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Review: I went in the store asked if they could flash my cell phone from [redacted] to [redacted]. I explained the cell phone belonged to family member. The phone was in excellent working condition. The owner assured me they could provide cell phone flashing and if it didn't work they would refund the fee. When my phone was ready for pick up I paid the fee and took the cell phone to [redacted]. I was told by [redacted] that the phone was still under [redacted] and also had error codes for [redacted]. I contacted Upcycle explained the problem and asked for a refund that they extended to me should the flashing not work. After some doing I received a refund. I proceeded to go to [redacted] and they were able to active the phone without problem and did not mention any error codes. With in an hour while attempting to access applications the phone began to do weird things then turned it self off and on until the battery died. After charging I attempted to turn the phone. Error message came up contacted a cell phone repair company and was told it was a result of the attempted flash. The repair shop also said it would cost at least $50 to fix if it could be fixed. I contacted Upcylce, they did offer to repair the phone. I politely declined and asked to be reimbursed for repair fees with a different company. It was stated that I canceled service before job was complete and that I had demanded a refund. The only service I agreed to was them flashing the phone. There was some back and forth text regarding their ability to further repair the phone.when I continued decline further service with them and wanted to seek other experts. I was then told that anyone could look up how to do it on the Internet. When I stated my concern if they had only looked up how to flash cell phones on the Internet instead of knowing, it was quickly stated that they deal in refurbished computers and indeed not cell phones. This was NEVER stated prior to agreeing to service.Desired Settlement: Reimburse for repairs or amount to replace the value of the phone.



We appreciate [redacted]'s honest report. If she had been more willing to work with us, rather than seeking outside help before we had finished our process, we feel that all of this could have been avoided.I will attempt to fill in some detail to make the situation clear from both sides.[redacted] came into "UpcyclePCs." (A high-performance computer shop) and asked if we could "flash a phone" for her. We asked what she meant by that. She responded that she had gotten the phone from a family member, who had just gotten a new phone from [redacted], and when she took it to [redacted] to see if she could use it on their [redacted] plan, they told her that her phone would have to be flashed 1st, apparently with no explanation. So we quickly looked-up the procedure for deactivating a phone from one carrier, to switch to another. We had her fill out a form and leave the phone with us. We told her that it looked like a pretty easy job, and that we would charge her $25, since it would not take us long (our normal labor rate is $60/hr, 1 Hr. minimum). I texted [redacted] at 1:03, later that day (Wednesday, Dec.1, 2015):[redacted] 1:03: Hey there. We can have the phone ready by lunchtime tomorrow (Wednesday). It will be no more than $25.Thanks, [redacted] UpcyclePCs.[redacted] 1:04: Ok thank you---Next Day---[redacted] 12:37: Good afternoon is the cell phone ready?[redacted] 12:57: Yes, it is. The charge will be $20 plus tax... $21.06. If [redacted] is not able to install their SIM, bring it back, we have an alternate method. If that fails, we can refund your money.Thanks, [redacted] UpcyclePCs--- I verified that the phone booted normally, then turned it off. [redacted] came in, paid cash for the phone, and headed off to [redacted] (presumably)... ---[redacted] 2:39: Sorry but the phone is still locked with [redacted] but also now has [redacted] error codes. Will cost me at least $50 to get error codes off[redacted] 3:19: You know the previous owner, right?[redacted] 3:21: Yes[redacted] 3:21: It has never had any thing done previously[redacted] 3:22: I can guarantee that 100%[redacted] 3:23: If they are in good standing with [redacted], they can call [redacted] and ask them to unlock it. They use the same codes from the inside.[redacted] 3:24: It is a [redacted] phone never used with [redacted] 3:24: Her contract was with [redacted] 3:25: It came from my sister. She switched Carriers[redacted] 3:26: Oh, I see. So if they are in good standing with [redacted], they can call [redacted] and have them release the handset. They can do it over the phone.[redacted] 3:27: I would like a refund since you were weren't able to do what was agreed on.[redacted] 3:32: We can reset it back to factory default, which should clear the [redacted] data. And I would be happy to refund the money.[redacted] 3:33: Can you make it back to the store today, or is tomorrow better?[redacted] 3:34: I think I'd rather just get the refund if that's ok.[redacted] 3:34: I work all day tomorrow, so today is best. Came by but it's closed[redacted] 3:36: That is fine... I had to run home for an inspection. I can be there by 4:00, but have to leave again at 4:30. Does that window work for you?[redacted] 3:37: That would be great thank you![redacted] 3:40: No problem... Sorry for the frustration. The competition in the cellphone market has made everything more complicated than it needs to be. I guess [redacted] would have been the place to get it released.[redacted] 3:42: Keep in mind that [redacted] is in the business of selling phones... So they are not an objective source of information.[redacted] 3:43: See you soon.--- I met [redacted] at the shop (She had a guy with her this time). She did not appear to have the phone with her. I refunded her $20, but did not have the $1.06 (tax) cash on hand. She accepted the refund. On her way out of the store, the guy showed her one of the computer mice we have on display, and said "this looks cool." She then hurried him out of the store. ---(Next day)[redacted] 1:33: I am sorry but the phone is totally screwed up. Was able to activate it when any application is used All it does it turn it self on and off til the battery dies.[redacted] 1:33: Is there any way you would pay to have it fixed. I wish you guys had just told me you knew nothing about phones.[redacted] 1:57: We asked you to let us know if our flash process did not work for the [redacted] SIM card installation. Instead, you demanded a refund, which we promptly provided. We are confident that we can restore the phone to factory defaults. If you choose to pay someone else to do that, the cost would lie with you.[redacted] 1:59: I would be happy to speak with the technician that quoted you a price, to see if we are talking about the same service.[redacted] 1:59: The flash did not work! I could only go to [redacted] which was the first carrier so not only did you not flash the phone but now it is messed up. I have hard[redacted] 1:59: trusting you to do any more services.[redacted] 2:07: I can understand your frustration. However, I was very clear about having an alternative method to correctly flash the phone available. Rather than letting us do what we offered to do (in writing), you pulled out of our service. I would be happy to speak with a technician from [redacted] or [redacted] if that will help.---At 2:12 accusation texts began flooding my phone. I can provide copies of the texts that followed, but see no need to provide them at this point. [redacted] never put me in contact with any technicians... She simply insisted that I had broken her phone, and now owe her $50 that she claims she paid someone else to fix the phone.I refuse to issue the client $50 because we have no reason to believe that the phone was ever "broken." We have no word from any technicians to corroborate the story of her having paid for any "repairs." [redacted] has not even offered to provide any kind of receipt for repair services from another technician. At this point, it looks like [redacted] is trying to extort $50 from our store by filing a complaint with the, I would like to thank [redacted] for her honesty in filing this report.[redacted]Upcycle PCs

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