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U30 Group, Inc.

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Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:None of the quite lengthy excuses and replies have any truth to themIf there was no guilt it would not be necessary to go into such detailI am not not ever have been disgruntled and did not make such demands as Ms *** suggests, rather I was asking for something that should have been providedI did not pick a pinI don't get excuses from any other business as to their personal appointments or that of their children, nor do I careI did not need a phone all telling me the amount of returnAll I have received from this woman is excuses and rudeness
Sincerely,*** ***

*** Please See Attached Documents ***
ATTN: *** ***, Resolutions Consultant
DuPont WA
Re: Complaint ID: *** (***)/***
To Whom It May Concern:
We are in receipt of a copy of the complaint filed by Ms
*** June 18, As noted in Ms***'s correspondence, we had two daughters get married in May and June and spent the better part of our month out of town attending the functions and express our apologies for the delay in replying
After much consideration, we decided to respond to the filing - not because we believed that there was any merit to any of the claims made, but because of our pride in the professionalism of our practiceAs can be deduced from the tone of the filing, Ms*** had recently finalized a contentious divorce proceeding on April 15, Her husband, *** ***, had arrived for their tax appointment by himself delivering Form (IRS e-file Signature Authorization) that both he and *** *** had signed(Ms*** swore to me she had signed no such authorizationIt could be supplied if necessary with the private information redacted.) Each client picks their own PIN; only the clients decide how any tax refund is to be distributed
At the conclusion of the meeting (which Ms*** elected not to attend), Mr*** was supplied with the client copy of the return and all the materials he submitted as documentation for the preparation of the returnAs a special courtesy, Mr*** prepared and delivered to Mr*** a second copy of the return for Ms***Mr*** paid the fee for the preparation, the return was efiled and we received confirmation that the IRS received itAt that point, our professional service to our client(s) was complete
All of this information directly contradicts the statements made by Ms*** in her complaintIn fact, the refund due her was deposited in Ms***'s bank account well before she made the call to our office. We were only contacted because the relationship between
Mrand Mrs*** had deteriorated and a disgruntled Ms*** called me making demands that were impossible to comply withAs I explained to her several times over the course of a couple of days, (a) I do not have the skills to open the tax program to get a copy of the unsigned tax return, (b) no accountant keeps copies of all the documentation accumulated by clients as it would be cumbersome and cost prohibitive, (c) a copy of the return was already prepared and delivered on her behalf, and (d) a fee of $was the usual charge for any additional copies (plus the cost of mailing) especially when requested long after the conclusion of servicesI still agreed to take care of the request. We advised her finally (several times) that the documentation was with Mr***'s copy of the return
As noted in the complaint, I tolerated substantial verbal abuse from Ms*** but did make arrangements not only for the copy to be prepared, but took the extra steps to deliver it to the post office for immediate mailing instead of having her pick it up as is our practiceWe waived the charge for the research, phone calls, copying and mailing
I am surmising that the reason this complaint was filed is because I called Ms*** at the conclusion of the commission of these services and suggested that, because of the divorce proceeding and the fact that Mr*** had been a client of ours for some time, it was our recommendation that she seek tax preparation services from another accountant for the tax yearI thought that by giving her the courtesy of a call long in advance of the due date, she would respect and appreciate the extra mile we went for her
Instead, we are responding to a complaint from the Revdex.comMs*** has received all the documentation and professional services she is entitled to from usAs she well knows, if she wants copies of the documentation presented at the time her tax return was prepared, she is going to have to establish some cooperative communication lines with her now ex-husbandThank you for taking the time to attempt to resolve a situation which, in all likelihood, has nothing to do with the services provided by our business
Shirley S*** Office Manager
cc: *** ***

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