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Review: We hired this company to work with our mortgage lender for modification assistance - and paid in full for service. In the middle of June, the emails began bouncing back that the email address was invalid - on several contacts, the website is down and when I call any of the contact phone numbers, I get 'mailbox is full' did they just pack up and jump ship? How many clients are now left hanging, we paid over $1800 for service that they did not do. I have PROOF of everything I stated in this complaint including the returned emails.Desired Settlement: I want my money refunded, they did not hold their end of the contract, although an outcome was not a guarantee, they did nothing, it seems like they closed up shop and left - with my money! the communication just ended abruptly, no warning, no nothing and we are hanging in mid air, no answers, no resolution that it went through or not, nothing! I want a full refund!

Review: On 01-31-2013, I received a letter from the United States Law Center informing me that my home mortgage was in default and that they could help me get a modification. I contact a male subject who identified himself as [redacted], a “legal assistant” with the United States Law Center. He stated that he could lower my monthly payments by 300-400 dollars a month and lower my interest rate.

I completed and faxed a “Borrowers Authorization” form to ###-###-#### which included my name, date of birth and social security number. Over the course of the next few months, I made four payments totaling $3700 for advanced fees associated with this “modification.

After numerous failed attempts to contact the company (calls went to voice mail box that was full) I contacted my local sheriff’s office for assistance. Investigator [redacted], of the [redacted] County Sheriff’s Office took my report ([redacted]) and informed me that the “company” United States Law Center was a scam. He related that a receivership had been established, that a Temporary Restraining Order was in place, and assets of over $425,000 were seized.Desired Settlement: Request refund of $3700

Review: The company named in this complaint (The United States Law Center) appears to be a scam. This company did not honor its contract agreement and I cannot reach anyone in the company. ALL eMails are being returned and the toll free number no longer belongs to the organization. It appears the company is no longer in business, and has not notified any of its consumers; me being one of them.

This company claimed to be a Real Estate loss mitigation specialist, who could assist me with my loss mitigation efforts with my current home mortgage provider. I was under contract to provide four monthly payments in the amount of $925.00. The United States Law Center agreed to work with my home mortgage provider to create and/or modify my existing home mortgage. After rendering one month payment to them, I came to realize this was not a legitimate company, in the state of Pennsylvania, to do business with. Per my contract with them, I have sent the United State Law Center an eMail to terminate my contract, but ALL eMails were returned as undeliverable.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund in the amount of $925.00 for the month of April 2013 payment.

Review: Letter was sent saying they could help you refinance thru the new HAMP home owners law. They had us send them several private documents as a bank would said they would meet with our home mortgage current provider and negotiate better terms. They then ask for money large amount and had our bank information to automatic withdraw funds.We changed our bank information when the phone # no longer worked and emails were being returned. We dealt with a [redacted] and [redacted] I have copy of some of there documents if you require it. We are working to see if they did get some funds out of our account hopefully we closed in time. They still have a lot of our personal data plus we had not assistance with anything except falling behind on our home payment.Desired Settlement: Refund for any funds they took and also time we spent sending them forms and also they stole our indentity they have copies of our tax data etc.Also we do not want them to do this to other people.[redacted] | Direct ###-###-####Tel ###-###-#### EXT [redacted] | Fax ###-###-####[redacted]| _________________________________________________________________________United States Law Center, Attorneys at Law | [redacted]

Review: This company was suppose to help with Mortgage Loan Modifications but after taking payments in the amount of 1850.00, they will no longer answer emails or phone calls. No work has been completed to date.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund and this company stopped from doing to others.

Review: I was contacted by United States Law Center months ago to help with a mortgage modification on my property. After many phone calls, emails, and faxes, they had all the information they needed to start the process. They were also paid in full to preform these services. I am now unable to reach them by phone - the number is disconnected. The emails all bounce back. All the cell numbers I have for the various people go unanswered and the mail boxes are full. This company seems to have disappeared.Desired Settlement: They have not completed their contract obligations because my mortgage is not in the modification process with the lender. I am requesting a full refund so I can put that money towards my outstanding mortgage commitment and try to resolve the modification on my own.



[A default letter is provided here which indicates that the business has not responded to you directly. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

At this time, I have not been contacted by United States Law Center regarding complaint ID [redacted].


Review: I have made several attempts to reach them by fax, email and phone. They have removed a total of 2775.00 out of my checking account for charges of facilitating a remodification for my mortgage. I called my mortgage company, as the USLC told me that they forwarded my package about 2 weeks ago. As of today, [redacted] of [redacted] has no knowledge of this effort taking place. Furthermore, they have all of my banking, payroll, SSN activity which is not sitting well with me either. The last three withdrawls, I received a phone call from someone, making sure I was aware that the money would be taken. I have taken steps with my bank, Wells Fargo, to pursue a fraud investigation. I can and will at your request, send you all the documentation I have from this company, hoping you may be able to resolve.Desired Settlement: Full refund of monies for services never completed.

Review: This company contacted us about helping us modify our mortgage into a lower payment. They stated that we were a great candidate, and they'd be able to help us. They said their fee was close to $5000, BUT, since we were such a great candidate, [redacted] (Sr. Legal Assistant) pulled some strings and only charged us 2 payments of 997.50. BOTH payments have come out of my account, and several (close to 60) pages of private financial information was faxed into them, and they've stopped communicating with us. No returns of phone calls or e mails. Our initial consult with [redacted] was May 17th, but prior to that (May 3rd) we were in contact with [redacted], Legal assistant. So, since the beginning of May, NO action has been made on our case. Our mortgage company still has not heard any word from USLC reguarding our load modification. We've requested a refund of our money, and again, no reply. so, this is our next step.Desired Settlement: We just want our money back and our information shredded. All accounts have been changed on our end, but they still have some other private info (SSN for example)

Review: I seeked assistance from united states law center to modify my mortgage. [redacted], my representative at the company, convinced me that although I was rejected 3 months prior with a modification, his firm reviewed by file and said that they would reduce my mortgage rate by a minimum of 1%. Although they submitted my modification, it was rejected due to no change in circumstance. WHen I try to call the firm their mail boxes are full and no one responds to email.They have taken my money and disappeared. The firm fraudulently advertised their capabilities and now have run away from their responsibilities.Desired Settlement: Please refund my total paid funds of 2900 dollars.

Review: this company promise to help us with our mortgage co. to lower our monthly payments and reduce interest rates.they did not do any of this and took our money now they refuse to call us back and we can not reach them. as a result we are worse off then we started .because of them we are fuller behide then before .I think they should be closed down for ripping people off who have problems and they take advantage of this.Desired Settlement: they took 975.00 for nothing and we need it back.

Review: This company said that they are doing a loan modification programme for me and they told me to call them if I have any problems ,and I did pay 925 dollars from my checking authorized ,automated payment,but now I have my mortgage company calling me and harassing me,but when I calld this company,almost for 9days,it says voice mail box full all the numbers . And my 925 dollars has been deducted.I cant reach anyone ,and unable to leave messages I did email them many times,no response,and now again when I emailed ,it says the email is locked/bounced and was a failure to reach the party.I am so stressed and now don't know how to proceed because my mortgage is contacting me,I was told to contact them but ,now I cant reach them. Please help.

[redacted] assistant....[redacted]..........senior legal assistant.....[redacted].

These two people was helping me and corresponding with me.

But I cant reach them anymore.........................please helpDesired Settlement: They need to finish the job or if they cannot do it,I need my cash back of 925 dollars deducted from my bank from [redacted].

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Description: Real Estate Loan Modification

Address: 6240 113 St NW, New York, Alberta, Canada, T6H 3L2


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