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Review: This letter is in regards to a situation at the [redacted] store on [redacted] Ave (store 893) on May 26th 2013

at approximately 11:45am.

As I was entering the store a gentleman was pointing at me, laughing. When I smiled back at him he

said "you sure are walking fast.". I laughed and said "yeah, I'm kind of on a mission". As we walked

through the automatic doors he then stated in a dark tone and very forceful manner that next time I

bump him he was going to 'throw me down and bust my [redacted]". Shocked, I asked him what he had said,

and his replay was "I said I was going to fking throw you down and bust your [redacted]." This was right at

the entrance which to my luck there was a member of security, [redacted], walking down the isle

closest to us (the isle with peanut butter, soups, pastas). I waved him over, and when he approached I

told him that I had been threaten by the gentleman next to me. The gentleman that threaten me stood

there, and admitted to the security guard that he told me if I bumped him again he was going to throw

me down and bust my [redacted].

The security guard separated the two of us and told the man to go his way and told me to just go my

way. I was not impressed. I had just been threatened by someone walking into a [redacted], and I was

told to just go on my way. As the gentleman left he said he knew his rights because he was a police

officer, and said sarcastically "you want to see my badge number". I told [redacted] the guy just identified

himself as a police officer and I wanted his badge number. [redacted]'s next response was "Jesus Christ".

Your professional service personnel just responded in a tone that I could not believe I was hearing.

My request for him to do his job was so problematic. I said to [redacted] that we need his badge number if

he is a police officer.

[redacted] went over to the gentleman and spoke to him. Then came back and said the guy wasn't a police

officer. I then told [redacted] that it is illegal for someone to pose as an officer. Again, [redacted] remarks and action were that my comments were a burden to him and that it "just wasn't worth it". We both

followed the gentleman to the isle where the greeting cards are placed. The manager of the store at this

point was called over for the situation. [redacted] stood by me, and the manager talk to the gentleman as I

stood at the end of the isle. I will admit, it hurt my feelings when I notice this guy mimicking me in

front of the manager, adding a flamboyant walk with his arms raised and hand bend down in a limp.

I'm glad the manager found this humorous as he turned away smiling and told the gentleman to have a

good day.

When the manager came back to me he said that this issue was resolved and to go about my way. Not

acceptable. I stated to him again that this guy threaten me and then identified himself as a police

officer. That is when [redacted] said "No he didn't, I heard him." If this is true why didn't [redacted] say

something back when I originally stated the gentleman commented he was a police officer. It's because

[redacted] didn't hear him, and now your security officer started to lie. He lied to both me and the manager

on duty. The manager just simply agreed with [redacted] and said that the man didn't identify himself as a

police officer.

When I expressed to the manager that this was not acceptable he firmly told me this is a done matter,

and if I wanted to I could just call the cops.

Hearing this tone and unsympathetic expression, in addition to [redacted]'s non passionate tone and lying,

it was time to just do as they said and to go on my way. I did not call the police, but as I write this I

feel this should have been done. From my prospective at the time it seems the lies coming from [redacted],

and the manager just plain not caring in the salutation it seemed useless. I felt there was too much

against me to try and fight for something no one cared about.

To take this situation worse, I asked for both [redacted]'s contact information and asked the manager for his

name and contact information. The manager replied to [redacted] "Just give him [redacted]'s number", and he


At no time did the manager of [redacted] make a apology for the incident, or that it was unfortunate

situation. Both him and [redacted] just seemed to think my situation was a burden on their day. I definitely

know [redacted] didn't care since his comment was "jesus Christ" pronounced in an annoyed toned. If he

had just taken the time to listen, maybe ask if I would like an escort to get my items, or a simple

"I'm sorry about this situation, I know its hard, perhaps you would like a escort to get your items."

Heck, as [redacted] escorted me to get my items we may have struck up a good conversation. This would

have turned a negative situation into a positive experience.

It is compassion that helps your employees get through situation that are hard like this one.

Compassion and a simple friendly gesture can take a situation like this and turn it into a positive

experience. To me, it seems some of your personnel at the Parsons store need a little more compassion.

Do not use the excuse "oh, well that is Parsons ave, it is a little rough.", which I have overheard from

your employees and security before. They shouldn't be making comments like this while people are

checking out at the uscan. I take great pride in the development of the south side of Columbus and I'm

tired of hearing that excuse.

It's funny, because even asking for his name, the manager never gave it me ...just [redacted]'s number and

even that number was given to me incorrectly. 1-800-[redacted]. This number doesn't even work.

I look forward to hearing a response to this matter, and a good conclusion that will make all parties


SincerelyDesired Settlement: I look forward to hearing a response to this matter, and a good conclusion that will make all parties





Morning Mr. [redacted],

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Description: Security Guard & Patrol Service

Address: 5785 Emporium Sq, Columbus, Ohio, United States, 43231


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