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Review: On Dec 30/12, coming home from work, at 0600, I was involved in an accident. I hit the steel beam that held the exit sign. I was the 3rd vehicle amognst the 6 or 7 other vehicles involved in hitting the exit and/or steel beams. I called U S Towing Services to tow my vehicle. When asked, the tow truck driver, [redacted], said he was an auto mechanic. [redacted] stated that he owned the towing service as well as an auto mechanic shop. I told him to tow my vehicle to his shop so he could repair it.After contacting [redacted] I received a letter in the mail, 1/11/13, stating [redacted] was not liable for the damages to my vehicle due to, "an act of nature or God." Received a written estimate for vehicle repairs from [redacted] in the amount of $2170.10, which included the following costs; labor, NEW replacement parts, additional costs and Net Total. My wife, paid [redacted] $500.00 cash, 1/16/13 to begin repairs on my vehicle. [redacted] stated that he would put in used parts, except the radiator, that would be new, and he would only charge half the amt of the original estimate, as that estimate included ALL BRAND NEW PARTS. After 6 wks of numerous phone calls about the status of the repairs, we finally got my vehicle back, 2/23/13. When my wife picked it up, she paid him $900.00 cash and wrote a check for $420.00. When she started my car, there was a loud screeching and was told by [redacted] that it was a belt that probably needed to be tightened. My wife took the car to another mechanic, and was told that the bearing was bad on the AC clutch as well as the air compressor was bad. She called [redacted] on both 2/25 and 2/26, with our concerns. We cancelled the $420.00 check to US Towing so we could use that money to pay a different mechanic to repair what needed to be repaired on the vehicle. When [redacted] was told the check was cancelled to pay for the other machanic, he threatened the police and court action on us.Desired Settlement: My wife and I feel that we should receive at least half the money back that was paid to [redacted], with the exception of the $420.00 that we paid to the other mechanic. That leaves the repair bill totaling $1400.00, and we are asking for at least $700.00 refunded. My wife and I work different shifts, which left one of us constantly looking for and paying for transportation back/forth to work for the last 2 plus months. [redacted] was fully aware of our transportation delema.



I agree with the first few lines of there letter. Right after I towed it he called and asked me to loan him a car, a person I had never met !The first two weeks of the time was waiting the hear from [redacted]. When they were refused I asked them how the want to go new or used parts. The said used if it was cheaper and would be OK. It took a few days to find used parts. Then I had to wait for them to be removed That was in those week or so of the low teens for temp so the yard wasn’t working very fast. They called sever times asking and I told them I was waiting for parts and as soon as I got the parts I would schedule it for work.When the parts were received I began repairs a few days later. During the process of the repair I discovered 2 additional items needing replacement a lower rad hose (new) and a AC compressor used.Also they asked that I inspect the car (** State Safety inspection ) which I did. In the process of doing this it needed a left tie rod end which I replaced.I called after the car was done and gave them a price HE told me to keep the car and he wasn’t going to give me the title. I spoke to her two days later. She told me she only had $1000. . I told Her I didn’t give credit but agreed to hold a check for a week. She took the car and called a few days later to tell me something was still making noise. I gave her an appointment for that Thursday for my AC guy (I don’t service AC just install parts) I said if it was more than an over charge I would replace the AC clutch on Fri at no charge. She called me back the next day saying she would not be making the appointment because she would be taking it to “Her garage”. I explained to her if he found the compressor or clutch to be a problem I would refund her $75 for the used part if she returned it so I could also be credited. She told me of stopping payment and I explained to her that that was Theft of Service and illegal and I would have to turn that over to the local PD which I did.

I have not heard from her since. It appears that the used compressor was replaced with a rebuilt unit not what was originally asked for. As of yet I have not received any defective part.. So at this time I see no reason to give any credit or refund. You don’t buy a TV at [redacted] and take it to a [redacted] store for a refund or repair. She was told of a 30 day warranty on parts and labor.If you have any questions feel free to contact me again. I believe they are unhappy at [redacted] so am taking it out on me. They don’t understand repair times or supplement damages I also see no mention of the request for inspection.Thanks,[redacted]U.S. Towing Service..



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Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: [redacted] misled us from the beginning. He told us he was a mechanic and had his own shop and could fix/replace the radiator, hoses and bumper. He did not mention that he contracted the work out and that the repair work would be done on their spare time. We received a letter from [redacted]

on Jan 10/13 stating they were not responsible for the damages to our vehicle. My wife gave [redacted] $500.00 in cash on Jan 14/13 to start the repairs. He stated to her that it would be half the cost of the original estimate if we went with used parts except the radiator. The original estimate including towing, parts and labor was $2170.10.

Again, he failed to mention he was not doing the work himself. We did call numerous times asking if the repairs we completed and when we could get our car back. We were given many excuses, including statements from [redacted], "I'm napping today" and "I was playing in the snow all night". It took from Jan 14/13 til Feb 20/13, (6 wks), to replace a radiator , hoses and a bumper?? Yes, we did ask for the car to be inspected, how long does it take to do that? When my wife picked up the car and asked what the squealing noise was from, [redacted] replied that it was a hose that needed to be tightened!! That is why we took it to another mechanic to look at it. There was also no antifreeze in the resiviour. We were not told of any warranty, we were told that if the compressor didn't work, we could bring it back in the spring, or when the weather warmed up, and it would be fixed and that we would also be charged for the repair. All in all, we feel we were misled from the beginning, the repairs were not done in a timely fashion, bad parts were put on our vehicle and the whole experience was, to say the least, frustrating as one of us were looking for and paying for transportation back/forth to our jobs, which [redacted] was fully aware of our transportation troubles. And to tell us that we had to wait yet another week for him to look at and replace the bearing in the AC clutch, was totally unreasonable. Hence, the ASE certified mechanic that DID replace the bearing on the AC clutch and also told us that the air compressor was also bad, which we did not have replaced as we did not have the finances for that. The ASE certified mechanic stated to us that if we drove the car, the AC compressor could lock up and we would lose the power steering,water pump and the alternator, which would cost us even more money to repair!!! Again, we were misled with everything from [redacted]. My wife cancelled the $420.00 check to [redacted] to pay the other machanic for the Bearing on the AC clutch. [redacted] was told that was going to happen. We were totally unsatisfied with our unfortunate experience with [redacted] and US TOWING SERVICE.




I think these people are just wasting all of our times. I am in business since 1970 and do have my own shop. They were there. They have no idea what is involved in fixing some of the newer cars. What used to be 1 hr to change a radiator can now be near 8 hours because you have to remove the whole front of the car.

As for contracting out work YES I did send out the AC work like many shops do as is did the alignment. again both are specialized and many shops don’t do it including new car dealers.At no time did I tell them I was napping. They did call during or after a snow storm and I was plowing but also awaiting parts.At no time did I tell them half of the est for repair costs and again they don’t understand supplemental damage. It wasn’t that long to do the job it was getting the parts. Again they are just unhappy they had to pay the repair bill and not Penn DOT.We are listening to a guy whose first request was that I should loan a stranger a car fro a few weeks or even days !The car was repaired almost almost a week till it was picked up. No one ever answers the phone. She blocks her cell. He finally replied with a few obscenities and told me to keep the car but I wasn’t getting the title. Then a few days later she contacted me being much more reasonable. When she picked up the car I explained the parts and labor were guaranteed. A few days later she told me she chose to go elsewhere for the AC repair. That is something you can’t expect to be reimbursed for at any business weather it be Sears, Wallmart or wherever. Now they want a rebuilt compressor when they wanted all used parts before.It was also explained that stopping payment was not in good faith or legal but did it either way.I believe I have spent enough time over these childish clams so I am done replying.Thank you’[redacted].



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Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: As we've stated before, this complaint is in regards to [redacted] misrepresenting himself. [redacted] misled us by not being

honest with us. If he had of told us he was not equipped to do the repairs himself, ( new radiator, hoses, front bumper replacement, etc), we would have had our vehicle towed to an auto body shop that was equipped to handle the necessary repairs. But that wasn't the case. [redacted] made numerous excuses as to the timeframe of the repairs. He flat out lied when he said he tried calling us. I stated to him that we have caller ID and he did not call us.

I have been honest in my statements, stated everything that needed to be said in regards to [redacted]'s poor work ethics and his honesty when dealing with his customers. This has nothing to do with [redacted]. This is a matter of principle and being duped and ripped off by an unprofessional and unethical businessman.

We are requesting at least the money back that was paid out to the certified mechanic who did repair the bearing in the AC clutch. One of two repairs that needed to be done, but we don't have the finances to have the air compressor repaired at this time. The cost to the certified mechanic for the bearing was $380.00. We would like to request that half of the total repair costs are returned to us.

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