new policy, requiring me to remain as a tenant for an additional month. The landlord claims in writing to have a waiting list for the spaces they rent. If so, there should be no hardship to them to allow me to leave with the 30 days I attempted to give.



thank you for given me the opportunity today to

respond to the altered and false complaint filed by mrs. [redacted] a few

weeks ago.

I will explain to you the sequence of events that lead to

mrs., [redacted]'s actions.

our store, Uneek findings, rents floor spaces

that cover an area of 100 sq. ft.or more for the sum of 280.00

dlls/month and are utilized by the vendors to sell used and new goods to

the public. Every 7th of each month, our vendors get a check and a statement of

their sales for the month along with a newsletter informing the vendors of new

events, changes and reminders.

Mrs. [redacted] turned in a letter on June 7th announcing her termination of the contract with Uneek

findings and stated to me that she was moving out of her space at the end the

month. I responded to her, that letters of contract termination must be turned

in between the first and the third of the month only and that she was four days

late. She immediately became aggressive and confrontational with me in front of

my customers and vendors by telling me that the contract didn't say that . I

responded to her that the newsletter given to her in May addressed that issue

ant to please go back and read it. She then left the stores using insulting


I received a letter from the a few days later addressing a complaint from

mrs. [redacted] against uneek findings I was uphold and

perplexed of the manner she exposed the problem to you.

After I received the letter, I have made an attempt to

reason and resolve mrs. [redacted] problem. I telephoned mrs. [redacted] on June 13th

and made an offer to her to exit on June 15th and in return, I wouldn't have her

stay another month that is equivalent to 280dlls. Her response was that I was

punishing her and making her leave early. At this point, I learned That mrs.

[redacted] had no intentions of favorably resolving this issue and refused to find

positive solutions to the problem. I then told her to think about it and to call

me back as soon as she reached a decision. Mrs. [redacted] never called back with a

decision. Therefore, it was assumed she refused any possible offer from me and

my company to resolve her problem.

Please do not hesitate to

contact me further if





Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

Currently I am still a vendor at U Neek findings until the end of this month. At risk of further retribution by Mr [redacted], I found his response to be exaggerated, incomplete and inaccurate. Mr [redacted] claims to have issued a change to the original rental contract in May. I have no copy of this document. Regardless, it was within his power to grant me a waiver and rent the space to one of the many new vendors he claimed to have on a waiting list. Considering that his offer of an amicable solution to my issue was to vacate the property with two days notice, sacrificing two weeks of rent already paid to him was ludicrous. His characterization of a woman in dispute with him as aggressive and confrontational borders on stereotypical. I attempted to call Mr [redacted]o to respond to his offer, prior to 6pm, per his ultimatum. There was no answer, and my message was never returned. The fact that he already indicated to me his unwillingness to compromise with his vendors, even to the extent of denying early cancellation of a lease to another vendor dealing with the death of a parent, indicates to me that this man will ultimately learn how to treat people with decency the hard way. At this time, I will be out of the rented space at the end of the month, and will put this matter behind me. As far as I am concerned, no further action is necessary on the part of the I appreciate your efforts, but clearly this is a man who does not value those whom he seeks to be in business with.


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Description: Retail Stores

Address: 4700 Central SE, Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States, 87108


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