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New roof installed 100% complete (with leaks after roof final inspection). Shingles complete 98% (crooked). United Roofer cancelled contract.Permit Number:BRRXX-XXXX-XXXXX. I contracted with United Roofers on April 30, 2015. That when the nightmare begin. May 14 the workers arrive to do the tear off of a tile roof. They damaged the fascia on the right side of the house and damage to wash house ceiling. May 15 they used nails too long on the flat roof of my sons room and the nails can through the ceiling. To correct this issue I was offered a 500.00 credit. Also, the ceiling cracked. He also advised me that he was losing money on this job. His fault since so many mistakes were made. We then looked at the ceiling in the dining room same issues with the nails. To fix this problem one of his workers took a hammer and knocked the nails up in the ceiling, [redacted] then came and caulked the holes (did not solve the problem). May 18th the roof failed inspection. After the fail inspection they came back to fix the problem, things got worst. During the tear off the workers crushed the gutters and loosen all the nails from the gutters all around the house. It rained for 3 days, my house looked like Niagara Falls, settled water was everywhere. [redacted] said we would fix the fascia and gutters, that never happen. After the failed inspection the workers came with a spatula and some tar went on the roof did something for 2 minutes and left. May 21st my son and I were having dinner and the rain came. All of a sudden water was coming down the walls and into the light fixture. We start to scramble for pots pans and towels the room was flooded. The rain caused a separation between the walls and the beams ceiling. [redacted] was to repair, that never happened. I still pray when it rains. May 27 the shingles arrived and stayed on the roof for 2 days. When they arrived on the 29th [redacted] was full on excuses. They put the shingles on very fast, they are crooked wavy and not nailed down properly. Some of the gutters were partially nailed down and some not nailed to the roof at all. He gave the job of fixing the fascia to a worker that admitted he had no idea of what to do.These workers worked with absolutely no supervision. [redacted] would drop things off and leave. They worked in 95 degree weather from 9:30 AM until 7:00 PM when I stopped them because they were making too many mistakes, I advised them that I needed to talk to [redacted]. I tried calling him and the one of the workers tried to call but as usual there was no answer. If he regonizes the number he will not answer. On June 2 I received a certified letter stating the contract was violated/voided because I did not allow them to finish the work. He also stated that I did not like the way the shingles were being put on (this is true). He said that I asked them to leave the property (I did so that I could talk to [redacted]). He also stated the I threatened to call the police if we (he was not here)did not leave her property immediately, that is a complete lie. He states he assumes no responsibility for my property. I admit I was upset with all the issues and may have said some thing I shouldn't have. I called him before I received the letter to resolve the issue, but he says they cannot [redacted] on the property because of a police threat that he or his workers made up. The reason he is trying to cancel the contract is because of all the damage his workers made to my property that they had no idea how to repair. To repair and replace all the damage far exceeds the 1350.00 I owe. This is the reason he cancelled the contract it had nothing to do with the shingles and the lie he told on me. I never said anything about a contract being null and void, that why in his letter he says I left a voice mail. I paid [redacted] 5000.00 for this disaster and the permit needs to be closed by him. I have tried to resolve this issue by reputable roofing companies, but they say the permit needs to be closed by United Roofers. June 9th is rained and again the roof leaked I had to call a handy man to stop it. It still leaks. HELP PLEASEDesired SettlementI am not asking for much. I just want the final inspection on the shingles so that permit can be closed. And, fix the leak on the flat roof. I tried to get a handy man to fix it because I cannot get a reputable roofer to touch it. To date 6/13 my house is still leaking. I had to replace the gutter and the fascia at a cost of $560.00 ( have the receipt). I had to repair because of the rainy season (Niagara Falls is not a good thing at your home) I am trying to find a reasonable price to have the nails ground down on the flat roof (2 rooms), the front porch roof and car port, there are nails in the ceilings every where the is beam roof. Every thing has to be repainted. It is not fair to walk away from this type of job because there a disagreements, Business is business. [redacted] had no problem taking my money so I feel he should complete the contract.Business Response This response is regarding case: XXXXXXXX, [redacted] (consumer).Ms. [redacted] has made numerous statements that are not true and/or accurate. Her opening statement is that the roof is 100% complete, but the next statement says 98%. She says that there was a final inspection, but we have never called for one. She says that United Roofers canceled the contract, but we have a voice mail with her stating she is canceling the contract and that it is null and void. She made that call on May 30, 2015. We sent a certified letter on June 2, 2015 stating that because she had removed us from her property on May 29, not allowing us to finish; and left a voice mail voiding the contract, on May 30; that we were no longer responsible for the property. We passed our intermediate inspections, and the roof wasn't leaking at that point. She has stated, in her own words, that she cannot get a licensed roofer to work on the house. She has also stated that she brought in an unlicensed person to do work on the roof. If the roof is now leaking, then it is due to that person. If she had allowed us to finish the work and have it inspected, then we would have been responsible for the roof. Because she removed us and orally cancelled the contract, we have no responsibility for it. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)If Mr. [redacted] had read the complaint and understood what he was reading instead on stuck on Null And Void he would have understood what I wrote. Everything I have stated in my complaint is accurate. What I said was the roof was 100% complete as far as the tear off, the paper and the tarring of the roof (there are still puddles on the flat roof when it rains). The inspection was approved as far as this procedure is concerned (I have the permit to prove it although it failed 2 times before approval). Had he read the complaint, I stated that the SHINGLES were 98% complete. I did ask them to stop because I needed to talk to Mr. [redacted] about the application of the shingles. Please note in his response there is no mention of calling the police to remove them from my property, because that never happened. He made this statement as an excuse for all the damage as stated in the original complaint. Logic thinking, if someone owes you 1350.00 would you just walk away because of a communication issue or do you walk ways because you have no recourse for all the damage you did to some ones property. I did receive a certified letter June 2 which to me as no validity at all, a signed contract by both parties cannot be cancelled by a written letter by one signee. He really should have read the original complaint. Mr. [redacted] had already severed ties with me on May 29th, with a confirmation on June 2. I know exactly what I admitted to, he says the roof problem is the fault of the handyman, not true, he saved my house from being flooded. In the complaint I stated that the rain came again on June 9th after June 2, so how is it the fault of the handyman, he saved my property inside and out. He says they passed the immediate inspection, yes, but after the inspection I called him (as stated in the original complaint) and the workers came out with a spatula with tar did something that worked until it rained, Inspectors were not aware of this occurrence. I had no problem with them finishing the roof. Mr. [redacted] had the problem not being able to correct all the problems he created. I think he figured I would just go away, not going to happen. I still need the permit to be closed and I can explain the repair to the roof by someone else. I was in Niagara Fall without being there.Final Business Response Dear Representative,You asked what could be done to resolve this matter. If the client will place the remaining contract balance in your escrow, we will finish the work and have the permit closed-out with a final inspection. We will not go back without written permission to be on her property; and we will not continue wasting time on work that she won't pay for, via a contract. That's what we can do to resolve this matter.One more thing: as I stated previously, I have the phone message of Ms. [redacted] saying that she was cancelling the contract, and considered it null and void. We (United Roofers) did not cancel the contract.Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Dear Representative-I am insulted that Mr. [redacted] ask that I put money into escrow account since I did not have to put the $5000.00 I paid him with no problem into someone else's account. No one has asked him to finish work without getting paid (where did that come from?) He has permission to come on the property to do whatever he has to do (since he already was 20 feet away taking pictures, I saw him out my bedroom window). No one has asked him to waste his time without getting paid, only to do what is fair.As you read in Mr. Tripps response there in no mention of the damage to my property done by his workers, that he is fully aware of. What about compensation for the $560.00 Gutters that had to be replaced after they were crushed and could not be repaired (installed June X XXXX). Repair to leaking flat roof (materials and labor $400.00 to stop Niagara Falls). Not to mention the hundred of nails in the open ceilings on my property (dining room, a bedroom (already compensated for this room $500.00 credit for the nails, this admission to the nail problem), the front porch and the car porch. I understand Mr. [redacted] would like to be made whole, but so would I. Please have him address these issues and how I can be made whole and HE can be made whole also after completion of roof? and final inspection of permit.What is the monetary compensation he is willing to offer and what he intends to do to complete this contract if any? The reason action was taken on my part to repair damage caused by his workers was weather (RAIN) related, I could not endure any more damage that is still in the process of being repaired at my expense. My property should have been left in the same condition it was with the exception of the subpar work done on my roof. Mr. [redacted] work with me. This is getting old.

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