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U R A L Motorcycles

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Review: 2012 Ural Gear Up has been faulty since acquisition. Bike lost acceleration power and ran inconsistently around 3,000k. Repairs made by authorized warranty mechanic did not solve problem. Warranty was not billed though extended warranty was purchased. When bike broke down a second time, another suggestion was made to get repairs completed, but no guidance other than that I shouldn't have had to pay for the repairs the first time. No response when I asked what to do about the previous repairs. This left me stranded in a very small town with no way of returning home (3,500 miles away), especially not with my bike in the running condition I had been guaranteed by the repair shop.

Product_Or_Service: Ural Gear Up Motorcycle and repairs

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I would like an immediate refund to release me of my lien on the bike, as well as compensation for expenses incurred from the malfunctioning of the bike and the subsequent travel and inconvenience.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2014/09/03) */

September 3, 2014

1000 Station Drive Ste 222

DuPont, WA 98327

RE: Case # [redacted]

This letter is in response the complaint filed by [redacted] and his request to purchase or buy back his 2012 Ural motorcycle.

Our dealer rep. [redacted] first responded on 8/19 to an email sent by [redacted] that explained problems he was experiencing and requesting assistance. In the response from [redacted] we requested additional information and advised [redacted] to visit he closest servicing dealer for assistance and repairs.

[redacted] responded to this email on 8/19 however provided some conflicting information in regard to his extended warranty, at this time [redacted] requested my assistance to determine what if any warranty coverage remained on the motorcycle and what to advise next.

I investigated the case and found no record of any extended warranty being sold and or issued to [redacted] by either of the dealerships mentioned in his emails. [redacted] again reached out to [redacted] requesting more information and continues to try and assist [redacted].

I would ask you to read the email chain between [redacted] and [redacted], I feel we have made great efforts to communicate with [redacted], advised him to visit a local dealer for assistance, and have requested additional information to clarify what transpired between him and the previous servicing dealership. [redacted] has been very thankful for the assistance and did not indicate at any time he was unhappy with our assistance.

[redacted] has requested a full refund for his motorcycle due to issues he has experienced, however has not to our knowledge visited a servicing dealership as we advised to correct any warrantable issues. [redacted] has owned his 2012 Ural motorcycle for 12 months, his factory warranty will expire on 9/6/14 and we would like to assist him prior to that expiration, however, we will not be able to honor his request to provide a refund and/or buy back his motorcycle.




V.P. Operations & Product Support

Email correspondence between Ural Dealer Rep. [redacted] and [redacted].

Hello [redacted],

I do apologize for the late reply but I had run your case by our warranty dept. and did some investigating to look for your warranty. I have some more questions that I will itemize so we can get this straightened out and repairs expedited. Your 2 year warranty that came with the bike expires 09/06/2014 which is this Saturday.

1) You wrote in your first email, "I had purchased an extended warranty (which [redacted] failed to submit the paperwork to, even after countless reminders)." and in your second email, "I purchased the extended warranty from [redacted] where I bought the bike." "I had even called the extended warranty company". So this is not a URAL extended warranty but third party warranty coverage?

2) You wrote that the bike was in storage due to unreliability. How long was the bike in storage for and were some of the charges on the [redacted] invoice related to tuning, carb cleaning, or other non-warrantable services from the storage period?

It is not standard practice for us to work with shops outside of our dealer and service center network. The reason is the familiarity the service technician should have with the motorcycle, they can explain Ural specific issues to our technical dept. so it can be determined if it is a warrantable case. I thought you were near [redacted] in TN. I have not heard from them concerning your bike. Without a report from a dealer, I am at a loss as to the next step.

With the factory warranty due to expire soon please send me invoices or anything that might help clarify what is going on with the extended warranty. We have no record that you purchased the URAL factory extended warranty.

Best regards,

Irbit MotorWorks of America, Inc.

Phone: (XXX) XXX-XXXX ext. [redacted]


Email: [redacted]


From: [redacted] mailto:[redacted]

Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2014 4:48 AM

To: [redacted]

Subject: Re: 2012 Ural Gear-up

Hi [redacted]-

Thank you for your quick response. Here are the details you requested:

I purchased the extended warranty from [redacted] where I bought the bike. I can forward you a scan of the comprehensive coverage should you need it.

[redacted] picked up my bike last year (December, I think- I don't have good internet access on the road to pull up the exact date). He conducted repairs on the bike and asked me to pay the $1025 to do the service, including storage fees. Of course, the warranty doesn't cover time lost due to these sort of problems, so I don't expect my storage fees to be reimbursed. I can send you the invoice should you need it. I had reminded him multiple times about the warranties, and I had even called the extended warranty company to do it myself, but they said they needed the info from [redacted]. Almost every month I emailed him to remind him to submit the information but he never gave me a straight answer.

I should be a little more specific about my experience picking up the bike- this was probably my greatest disappointment, as I was ready to never see the money I paid in exchange for a functional bike.

I arrived in Keymar by cab to pick up the bike. [redacted] wasn't in, which he had appraised me of the day before, and I picked up the bike with the key in the ignition. I paid his daughter cash for the last two months of storage and went to ride my bike for my trip. My left handlebar mirror was missing, as well as the factory wind guards on the forks of the bike (it is the Gear Up model). I took it for a ride and the turn signal still didn't work- a problem I requested be fixed eight months ago- and the bike would die with the clutch depressed at any intersection I stopped at. I returned to More than motorcycles to wait for [redacted]. His mechanic wasn't in, so he sprayed some seafoam on the carbs and repaired the turn signals and took it for a test-ride. He also replaced both of my mirrors since he didn't know where the other one had gone. He returned, off-roaded the bike on his lawn, and returned the bike to me. He said he let the bike idle for a few minutes at intersections and it was fine.

I left with the bike still stalling at intersections, and even while slowing to a stop. I had to roll on with the clutch depressed at intersections to keep the bike from dying. My fuel economy was suffering and my acceleration power was worse than it was before the bike broke down the first time.

I continued on, thinking it must be something I was doing wrong. When I would change gears, the bike would rattle, then eventually, I lost acceleration power on the 70 mph freeway, topping out at 20mph regardless of what gear I was in. Luckily I was able to ride the emergency lane until I found an off ramp.

Should I contact [redacted] about a reimbursement, or should I see what can be billed to the warranty?

I am on a tight budget so I'll work to get the bike to Nashville for the warranty-certified repairs. Would it be possible to send it to a local mechanic so I don't have to pay for a 100 mile tow? Or would a local mechanic not be covered by the warranty?

Again- thanks for responding. I feel much better knowing that you guys are involved and aware of the service you are recommending with [redacted]

Sent from my iPhone

On Aug 18, 2014, at 4:29 PM, "[redacted]" wrote:


Thank you for contacting us. I was hoping you could fill in a few more details for me. Based on the information we have your warranty is still valid until 09/06/2014 so you should not have had to pay for repairs. Was there a dealer that required you pay at some point? I also noticed the bike was purchased in AZ. but the extended warranty was purchased at [redacted] correct? I need to know so I can make sure the extended warranty is filed with us. If you are in Monterey, TN. I would suggest getting the bike to Murfreesboro, TN. to the dealer listed below if you are already heading west. I can work with our tech dept. and the servicing dealer once the problem is diagnosed to get your bike running as it should.

[redacted]2014 Certified

Murfreesboro, TN 37129


Best regards,

Irbit MotorWorks of America, Inc.

Phone: (XXX) XXX-XXXX ext. [redacted]


Email: [redacted]


Hi there- My name is [redacted] and I own a 2012 Ural Gear Up.

Last year, I stored the bike due to its unreliability and returned to find it unable to start. I was directed to [redacted] by your staff, a certified mechanic for the bike, whom

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