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Uniters North America, LLC

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This company, pure promise, is a jokeThey gave me a name and number to a company to come outThey came out, now the pure promise company will take day for the okaythen they get a hold of the people to tell them its ok for the repairthen order the partIam looking at a month or longer for this repairWHAT A JOKEDO NOT TAKE THIS WARRANTY IT SUCK

Paid The Design Center in Orange CAapproximately $for two warranties with Uniters North America LLC Absolutely worthless Took months, numerous faxes and emails only to have a con man come to my house with absolutely nothing to work with except a cell phone I had spilled nail polish (covered according to the manager)
Scratches (again covered) and a motor that was no longer working The con man took a power cord from another part of the sectional and applied it to the none working recliner and it worked Of course I didn't see him switch it until after he was goneHe took pictures and then said he would send them to the service center I don't know why, everything was covered according to the service manager when I first called Uniters, I was told that because the damage had occurred more than days before I reported it, the whole warranty was null and void The con man then closed my claim saying that every problem fell within manufacturing standardsIf anyone ever insists for your own good that you purchase a warranty from these thieves, run Go to another store

Our experience has been horribleWe have called the company on four different occasions about our claim in days, every time they can't find our information or not all of the information was not put in the systemThey have told us that they will call us back in 10-minutes after they check on our account and has never called back They have act like they hadn't received our receipts to the furniture, but they did receive the photos, but everything was sent in one email, so how do yo receive one without the otherWe are still trying to resolve the problem, nobody can seem to give us an answer, and every time we talk to someone different they tell us something differentWe are suppose to get an answer within days, and it has been days already and still counting They are just taking the insurance warranty money they customers are putting on their furnitureThis has to be STOPPED I'm very disappointed with this company, and want them to return my money that I paid for the insurance and the money for my damaged love seat and sofa, that should be covered under the warranty

I bought a piece set from value city furniture about a year ago and purchased a furniture warranty from uniters, which cost an additional dollars on top of the furniture price I reached my hand behind the cushions of the love seat one day only to find that there were holes in the fabric behind the cushions, so I called and reported the damage to uniters and they seemed to try to twist my words as to what the actual damage was I told them there were holes in the fabric and also told them there was stitching coming out of the seems on all of the furniture She also asked me to give her a time frame of when the damage happened and I told her I didn't know because I just reached my hand back there one day and noticed stuffing coming out So they told me it would be business days before I would hear anything back about my claim, and come to find out they don't cover seams ripping or holes in fabric, they also told me that I didn't report the damage to them when it happened so that was the other reason it wasn't covered How am I supposed to know when it happened? I was just being honest with them and they turn around and tell me they can't cover my furniture falling apart?? So my question is, if I am paying dollars for this warranty that I was told would cover EVERYTHING but pet damage, then what DO they cover?!? I am very upset about how rude they were to me on the phone, I even asked to speak to a supervisor several times and I had one call me back two days later from Florida (I live in kentucky), and he left a voicemail for me with a very mean tone of voice and said that my claim had been closed due to lack of reporting it on time and that rips in seams are not covered by their plan I will NEVER recommend this place to anyone, and I will NEVER pay for their warranty againI feel like I was robbed of my dollars for their awful "warranty."

Very disappointed in the service received My husband and I purchase top grain leather sofa from value city furniture about We purchased the warranty after being told it covered ALL issues I called the warranty service center after noticing peeling, fabric issue The individual who handled the called asked for a timeframe, I told her I was not sure when it started, so I guessed a few weeks She asked me to hold and when returned informed me that we did not qualify as peeling was not covered I asked to speak with a supervisor and she advised that they would not tell me anything differently than she had and she hung up I called back immediately asking for a manager and was left on hold then told to leave a message and I would be called back within hours, that is completely unacceptable customer serviceI called once more and was informed a supervisor was not 'on the floor.' I will never spend money at value city furniture again and will make sure I know the warranty company before purchasing a warranty for furniture again Do not advise that the warranty covers all issues if it only covers punctures and ball point pen stainsthat is exactly what the customer service processor told me,

We have top grain leather furniture that is less than 2 years old that is tearing in the seat area. We have a 5 year protection plan with Uniters that says it will cover tearing. They keep refusing to cover it or send out a technichian to look at it. I had to go through the store that we bought it from to get this taken care of for us. This company is horrible.

In Dec. 2012. I purchased an electric motor powered love seat by Lane furniture, from Hudson furniture in Countryside, Clearwater, FL. for about $1,100 plus a 5 yr warranty plan for $130.00. No one told me at that time the warranty was mainly an accident warranty. The seat pad bunches up, and is extremely uncomfortabe. Cannot use one side of love seat. This love seat is not quite 3 years old. Warranty will not cover problem, Hudsons furniture will not cover it, and they say Lane will not cover it, because Lane only covers one year of warranty on their furniture.
Untiers told me to go back to where I purchased the furniture and try to get it covered under manufacturers warranty. They that would not work, they just told me that to get me off the phone. No body will cover this poblem.

I would not work with this company again. Their warranty service is great until your furniture gets old. The response to my claim dispute made me feel like I was trying to pull one over on them and that I was doing something wrong. Next time I purchase a warranty or use a cleaning service, I will look into others.

These guys are an absolute JOKE! DO NOT get a warranty with them. We have a couch we bought through Macy's and the warranty clearly states which repairs are covered. Guess what, they sent a letter stating that they denied it. I will be getting formal complaint together with the with all of our information and highlight the parts where the warranty specifically covers the couch and the letter they sent in denial.

My husband and I purchased a leather love seat from a local, well-respected furniture store. Due to the price of the love seat, we purchased the extended warranty should anything happen to it. The extended warranty was good for five years. Recently, a shelf was placed on the love seat with a metal bracket, and the shelf slipped, tearing the cushion. I reviewed our warranty and determined that rips were covered. I took photos and submitted a claim to Uniters.

A technician was sent to our home to review the damage. The technician was rude, came three hours early and accused me of getting the time wrong, and proceeded to disrespect me during the consultation. I felt incredibly uncomfortable having this person in my home. I understand that Uniters likely contracts out this work, but the people they choose to contract with is a stunning representation of the type of business this is. I was greatly disappointed in how I was treated.

The technician told me the parts that were needed to repair the love seat and told me he would order parts. Less than an hour after the technician left, I received an update from Uniters that they would not cover the claim. They had determined that the photo looks like "cracking/peeling." I asked for further information as to how they determined this and was simply told the photo looked like it. I was appalled. Not only were they not upholding the warranty for which we paid EXTRA money, but they were calling me a LIAR. I am outraged.

Uniters is obviously a company looking to protect its own interests even if such measures including scamming customers and ripping them off. I will never do business with this company again, and I warn others not to purchase an insurance policy with them. They are crooks. Safeguard your money and your reputation.

This company, pure promise, is a joke. They gave me a name and number to a company to come out. They came out, now the pure promise company will take 10 day for the okay. then they get a hold of the people to tell them its ok for the repair. then order the part. Iam looking at a month or longer for this repair. WHAT A JOKE. DO NOT TAKE THIS WARRANTY IT SUCK.

I NEVER buy warranty products but this one seemed like a win-win. If I don't use it, I get money towards my next purchase. My mother always told me, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Mothers are always right.
My problem concerns my dining room table. I've kept it covered, along with the chairs, since day one. I'm nearly sixty years old and it's the first new set I've ever had. I have a table pad and a table cloth over. Recently I took the table cloth off to wash, which I do on a regular basis and went to adjust the table pad. It didn't move. I found where it had fused to the table. I don't have a clue as to when it happened but had to be very recent or how it happened. I've racked my brains trying to figure it out. I'm guessing one of the grandkids did something. It was obviously heat related which should be covered by the warranty. However, the claim was denied on the basis because they don't know what caused it, The first time the claimed was denied over the phone without even seeing a picture. The associate tried to tell me that heat damage wasn't covered in the warranty but it clearly states that it is. I disputed the claim but they said it wouldn't be covered because the cause is unknown. An it could tell that it is heat damage from the evidence. I'm stuck with a dining room table that will never be uncovered and I am so disappointed. I'm sure when the time comes to cash in on the warranty because I never used it, there will be a reason why that won't happen either. That's the way these businesses roll. All I can say is I believe in karma. What goes around, comes around. I don't know how you sleep at night. I would never recommend this company to anyone, in fact, I have warned everyone I know to stay far, far away.

I find the products from this very useful and very helpful. I find the warranties to be very flexible. It's literally a one page policy. The 400 people who file a complaint have only themselves to blame for making due diligence to research what is covered and what is not. Why would you trust a sales rep? Isn't it there job to SELL you? The other thing is if you purchased a warranty from let say value city, isn't it value cities warranty? Where do you see on the paper Uniters warranty? I have had no problems with them and will continue to keep using their products.

I purchased a new sofa sectional on June 19th, 2016 from Hot Buys Furniture. On June 29th the sofa was delivered. We discovered a tear in the console of the sofa on September 5th, 2016 and filed a claim on September 6th, 2016 with Uniters. On 09/07/16 I received an email stating I was approved for "Full Replacement Portion Only". Then all of a sudden I get an email on 09/08/16 stating a technician has to come out and look at the furniture and will contact me in 5-7 days. The technician comes out 09/12 and tells me he cannot repair it and would let Uniters know so they could replace it. I follow-up consistently and one month later I get a response saying my claim is denied b/c "damage" is not covered. It was a tear and that is covered in my warranty. Hot Buys Furniture replaced it for me and they are currently fighting with Uniters to get reimbursed. They are horrible with customer service and it looks like a lot of people have issues getting their claims paid. Seems like a scam to me. I just bought an additional $6500 worth of furniture and when they said Uniters warranted the items I said heck no! No way I'm paying for this scamming company. Someone really needs to look into their practices. Horrible company to deal with!

We bought two recliners from JC Penny. The frame broke on one of the recliners 15 months after purchase. When I called to request with our extended warranty for it to be fixed I was declined. Why, since the frame broke 20+ days prior, and I didn't report it with 7 days of it happening. This makes no sense. I am penalized since I was honest and didn't say it had just happened. I have not sat in the chair sinceI realize why my chair was so soft and found that the wood frame was broken. I weight much less than my husband and his chair is fine. This is clearly a manufacturer defect. It appears to me that the company is just looking for a loop hole not to honor the warranty and fix my chair.

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