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Universal Life Church Monastery Storehouse

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Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because:First of all, their response is misleading. They keep referring to a "full size" cross. Nowhere did I use those words, nor expect anything "full size". I did expect a religious article in the shape of a cross- not a crude drawing of a cross. if a true cross was mounted on a badge, that would be one thing- but a child's drawing of a cross is not a "professional" (in their own words) badge. A true cross mounted on a badge would be professional. Second, they explicitly lied when they said they offered me a refund. They never offered me any type of refund. Rather, they said that they would not "mediate" any settlement with me- here is their exact response copied from their email to me-
"Since you have threatened legal and financial recourse, we unfortunately can no longer mediate this except by way of your bank; we cannot offer a refund after the treat as much as we'd like toYou are welcome to file a chargeback with your credit card company"
So, as you can see, they did not offer a full refund if I returned the items- their response to you was a lieThey did not offer to refund the drawing of a cross on a badge, nor did they offer a full refund, either If they had indeed offered me a refund- why would I file a complaint in order to get a refund? I would already have what I wanted (a refund) without going through all of this.I only went through with the complaint because they did not offer any type of refund at all. They never, ever offered to let me return the items and get a refund. Had they done so, I would have returned the items, gotten my refund, and none of this would have happened. Go ahead-ask them for a copy of their alleged email to me, saying they would give me a full refund if I returned the items- just as I have included a copy of their email response to me. They can't give you a copy of such an email, because none exists. No refund of any type was ever, ever offered. These people have no credibility, and simply state what suits them
They also did not indicate to you that they told me that "they do not sell religious articles", when I complained about the drawing of a cross, rather than the real thing!! Is this for real? The Universal Life Church does not sell religious articles? Then why would anyone order from them? As for being unable to name any other complaint- that is sheer nonsense. Just because I did not list all the problems I found, does not mean I an "unable" to enunciate them. Another misleading statement on their part. Finally, I never in my complaint talked about missing items in total- but the items I received were not what I ordered- and the true religious items I expected were missing and replaced by crude drawings of religious items- therefore the religious items that I ordered were never sent. It's amazing the "spin" they put on their reply. Totally unexpected from a religious organization. And do not let them tell you that they are not a religious organization nor sell religious items- they were the ones who ordained me. If they have no religious affiliation, how could they ordain me?
Liarsliars, liars. And you ( have my express consent to make my entire response public. It's about time others saw what this organization is up to, how they misrepresent and mislead people into ordering what is believed to be religious articles, only to find out that they are crude, child like drawings of religious objects. Worthless and useless. Then, they lie about the offering of a refund. Who in their right mind would refuse a refund, only to file a complaint with the to get a refund? Does this make any sense? Of course not. The only thing that makes sense is that no refund was offered, and a complaint had to be filed to get such a refund
Now, if they are indeed willing to offer a refund if I return the items, I am willing to withdraw my complaint. However, they will not offer such a refund, so withdrawing my complaint is obviously not an option. Go ahead and ask them- and you will see that their response is negative. Further proof that they lied when they claimed to offer a refund if the items were returned

Complaint: ***I am rejecting this response because: While I do not mind paying the shipping costs for returning merchandise that was not as advertised, I do object to paying for THEIR shipping costs, especially when the merchandise I received was not, in my opinoin, reflective of what they advertised in their website. By forcing customers to not only pay the return shipping costs, but THEIR shipping costs as well, even when the merchandise does not meet expectations, allows them to operate with impunity, send out anything they want, regardless of customer expectations, and does not hold them accountable in any way. No other merchant I have ever dealt with does this, and under no circumstances will I ever order from them again. Without question, their merchandise "package" did not meet expectations, and under that situation, I should not have to bear the cost of THEIR shipping. This is unreasonable and had I known clearly that this was their policy, I never would have ordered from them in the first place, In fact, I don't think anyone would order from them, knowing their policies on shipping costs if the merchandise does NOT meet expectaions.Sincerely,** ***

Our online store is not misleadingAny reasonable customer would understand that the product in dispute, the "ULC Clergy Badge", is in fact a badge and not a full-sized golden crossWe have attached a screen capture of the product description of this item including the image we show of it which
is clearly of a badge that, while it includes a graphic of a cross, also has other graphics on itThe description begins "this professional ULC clbadge helps identity you while ministering to those in need," which again makes clear that this is a badgeAs you can see from the attached screen capture, there is nothing at all to remotely suggest that a customer will be receiving a full-sized golden cross.We were contacted by this customer via email and offered him a refund for the "ULC Clergy Badge" product if it was returnedCustomer then threatened to file a charge-back with his payment card company for the full amount of $104.95, despite only expressing disappointment with the "ULC Clergy Badge" product with a $valueWe then offered the customer a full refund if he returned the productsHe has not returned anything and went ahead and disputed the full charge with his bank
The customer claims that we were out of stock of some items he ordered, but then immediately goes on to say in his complaint that his "entire order just arrived," meaning that by his own admittance, no items were missing from his order or on back order.Customer's claims of misleading advertising are wholly unreasonable and his lack of willingness to return products that he claims he doesn't even want when a full refund was offered to him belies his storyHe adds to his complaint that there are other problems with his order, though he is unable to name a single one

On June 6th, 2016, we wrote the  following to Mr. [redacted] by way of the"Regarding the rest of the transaction amount, our offer still stands that for each item he returns to our fulfillment center, he will be credited for it."Mr. [redacted] was refunded the cost of all the items he ordered and returned exactly as described. At no point did we offer a refund for the cost of shipping and handling since we used the resources to create, package, and mail his order out to him at his request. Just as Mr. [redacted] was mistaken in his original complaint in thinking a product called "ULC Clergy Badge" would not be a badge, he is now mistaken about the refund agreement. Luckily the exact wording of our offer is available to view here with the There is absolutely no merit to either of Mr. [redacted] complaints and we are happy to have already resolved the issue exactly as we said we would when he agreed to it

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