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Unified Document Services LLC

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Unified Document Services LLC Reviews (60)

Unified Document Services really helped me with my student loans! I had no idea what I needed to do, but the payments weren’t manageableUDS helped me figure out how to get them paid!

Great companyHelped my reduce my student loan debt significantlyCollege was great, the bill was seriously dragging me downUnified Document Services, helped me get out of the huge paymentExcellent customer service

These people are amazing! I cant believe I never came to themI was recommended and im glad I wentThe customer service is unmatchedI will recommend them to everyoneThe business will thriveThey will be in business for a long time if they keep it up

I was looking around for some loan consolidation and I found this via the internetI had some debt after I graduated college and I wanted it to be consolidated at a lower rateI wasn't sure about what was going to happen as this was my first time dealing with loan consolidationI met with the staff and they helped me understand what I needed to do and how my rate could be loweredI felt reassured that everything was going to turn out better--And it Did! Thanks to them I have a lower rate and a lower payment as well

I was completely swamped with student loans and didn't know what to doI tried the free consultation with them and they were able to find a way to consolidate my loansThe whole process was a lot simpler than figuring it out yourself so I'd recommend it if you are like me and don't like to do all of the paperwork

The company promised me third party loan consolidation and I was under the impression that they would reach out and stop my loan provider from inquiring about payments and in return I would pay them at a lower rateWhen talking with my loan provider she heard nothing of this company and now I am out a hearty "processing" fee

After a car accident I took out a loan to buy a new car without reading all the fine printAfter making payments on it for a few months, I realized the interest payment on my loan was incredibly high! All my payments were going to interest with only a few dollars actually going toward the principleUnified Document Services helped me restructure my loanMicah walked me through the steps and showed me different options I hadThis company really does a great service to the public!

I’m so grateful that I found Unified Document Services I really appreciate that they provide a free consultation to analyze anyone’s personal student loan situation, regardless if they can assist you or not Their program is really unique and has helped several other people facing student loan debt Their quality of customer service and extensive knowledge of the industry is also incredibly impressive

I had a great experience with this company, and they provided me with great customer service!

So, I got a letter in the mail saying I may be qualified for loan forgivenessI followed through the steps and the guy on the phone was really helpful and sounds knowledgeableI trusted this because they link my account from information from FAFSAThere was a small hiccup with some of my information because of the difference in my stuff between and starting of 2018, so they called to let me know which was very nice!
The email responses are in a timely manner and they let you know where you are in the processIt doesn't look like 100% template writtenIt looks like more somebody actually read my messages and respondedI also got a couple of phone calls back and forth with them which shows their active-ness in helping me with their serviceI am very happy with this

I heard about this place from a friend of mine who got her loan consolidatedThey helped me figure out a plan on how to consolidate my loan and I was very happy for the assistanceThey were quick to respond to my questions when I initially spoke to them on the phone and they were also very very friendly in personI felt assured that everything was being handled correctly and wellAfter working with them I was able to get a lower rate and payment plan compared to what I was doing before

Such a life saver I was up to my ears in debt and was getting a million calls a day after making a choice to fix this I decided to give them a call after a little bit of time I was already feeling better and had a real game plan to know what my future was like and my debt after just a short time we had figured out how to fix it and still live comfortableIt was good experience

If there is anyone you want helping you consolidate your debt is Unified Document ServicesNot only were they very professional and provide excellent customer service but they also made me feel very comfortable during the whole process of getting back on trackThey worked with me every step of the way and was very informative on how the whole process workedNeedless to say I now have peace of mind knowing that my debt consolidation is in good handsthank you again!

I received a letter from Unified Document Services claiming they could help me lower my student loan payment and help me get some forgiveness I spoke with them for about an hour on the phone The next day I received an application to the Department of Education filled in by Unified Document Services I noticed that the form stated that I have dependent I contacted MrJ*** of Unified Document Services and told him that I don't have a dependent (I had also sent him a copy of my tax return which shows I have no dependents) Mr*** said not to worry about this because the Department of Education is very lax about this and as long as you give your daughter "some" money during the year, they let you claim a dependentHe said I could lower my payment by over $ I paid them $as a fee for "helping" me I wasn't sure why they wanted me to lie to the Department of Education so I called Mohela, the processor of my student loan Mohela told me there are many scams in

This is a great service for those people who need help with student loansPersona;;y, I was fortunate enough to not have any student loans coming out of collegeHowever, many of my friends did and they certainly helped them to get out of debt

Stratford is the perfect school for learning I can proudly say that because my daughter is studing here for years and she still love this school the most The academic curriculum is tough and my kids have struggled at times, but the teachers work with them and always keep me informed of their progress This is a beautiful campus with a double storly building and class room are full of natural lights I can say without hesitation that my children are in good hands at Stratford, and the team at Carden is helping to prepare them for their successful futures

I'm lucky I heard about Unified Document Services! I have been dealing with this loan situation for a whileAfter talking to an old college friend, they gave me this numberFor too long I've been watching how much I spend and trying to pay off this loan as fast as I couldNow I don't have to worry about anything! Not only am I saving money, but I'm making more because I have room for investmentsI know there are a lot of people in the world like meSo it's safe to say that if you give them a call, the weight of your debt will be lifted off of your shoulders

My roomie was crying over her student loans, so I took her to Unified Document Services as my brother! No shaming, no blaming, just someone with expertise taming those payments into something affordableOur experience was stellarHer loan payments are significantly lower nowSo low, we can afford some home improvementsI can’t say enough good things about Unified document serviceThank you

Having student debt can be such a hardship but unified really took that burden down a notch I had a million million questions and they were kind and understanding We were able to find some solid programs to help me get this to a point I can handle on a regular basis With such success I can say I will be saving a ton of money thanks unified really helped me alot

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