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• Mar 25, 2020

Unity Automotive 11396 Front Complete Strut Assembly 2007-2012 Lexus LS460
We put these on our 2007 Lexus 460L about 9K miles ago. Shocks are sufficient, but not as good as the high dollar ones (obviously). My issue with these are the springs. They are not as sturdy (or heavy enough) and don't support the weight of the front of the car. The clearance from front to back is very noticeable. Looking at the car from the side, the clearance from the rear tires to the fender is approx. 2" (which should be normal). Clearance from the front tires to the fender is less than an inch. Doesn't affect the performance of the car, but now when parking or pulling up close to a curb, you have to be extremely careful. We learned our lesson the hard way! We got too close and, pulling away from the curb, the bottom of the nose pulled away from the car. Now I have an expensive repair bill with the Body Shop!
Pictures attached...
Front - low clearance w/ Unity Strut Assembly
Rear - normal clearance w/o Unity

Also, in case you're wondering...I had two Master Mechanics check them at two different shops. I asked them, "I had the front struts replaced a few months back. Can you tell why the front is lower than the rear?" Both said the same thing; springs are not heavy enough to support the weight.
Unity Automotive 11396 Front Complete Strut Assembly 2007-2012 Lexus LS460
Unity Automotive 11396 Front Complete Strut Assembly 2007-2012 Lexus LS460

Purchased through [redacted]

I purchased a set of front struts made by unity automotive on aug 20 2015 living in vt it gets cold in the winter. So dec 2015 noted both struts not working at all if I hit any bump not a pothole just a bump the struts have no rebound and the car hits the frame stops, also the strut mount bearings make the death rattle as if the bearings have gone bad.

I paid $ 104 for the set and $ 39 s/h

Ask for warranty and was granted it buy [redacted] but was told I had to pay for the s/h back to them so my total s/h $78 for struts costing $ 104

[redacted] said untiy does not offer s/h under warr.

I called unity and they said they would not cover it that it was up to [redacted]

Also I would rather purchase a different brand but [redacted] says it only will offer a exchange for the same product.

Why would I want to pay s/h for the same junk struts I already have

Note I had put a set of these on my 2006 toyota sieena about 3 yrs ago the front pass had the death rattle but went away after I tightening strut mount bolt.

note these have also got stiff when cold but still have bounce when hitting bumps. I said if the last three years for the price I could live with it but 5 months what a joke.

I have seen other reviews with people having the same issue

I will never buy another set of these sruts and make sure to look at the fine print when ordering parts on line.

Follow up looked at [redacted] auto reviews

So I look at your site and my review was never posted. Looks like you only post good reviews. I have ordered other stuff from you and had no issues .

But these Unity struts are junk . I would like a full refund including shipping as my next steps is and social media.

This struts should be called warm weather only.

As noted in my review struts don't work in cold weather. Gets warm out and strut gets better.

These struts no doubt will cause other failures in the front end of the car and could cause Death.

I am sending this note to unity also along with my review.

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