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Hi does ultimate body shop I'm going to repair the rear bumper of the Ford escort so give me another chance to repair it thank you

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:As I have stated, I do not feet comfortable leaving my car in the hands of a man who has not even bothered
contacting me and not only misrepresents himself but is illegitimate and commits fraud against his customersI want a partial refund for the work that was not done on my car so that I may go to a shop that can complete the work I originally paid forI do not want any work done by Ultimate Body Shop, I want what is owed to meI want my money backI will not accept anything else or I will file charges.Regards,
*** ***

Hi this is *** with Ultimate body shop complete number *** ***This person is saying a lot of bad stuff about the body shop she's fabricating that I said I'm gonna try to get more money out of the body shop she has $deductible and I told her right from the get go I would have to charge her
half of the deductible would be $she agreed her and her husband now I put the original bumper on the insurance company State Farm adjuster looked at the car I put on the regional bumper but it needed to be customize the add on another plastic piece that goes on top of the bumper to make it look like the bumper she had no I showed her the bumper she had had to been cut and put on this plastic piece to have two holes for the exhaust but she cannot realize she saying that I am lion her and her husband it was not her money it was the insurance companies money that paid for the damages of the car and then she tried to put blame on the body shop because there's Number of scratches on the front bottom spoiler were a bumper guard in a pub public parking place could scratch that and I told her I will help her out the buff out the scratches she said no do not touch my car anymore so she wanted to give me $of the insurance money to release her car I told her yeah if you want give me $it take your car she did not take that she wanted me to hold the car for another two weeks to order the part and she wants me to make sure nothing will happen to her car so I didn't want to take any more responsibility with that person in her car so she brought the police and the police officer told her ma'am you will have to pay the body shop to pick up your car by law he's in the right did not return the car to you unless you pay him she wanted to pay me by credit card I said no you would have to pay me in cash why because this deal is been going so I cannot trust this person any longer she wanted to keep the money from the insurance company and me just give her her car so I hope you understand whoever is going to see this please if my spelling is Miss wrong please get in touch with me so I could correct it to make concern thank you if you could please send me a copy of this whoever's going to read it I would appreciate that thank you

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** is a scamHe ordered a bumper that did not go to my limited edition Scion T.C Series*** tried to pocket money by ordering pieces that did not belong to my carI told him take the money that my insurance paid and finish the job correctly and he did notHe refused and told me if I didn't come get my car he was going to start charging me $a day in storage feesAn uneducated lame man figured out how to take the law and use it to scam money from consumers and their insurance agencyThe police officer that met with my husband and I said that the police had been called on *** four prior times to the time I called and I will be using this evidence in court if he chooses not to settle for the full amount outside of courtThe police officer said that there is no consumer protection from sm like this and hopes we take *** to court and we will if he chooses not to refund the money my insurance company paid for that completion, which *** did not completeI want a full refund because he did not order the correct lip kit and bumper that goes to my car*** tried to fix the old lip and glue it to the wrong bumperI gave him the chance to order the correct piece even after he damaged my car while it was in his care and he said he was going to fix that too, then refused and told me to get my car because he was going to start charging storage fees and then while there upped the price of the amount because we irritated him, not to mention that my car had three miles added to it when I picked it up, where was my car driven to? I never gave permission to joy ride in my car ***He ruined my brand new car and now I have to pay money out of my pocket to fix it because he stole the insurance money that my insurance company paid to have it fixed correctlyI was unaware that there were people out there like this, that would actually damage someones property and steal your money and use the law in their favor to do itI am shocked that there was no protection for me the consumer or that *** was not put out of business before this from other similar complaintsI am not saying bad things about his company, I am telling the world what he did to me and I won't stop telling the world about this scam until my money is refunded so I can take my car to get fixed by real professionalsAlso *** your nephew came and knocked on my door....scamming who you people think are people with money, stealing from the innocentI want my car fixed! I won't stop until my car is fixedI wish I could post pictures on here of the damage he has caused and the further damage that is being caused due to the wrong bumper being installed, the bumper that he installed sits jammed on top of my two exhaust pipes and the heat from those exhaust pipes are melting the plastic bumperI am beyond heartbroken about this*** your a horrible person and I will have justice for what you have done, this is your last chance to refund the amount or I will take further lawful action against you, your nephew and your companyTHANK YOU!
*** ***

I'm sorry we couldn't meet to your standards I can give You back $100

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Address: 15704 Connie St. #5, Austin, Texas, United States, 78728


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