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United Property Management, Inc.

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If you're looking for exceptional customer service and quality in catering and event management, I recommend looking elsewhereI attended a brunch on Sunday, October 12, My family purchased six tickets at $a pieceWe were some of the last people to enter the hall and, at this point, there were not six seats together still availableAlthough the staff put up another table for us, they seemed put out by having to do soTables were dismissed to the buffet table a short time later, and we were one of the last tables dispatchedWhen we made our way to the buffet, several of the chafing dishes were already closedThe eight people at the table before us, the six people in my party, and the seven people at the table after us found all that was left was baconThere was NO food on the buffetSo, a member of the family that was at the table after mine approached a staff member to ask what was going onHe was informed that there was no food left, and that more people showed up than were RSVP'd forThis does not seem to be a reasonable or accurate explanation for the food shortage because tickets were sold in advance and no tickets were sold at the doorFurthermore, when I approached the manager regarding this issue, her response was equally perplexingI simply stated that I, and everybody else in my party, did not get plates, and I was inquiring as to what was being done regarding this situationHer response -- "We made enough food." Wait: WHAT??? Ok, maybe you made what was perceived as enough food, and maybe people prior to us took more than they should have, but people DID NOT get meals they paid forI was a paid guestRegardless, of what other guests did prior to the last three tables getting to the buffet, people were not fed, and the staff had the audacity to blame usThey did not heed criticism with grace and aplombThey instead chose to belittle and blame the guests that were not fed, chiding us for treating the staff poorlyI'm sorry, but asking the staff how they were handling running out of food does not constitute mistreatment of the staffMy family, as well as some of the unfed guests left without receiving a meal or any recompenseI placed several calls to the facility following the event, and when I did get ahold of someone, she was unpleasant and rude, still clinging desperately to the belief that their company was not in the wrongShe accused me of faking my anger and disappointment, she shushed me like a naughty toddler, and again turned the blame back on me and other guestsFurthermore, she tried to shame me for writing negative criticisms about the catering services onlineI've attended several events at the Maronite Center, and I've experienced events under the management of several different caterers, but this was by far the absolute worst experienceA simple apology, a simple acknowledgement of the wrong that was done would have gone a long wayI'm a parishioner of *** *** parish and it pains me to see our beautiful facility, a facility that we take great pride in, being so poorly managed

On behalf of Anderson Wellness Center collection department I am responding to the complaint filed against my business for a  bill sent to Mrs. [redacted] for $7.31. This is a true balance that was owed towards her first visit. When patients come in for service and receive service it takes...

approximately 2 weeks for the insurance company to process the claim and for the claim payment to be posted the patients account. If any additional payment is due, we "catch up" the patient on a follow up visit. Mrs. [redacted] come in on 3/18/16 and her last visit was 3/26/16. Her insurance had posted by April 6, 2015, and we had a bill generated for the $7.31 on May 23, 2015. According to our records the bill was generated on that day, and per our process we mail out bills when generated. The bill is not sent certified so I cannot say for certain that she received this bill but I can say for certain that we did call the patient and speak to her over the phone about returning for a follow up visit. During the follow up visit is when we would typically collect such a small balance. Mrs. [redacted] declined to return and schedule a follow up, saying she was exploring other options for treatment. The second bill was not sent out to Mrs. [redacted] until 6/15/16, it was one year later. We handed our collections over to a collection specialist in 2016. Bottom line, there is nothing unethical about sending a patient a bill for money that is due for a visit, even if the second bill was sent one year later. AWC stands behind our business practices one hundred percent. After patients are not longer under care it becomes very difficult to collect money and this is obvious that collections is a very sensitive issue for people.
We are sorry Mrs. [redacted] responded in this aggressive fashion. We would have gladly explained the balance and our practices if she would have contacted us directly.
But for us, $7.31 is not worth any bit of this action. We are sorry she felt so inclined to file a complaint. We are happy to adjust off the $12.31, leaving her with a zero balance.
Dr. [redacted]

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