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Review: While washing my clothes in the Unit Laundromat, several of my work pants were soiled with dirt from the washing machine and money was lost in a machine that did not workI contacted the phone number posted on the wall of the laundromat to inform the owners of the mishapUpon contacting them, I spoke with what sounded to be a teenage girl who was translating for another women who was speaking in another language in the backgroundThe girl told me that they were not responsible for any damages to clothes that were damaged because someone comes into the laundromat every morning to clean the machines and that they provide "paper towels" to customers to use to clean the machines outShe also informed me that they were aware that the 3rd machine from their front door was out of orderWhen I inquired as to why this machine was not taped off or didn't have a sign on it indicating that it was out of order I received no valid responseI was asked to forward pictures of my damaged clothingAfter doing so, I waited an entire week and a half before someone text me back to inform me that they would be in the laundromat and would let me know when we could meetI waited another entire week before I text back to inquire as to when someone would be available to meet with meTwo days later, the male owner of the establishment met me in the laundromat and proceeded to tell me that they had since had the machines serviced and basically called my a liar by stating, "How am I supposed to know that your clothes were damaged by my machines." I informed him that I had no reason to make up a lie about my clothing which he could obviously see were soiled and damagedHe then proceeded to say, "How do I know that they were not like that before you washed them." I explained to him that I work in a call center and do no physical work that would cause my clothes to be soiledThe man gave me $to replace the money lost in the broken machine and refused to give any name other than Egor.Desired Settlement: I myself had pairs of my pants cleaned and was only initially asking that he either clean my pants or reimbursement me for the cleaningAt this point, I would like to have my pants replaced, Each pair were $and there are remaining pairs that are damagedI am seeking $in total for my clothing
November 20,
To whom it may concern:
We are sincerely sorry that the Customer had an unsatisfactory experience with one of our machines at our LaundromatEver since acquiring this business we have put a lot of money, time and effort into replacing old machines, fixing the fixtures and setting up security cameras to better the establishmentWe want to make sure that customers have a pleasant experience and that the newly remodeled Laundromat is one where people can enjoy spending those few hours a week in
According to the complaint the Customer's "work pants were soiled with dirt from the washing machine"To this our reply is the following:
We personally check the machines every morning to make sure they are clean and up to standards (as we explained to the Customer and is mentioned in her complaint)
Customers should be aware that the Laundromat is a public place, and much like sitting down to a picnic table in the park, should quickly check to make sure that the machine does not have other items insideWe provide " paper towels’" so that if there is anything left behind they can use them to get rid of the item without physically touching it themselves
These machines are newly purchased[See attached copy of the machine purchase receipt.]
Right after the incident we called a MayTag technician in to check the machinesHe assured us that they were all in working orderThere is no chance that anything was released from the machines itself that could have ruined the clothing since the only substance that runs through the machine is waterIf you would like to see additional evidence, please feel free to get in touch
We have security cameras in place to monitor what is happening at the Laundromat when we cannot be thereAfter the incident we reviewed the cameras and saw that multiple customers used that same machine before and after the Customer in this complaint with r>o complaints
6- We have a very visible sign hanging that clearly states “We are not liable for clothing damaged, stolen, left or lost in Laundromat." [See attached photo of sign, relative to machines.]
If the pants were soiled with dirt that was on the machine they would be washable, as opposed to needing to be replaced
Also, we believe there was a misunderstanding between the “teenage girl who was translating for another woman" and the Customer concerning the statement claiming that "the 3rd machine from four] front door was out of order"'
The teenage girl was trying to explain that the machines that were previously in place were old and had malfunctioned once beforeAll of the new machines are in proper Working order and were purchased months before this complaint was madeHowever, considering that the ’’male owner of the establishment" gave the Customer “$to replace the money lost in the broken machine" we will assume that this is no longer an issue with the customer
We appreciate the feedback and make Customers happiness our priorityHowever, for the reasons above we regretfully deny the Customer the request for $to replace her pants
Owners of Yul-Nat Laundromat
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Review: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
The so called receipt for the new machines has the date and only the date scratched out, so that does not prove to me when these new machines were purchased or installed
The owner of this businesses response about reviewing the security cameras and others using the same machine that I used is in so many waysThe owner only met with me once and they would not have seen my face on these cameras except for the day that he and I met at the locationMy husband did the laundry that day and they have never seen my husband before so they wouln't know who they were looking for
I reiterated multiple times that my laundry had been damaged and the money was lost in the broken machine the week prior to our telephone conversationThis teenage girl made no mention of all old machines being replaced months prior to me telling her that my clothing was damaged and money was lost, because it would have been irrelevantBut this gir plainly & clearly stated to me that they knew the 3rd machine from the door broken and that they would refund my money that was lostAlso the broken machine was not the same machine that damaged my clothingThis business owner should not have an unauthorized person answering their customer's questions if she doesn't know what she's talking aboutAlso, the teenage girl was only translating what the other woman was sayingWith that being said, the woman also confirmed the broken machine because she was telling the girl what to say to me
I much the same as any other hard working individual make sure that I take care of my clothing as I do not have money to waste, so the reference to a park bench or any other kind of bench is irrelevantI look at EVERYTHING before I sit and my husband and I definitely make sure that we run our hand through the machine before using them and if there is any substance found, we would use another machineThis man does not know myself or my husband personally, so his repeated comments like this only aggravates the situation that much more
Since this company is aware that this is a public facility and used by who knows how many people a dayI would think that they would be a little more concerned for their consumers belongings and have an attendant there to monitor what goes one even if that person only comes through periodically throughout the day to clean up instead of someone just coming in to "Wipe the machines down" when they open at 6am or this business expecting for the patrons to clean up their facilityUnfortunately, everyone does not clean up behind themselves and I am aware of that, but I should not be expected to repurchase my clothing because of this businesses poor conditions and lack of upkeepI have been to this facility on multiple ocassions and have NEVER EVER seen a person thereIt seems to me that the owners of this business are more concerned with taking our money and not the satisfaction of the people who are spending their hard earned money in their facility to only be indirectly called a liar and made to seem like they are trying to get over on them or pull a fast one on the owners
I initially requested to have this company clean my clothing but, the owner did not even want to meet me halfway on this which is why I am now requesting to have my clothing replacedSince this is the only laundry facility near my house, I have been hand washing my clothing since this incident and this is an inconvenience that I should not have to experience because of this business lack of concern for thier customers
Thank you,
Dear customer,
Please see the receipt from Equipment Marketers Maytag with the specific dates circled that the machines were bought/installed
The cameras were reviewed to check the usage of the machines, we were not looking for anyone specific upon reviewThe camera's were reviewed for October 10th and we did not see anyone that looked concerned about ruined clothing despite not knowing what the customer or her husband looked likeWe received no other complaints about the machines since taking ownership of the establishment
The money was returned to the customer for the money lost in the 3rd machine, The customer mentioned that the ruined clothing were not washed in the “broken machine" but however despite that we had the machines serviced after the customers complaint to be certain all machines were in working conditionAs stated in the Laundromat, we are not responsible for clothing damaged, stolen, left or lost
We are sincerely sorry you feel that the business is in "poor conditions" and has a "lack of up keeping"If you were a regular customer like you say you were then you would have noticed that in the last few months, since we took ownership, we have renovated the bathroom, the floors, bought new washers and dryers, installed security cameras inside and outside, added an area for the attendant, put in a children’s play area and replaced the bench in front of the establishment All of these changes were made to make sure that the facility was one where people in the neighborhood enjoyed being inWhere the previous owners showed a complete disregard of the establishment we have taken ownership and put a lot of time, money and effort into making this place welcomingWe take into consideration all feedback we receive and review to see how viable it is to make the changes most people want as soon as possibleTaking what you said into consideration we have always been planning on having an attendant at the facility and one is now there during most working hoursIf you look at our Facebook page reviews, since we became the owners, people are thrilled with the changes and are recommending us to more and more people
All feedback is important to us however we still deny the request to return the money to the customerWe will continue to improve and make changes however as far as clothing being mined by our machines we stand by what the experts told us that it is not possible for this to happen unless there was something in wrth the clothing or something was left in the machine from the previous wash
We are sincerely sorry that you are hand washing your clothing at home, we welcome your patronage and hope you understand that we are also hard working people trying to build something better in the community
Owners of Yul-Nat Laundromat
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the responseIf no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]
Review: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: The changes that you are making now do not particularly make up for the damage done to my clothingThe specific date of October 10th was mentioned in your responseI did not specify the exact date that the machines were used by my husband and further more, I am the one who noticed the damage done to my clothingMy husband simply removed the clothes from the dryer and brought them home, so seeing his displeasure would not be possible unless you had cameras in my homeI used to be a regular customer of your facility before this 2nd incident happenedAs for your statement about not receiving any complaints, most haven't made any formal complaint, but several of my neighbors have used the facility and have each had a problem at some point in timeMy daughter as well has brought clothing home that smelled of mildew after being removed form the machines in your facilityThis information was obtained by simple conversation and my mentioning in conversation that some of my clothing had been damaged in one of the machinesAs stated, I used to be a customer, but since the "NEW OWNERS" of this facility do not feel that they should have even cleaned my clothing that was damaged in their machine, I will NEVER EVER use the facility and will be sure to let other patrons know that using this facility would not be in their best interest as the owners are only concerned with taking our money instead of our satisfaction with serviceAs for your Facebook page, I do not care to view anything that has to do with this companyThis matter can pretty much be dismissed as I have already taken my clothing to a better facility to have them cleaned

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