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My name is Derrick Lee.

In 2016 Feb, my home caught fire. We soon had a contract with US Construction Service LLC (15255 Gulf Freeway Suite G 112 Houston, TX 77034). Owner's name is Whitney Jones. He is a big white dude.

They presented themselves very professional. They communicated well at the beginning.

They got our first check about $8000 at the signing and in a few months the second third of the amount.

So, we expected to be home by at least end of the summer. But that's when they stopped fixing. I believe because of the flood in 2016 that happened in April or may. I think they were doing bigger jobs. That's my only guess why they didn't finish my job.

After about a year of not finishing my home, I try to terminate the contract amicably. We had so much loss in rent, food, and driving. I told him by letter that we walk our ways in peace.

But, US Construction put a lien on my house. I sued the company in small claims court. But their attorney dismissed the case that I scratched the loss of $25,000 (even that was much reduced) to $10,000. I had to reduce it because the small claims clerk said I can't file over $10,000 in small claims court. He should have told me to write a whole new paper.

It's kind of hard to find a lawyer who will work for small case.

I just want to warn anyone out there. Please write a date for the construction to be finished. And make sure the word is well written. I (my wife) signed in too hurry. I should have known better. I had little experience in construction.

I trusted the company. They looked clean and professional.

Good luck!

We did not even get a contract from Whitney Jones...He took 70,000 upfront and then another 58,500 less than 2 weeks later when we didn't even have a roof up yet. He then practically disappeared and it has been a huge fight since around August 2019. He took our money and then stalled the job. THEN...he kept telling us the house was finished and to send him a check but we didn't trust him at this point. Turns out he used the cheapest materials and NON-Certified people to "finish" our home. We ended up with nothing up to code and had to have John Moore come out and replace all the shotty electrical & the used motherboard they installed on our a/c that didn't even work...Meanwhile Whitney Jones said he "fixed everything" on our punch list as well as brought everything to code.. LIES! The electrical and plumbing alone is costing tens of thousands of dollars and that's not even addressing the items we still need to do. Basically he saw two chumps who got the insurance money directly and didn't even have us sign a contract... He kept sending threatening emails and saying he "emailed us" photos of the repairs but we never got them. I asked him to re-forward them and of course they didn't exist so he couldn't. He did not even communicate with our insurance adjuster so we never received a dime for loss of use. Whitney Jones is a crook...He took our money and spent it on other things.. NOT OUR HOME...but somehow he was able to purchase and remodel his own home during this time? SHADY...Deceitful...crooked SOB. I haven't heard back from him in almost a month now after asking him for a Certificate of Occupancy (which he could not provide), he gave us NO WARRANTIES, and accused us of basically "spending his final payment" ... We had to engage an attorney and now that we are in the home we have found SO many things he patched together because he didn't use the money we gave him to actually do our home right...He even put mismatched insulation over the plumbing in the attic (probably from leftover jobs) and he didn't even insulate a bunch of it so the new contractor has to go in and take everything out and reinstall it for thousands of dollars more! Whitney also kept saying that he needed to submit a bill for "code upgrades"...well, WE are now paying for all of that because a huge portion of the work is NOT to code...and WE are paying for it to be done to code by John Moore. They are expensive but legitimate. I hope he turns in a bill to my insurance company for all that so I can provide them with the proof that he is committing insurance fraud.. Also, we are definitely taking him to court now that we know the truth. He spent at least some of our insurance money for his own personal use...leaving our home unfinished and nowhere near up to code. He just lost an arbitration for a 6 figure loss as well so I doubt we will ever see a penny, but if he puts a lien against our home...quietly or not...I am going to make sure he answers for his actions to the fullest extent of the law. He is the worst most dishonest person I have ever met in my life... and I cannot wait for our day in court. BEWARE ! If you are reading this then you need to know I was a client and I can be contacted at [email protected] I will be more than happy to show you all of his emails, photos etc... His BBB rating is an A+ but his actual reviews are one star from people who ACTUALLY did business with him... His ex employee even told me that they use BBB because you can pay for ratings and fake reviews...

Review: I have had "Issues" with this company since June, 2013. I had hail damage in April, 2013 and signed a contract with US Construction. They were great in the beginning. BUT soon after they started working on my home in June, 2013, the problems began. My roof failed inspection five (5) times, they still have never replaced all the insulation in my attic. In November, 2013, I found over $2,000 in double billing that I caught and told the insurance not to pay, and last a few months ago, my insurance company told me that they did not have a WPI-8 on my vinyl and when I question it, was told that was not in the "scope" and I had to find another company to inspect it. I just had that done today, and it failed as well. I honestly don't know what to do at this point, but one of the main reasons I used this company was because they had a good rating on, so I feel that I had to at least open up a case with you to warn others of the horrible service and blame game they use. I was told they fired the contractors used on my home, but the problems on my home are still not fixed.Desired Settlement: I want my house to be fixed! My roof failed five (5) times, the attempt at double billing the insurance, insulation missing in my attic, Now the vinyl siding. I want to know that my roof is going to last 20 years, and not wonder, if they paid someone off to pass it, because if prior statements made of an employee that was fired from the company, I wonder.



This hail loss damaged portion of the property, not the entire property. Our company submitted a scope of repairs and had to go back and forth with the insurance company to get an approval. The work which was approved was completed and the customer paid us in full.

They won't warranty their work. I had several severe problems with my commercial building with no response. They also damaged my house and won't fix it. Finally they sued me wanting more money yet refuse to answer any questions on money. I would not recommend using them.

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