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US 1 Chrysler Dodge Jeep

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I had such a great experience with these guys. I drive home the customer service potion. They were patient and caring in my situation. If you want good quality service. Choose them because they will go over and beyond the call of duty.

Very dishonest car dealer. I went in to inquire about a vehicle and had financing already worked out and they convinced me to let them do a "soft" pull on my credit to see if they could find a better rate. I told them I did not want a hard pull and yet two days later I get an alert that a credit inquiry has been done with Equifax. Do not trust these folks.

Salesman entered false information on application concerning income and did not get proof of income. Would not allow me to return car next day.November 4, 2013, traded a 2008 Nissan for a 2013 Dodge Dart at US1 Chrysler Dodge Jeep. Salesperson [redacted] talked me into buying the car. He had me put my references on my application and initial where income would go; [redacted] said he would fill it out for me. I told [redacted] I could not afford the payment, but [redacted] said if I would make two payments then he could refinance the car in two months. Another man ended-up finishing the paperwork and I signed the papers. November 5, 2013, went back to dealership and spoke to [redacted] and the man that finished the paperwork. Told them I wanted my car back- I could not afford the payments on the present one. They said that could not happen so [redacted] had [redacted] make a copy of my car bill; [redacted] said he would make my first payment on December 4, 2013. [redacted] said he was going to change the payment due date to the end of the month then he wanted me to make the next payment and he would refinance the loan and make the payments lower. November 11 or 18 received a call from Chrysler Dodge Capital Bank. Spoke to a woman, who said her name was Ms. [redacted] She congratulated me on the car; I told her, "I like the car but can't make the payments". She looked up the payment and said she could not believe how much it was. I told her about my income so she had me talk to a Mr. [redacted] I told Mr. [redacted] about the situation. He said to fax him a copy of my income. The same day I faxed over a copy of my income. He said he was going to investigate. On December 3, 2013, [redacted] had not made the first payment. I received a call from [redacted] from Capital Bank, December 11, 2013. She asked about the payment and I told Ms. [redacted] the situation. She went on to tell me that I had a side job cleaning houses with an income of $700 a month. I asked her what she was talking about because I do not have a job, I'm on disability. She asked me to fax my income and I did the same day. December 12, 2013, spoke with [redacted] in person. [redacted] said he "knew what was up". He asked me why I told the finance company about him making the first payment. [redacted] went on to say why make a payment when you cannot make the next payment. I asked him why he lied about my income (cleaning on the side) and he said so he could get it financed. I told him they asked me about a side job making $700 extra a month and he said, "Is that all? I told them you make more than that." He said to let them repo the car, it would take about three months, after that, come back and he would refinance another car. He said he does this all the time. After speaking with [redacted] I spoke with [redacted]-supervisor over the service department-[redacted] told me he would have a general manager call me. The general manager never called. I called [redacted] back and he gave me [redacted] number. He handles the financing and I told him the situation. Mr. [redacted] called the next day and spoke with me about the situation. He said he was going to call the Dodge place. After this, I received a call from the "general manager". He asked me during our conversation, "Ms. [redacted], what can we do to make you happy?" I told him that I wanted my car back and he said, "If I make two of your payments, would that make you happy?" I told him no; then spoke to [redacted] and he said he could not finance a car because they know how much my income is. He said to let him talk to the general manager and they would get back with me. He never called back so I called him the next day. [redacted] said he told me to come by the office during our previous conversation. [redacted] again told me that he would call me back, again I did not hear from him. I spoke with Mr. [redacted] January 3, 2014, he said he would call the dealership and tell them he was going to clear the record, "like the deal was never made", and they had to refinance me another car for the one traded in. February 26, 2014, received call from [redacted] in president's office of Chrysler Capital Bank. He could not get dealership to buy back car.Desired SettlementI would like for the dealership to return my previous car or give me one at the same value. I only want the payment to be affordable and not have my credit ruined because of a repossession. Business Response /[redacted]/After reviewing the transaction above we are unable to rescind the contract. To avoid discrepancies, as policy on all retail transactions we require our customers to sign the credit statement stating that all the information on the statement is correct we also require an initial by the income section. This application has been signed and the income stated on the application is initialed. If we can be of further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

I was charged 979.58 for a repair on my vehicle on November 27, 2015. The vehicle has been back in the shop 3 times since for the same problem 4 TIMEMy 2007 Dodge Nitro was taken to the shop Nov. 24 2015 because the headlights would come and off, the doors would lock and unlock when they were not suppose to. sometimes when I turn the key to crank it, it would not turn over. The service technician diagnosed the suv and told me that it was the TIPM (totally integrated module)they supposedly fixed it. I picked it up on November 27, 2015, paid 979.58 thinking that my suv was fixed. On December 24 I was in my garage where I park my car and I noticed that my suvS headlights were flashing on and my doors were unlocking same as before. The dealership was close to closing at that time so I called them so that they were aware of this they told me to bring it in. I took the suv back on Dec. 27 2015. On January 1,2016 the dealership called me to pick up the suv that they could not get the car to duplicate the problem, so noting was done to it. On February 1, 2016 the suv was took back to the dealership because I was having the same problem. lights going off and on and doors locking and unlocking. [redacted] is the service technician. I told him that I video the car and I could show him the video. The suv was picked up at my place of employment on February 1,2016 by two of the dealerships technicians. I showed one of them the video of which I still have. The car was at the dealership 18 days without any communication what so ever, they said that they would let me know when the suv was ready. They called me on the 18th of February to let me know that my suv was ready so I went to pick it up. They told me that the talked to the manufacter of the TIPM module that they had installed on my suv in Nov. and the manufacter said to exchange the part that it may have been faulty. So they sent the part back and exchanged it for another one. [redacted] was not there when I picked up the suv. I talked to [redacted]. He told me that they HOPED that they got it that time. BUT THEY DIDN'T OK HERE WE ARE A FOURTH TIME. SUV STILL DOING THE SAME THING. IM VERY FLUSTRATED NOW. mAY 14 I WAS IN MY GARAGE AT HOME AND NOTICE MY SUV STILL LIGHT ON AND DOORS UNPOCLING. I VIDEOD THE CAR. CALLED THE DEALERSHIP. THEY TOLD ME TO DROP IT OFF. THE LIGHTS STAYED ON SO MUCH THAT BY MONDAY THE BATTERY WAS DEAD. I CALLED THE DEALERSHIP, THE SAID THAT THEY WOULD COME GET IT, T WAITED A COUPLE DAYS THEY DIDNT COME. I CALLED THE BACK THEY SAID THEY WERE BOOKED UP AND COULD NOT SPARE TWO TECHNICIANS TO COME JUMP THE CAR AND TAKE IT TO THE DEALERSHIP. the CAR SIT IN MY GARAGE FOR 9 DAY I WAS NOT ABLE TO DRIVE IT BECAUSE IT WOULD NOT CRANK DUE TO WHAT EVER IS GOING ON WITH IT. finally I HAD A FRIEND TO COME AND START THE SUV AND I TOOK IT BACK TO THE SHOP ON 5/25/16. tHIS TIME I SPOKE TO [redacted] HE ALSO IS A SERVICE TECHNICIAN THERE. he AGREED THAT THEY WERE THE DEALERSHIP AND THEY SHOULD KNOW WHAT WAS WRONG WITH MY VEHICLE. AND THAT THEY SHOULD NOT BE GUESSING. HE PUT THE MANAGER ON THE PHONE [redacted] HE SAID THAT HE WOULD SEE WHAT HE COULD DO. I EXPLAINED TO HIME WHAT HAD BEEN GOING ON. ON 5/30/16 MR [redacted] CALLED ME AND SID THAT THEY FOUND THE PROBLEM WITH MY SUV, THAT IT WAS THE WIRELESS CONTROL MODULE AND THAT IT WOULD BE FOUR HUNDRED AND SOME DOLLARS TO FIX. I WAS SPEECHLESS. HOW CAN IT HAVE BEED THE TIMP MODULE THE FIRST TIME AND A FEW MONTHS LATER ITS A WHOLE NEW DIFFERENT MODULE BUT THE SUV IS HAVING THE SAME IDENTICAL PROBLEM. THIS IS WHAT I SAID TO MR [redacted] HE TOLD ME THAT HE DIDNT THINK THE PROBLEMS WAS RELATED. (HOW CAN IT NOT BE RELATED). I TOLD HIM THAT I WAS NOT GOING TO PAY THEM ANY MORE MONEY BECAUSE THE PROBLEM HAD NEVER BEEN FIXED. HE TOLOD ME THAT HE WOULD TALK TO HIS MANAGER TO SEE WHAT HE COULD DO. HE CALLED ME BACK 2 DAYS LATER AND TOLD ME THAT HE COULD ONLY SAVE ME 100 DOLLARS. I TOLD HIM NO THAT I WOULD BE THERE TO GET MY SUV. MY OPINION IS THAT THER WAS A RECALL ON 2007 DODGE NITROS FOR THAT TIMP MODULE BUT THE RECALL WENT BY THE LAST 5 DIDGITS OF THE VIN #. THERE WAS NO RECALL ON MY 07 NITRODesired SettlementI FEEL THAT MY SUV WAS NOT DIAGNOSED ACURATLY. I SHOULD BE REIMBURSHED SOME OF THE 979.58 THAT I PAYED THEM BECAUSE MY SUV IS STILL HAVING THE SAME PROBLEM. I DONT TRUST CHRYSLER DODGE JEEP ON US 1 TO WORK ON MY VEHICLE ANYMORE. THEY HAVE HAD IT THERE FOUR TIMES FOR THE SAME IDENTICLE PROBLEM. THERE IS NO WAY THEY CAN HONESTLY SAY THAT ITS NOT THERE FAULT. THEY SHOULD BE MADE TO REIMBURST ALL MY MONEY BACK.ALL 979.58. IF THEY WERE NOT AT FAULT THEN WHY DID THEY CONTINULLY KEEP TRYING TO FINE THE PROBLEM. WHY DIDNT THEY JUST ADMIT THEY WERE WRONG AND FIX MY CAR THE FOURTH TIME INSTEAD OF TRYING TO GET MORE MONEY FROM ME.Business Response Thank you for making us aware of your feelings regarding our service department. First, let me say that "customer satisfaction is our goal at US1 Chrysler Dodge Jeep in Sanford" and it's always unacceptable to us to have any customer leave our business with less than a good experience. In this case however Ms. [redacted] vehicle has had an intermittent problem described in her letter to the and we have been unable to duplicate the problem. Based on the symptoms described by Ms. [redacted] we recommended replacing the TIPM based on diagnostic protocol, after about 1 month and approximately 1000 miles Ms. [redacted] experienced similar issues with her vehicle. Again we were unable to duplicate the problem and replaced the TIPM believing the part had failed. This was done at no charge to the customer. Ms. [redacted] began experiencing similar problems again and still the concern was unable to be duplicated, at this point it was recommended the wireless control module be replaced at a discounted price for the repair. The diagnostic process was explained and the repair was declined.Our solution to Ms. [redacted] concern is to perform the recommended repair at no cost to the customer.Consumer Response I accept this offer. That's all I ever wanted was my car fixed. That was something that I paid for but did not receive. Just let me know the next step that I need to take in order to get this done?More Info From The ConsumerI accepted there offer to fix my car at no charge, but can I trust them to do that. That is all I ever wanted, that's what I paid them for They have not told the truth in the past. My confidence in the Chrysler dealership is very low at this point. I am willing to take the chance that they will do what they said they would do and put the wiring module on my vehicle at no cost.(hoping that they actually do that)What is the next step. They said in there response to my complaint that they never want a customer to leave their business unsatisfied, which is not true because they told me that they would take 100.00 off the repair cost and I felt that I had already paid them 979.00 to fix the problem. They talk like different problems were arising with my car when everytime I took it back it was for the same problem. Do I need to call them to make an appointment to take my car back there please keep me informed. Final Business Response Thank you for your response. Please contact [redacted] to schedule your repair...thank youFinal Consumer Response On Tuesday July 5, 2016 I took my car to the dealership for the repair. I spoke with Mr. [redacted] (managing partner) He was very understanding and generous to me. I was given a vehicle to drive while my car was being repaired. I picked my vehicle up on Tuesday 7/12/16. Thank God for people like Mr.[redacted]. I just hope that this was the closure to and overdue process. The repairs was done at no cost to me. Thank you [redacted] for making this happen.

I bought a vehicle that was defected and was promised that it would be replaced with a decent one.purchased July 24, 2013. 2006 Lexus RX 400hDesired SettlementA decent vehicle preferably a decent 2007 Lexus RX 400h.Business Response /[redacted]/We regret that you are unhappy with the vehicle you chose and that your experience has been less than satisfactory. We are consistently looking for the vehicle that you requested however, based on the parameters you requested the supply is limited.We will continue to search and should your guidelines change please make us aware so that we can make your next experience with us more than satisfactory.

When I bought my truck from them, I was told that I would get 2yrs of free oil changes, tire rotations, and the would top all the fluids. as well as if I send others up there to buy and they do that I would get 100 dollar on the Friday following the purchase. When I checked on the money the first Friday I was told that it is 200 dollars for each and I have yet to receive the free anything, and have been waiting for 3 weeks on the money for sending 2 people that have purchased cars from them. Also the second day I had the truck my radio would go off by itself and change stations I went that day . they sent me to Toyota dealer the checked it and said the radio had to be replaced. I when on Toyota web site and found out that the Toyota Tacoma's radio is faulty and they are not replacing them you the customer is having to spend 480 dollar to replace it.Product_Or_Service: toyotaDesired Settlementwould like to get my free oil changes and tire rotations and fluids toped, and my 400 dollars they owe me. and want the radio replacedBusiness Response /[redacted]/After looking into the file we have found nothing in writing that supports the issues mentioned in the above concern. I spoke with management and was informed that we have paid one referral fee to date and now that the 2nd deal has cleared the bank we are prepared to pay the 2nd fee. We have agreed to one free oil change and tire rotation, the 2 years maintenance are available on new vehicles only. The radio issue was not part of the original transaction and is a Toyota issue and remains an issue with Toyota. We regret that your visit was anything less than satisfactory.Consumer Response /[redacted]/I agreed with what they are doing for me, I still think that a verbal contract was made when the salesman told me what he said as well as the management of the business knowing he was saying this to a lot of people, They said that is why he dose not work for them anymore.Final Consumer Response /[redacted]/

Repairs to paint and body were not made as promised. Car as additional damages since I was told the car had been fixed.I purchased a 2013 Kia from US 1 of Sanford along with a 2014 Doge Journey. The Kia had some serious flaws to the paint and body, and was also in need of an alignment because the car kept moving to the right. I had the salesman to walk around the car with me and we documented the damages/scratches and dents. I was told to bring the car back; however, because of the recent rain and snow I was hindered. I returned the car about a week ago and was given a car to drive while the repairs were being made. I was contacted on Monday, this week, that all the repairs had been made and the car was ready. No visible repairs were made to the car the parts that were failing off are still falling off, and in addition to that there is additional damage to the front spoiler that was not there prior to me dropping off the car. The car is till moving to the right.Desired SettlementI would like the car to repaired like I was promised and the additional damage repaired.Business Response /[redacted]/I apologize that we did not meet your expectations and that you were anything less than satisfied. I have asked our general manager [redacted] to contact you to make sure we follow through on any promises that we have made to you, again I apologize your any inconvenience this may have caused you.

I was tricked and lied to in regards to being approve for a car with having multiple conversations with the sales associate prior to driving there.I applied online at for a car on Friday, December 12, 2014 and received a text message from XXX-XXX-XXXX saying "congrats you've been approved for XXXXX thru chrysler capital give me a call to make an appointment to use your avaible cash." and that's how the text message exactly states spelling and all. I replied back with "I'm sorry, who is this?" and he replied "this is [redacted] from Us1 chrysler dodge jeep." He stated that he tried to leave a message on my voicemail but it was full so I called. I asked him probably 20 times if it was legit and if I was really approved for that amount and he confirmed every single time that I was. I only asked so much because I don't have the best credit in the world and because it was a 40 minute drive for me. He stated that all I needed to do is send him a copy of my recent paystub and I'll be good to go. I sent him the document he requested and he said that everything was good to go and for me to come and drive my new car off of the lot. I asked for the APR and payment amounts and he said that he couldn't know that information until I picked out a car, so I sent him the 2010 Ford Edge and he said that he would see if that will work, which was weird to me because the car was only $13,888 and he stated that I was approved for $27,500 so in my head I was wondering why wouldn't it work? So, he asked when I would be able to come to the dealership and I told him that I had a toddler that I had to bring with me and didn't want to come down there for nothing. He repeatedly said I was approved and he said that he spoke to his finance manager and the only thing that I needed to bring in was a copy of my insurance and i'll be good to go. So, of course, I was excited, drove down there Saturday morning getting there around 11:30am and when I met with him and went outside to see my new car, it was a 2012 Ford Escape. He said that he couldn't get me approved for the 2010 Ford Edge but the 2012 Ford Escape was what I was approved for. I was a bit disappointed because I drove all the way down there thinking I was about to drive home in the Ford Edge. So, he tells this other sales person named [redacted] to test drive the Ford Escape with me. We go and come back and he was occupied with another couple. So I tried to see what other cars could I get approved for and he said he was going to work out a couple of things to see if he could get a couple of options from their other lot near the Wal-[redacted]. So, I waited in the waiting area for about 2 hours no car. Then, he pulls me back into his office to sit me down and explain my credit score and why the 2012 Ford Escape was the only car that I could get approved for. While I was very upset sitting in his office after our conversation, he picks up the phone and conducts a phone finance application with another customer which blew my top and I walked outside. I asked to speak with the Sales/Finance Manager and I ended up speaking with [redacted] and he broke everything down to me. He broke everything down to me to the point where he said that I wasn't even approved for the 2012 Ford Escape and that it was just a "possibility". So, I was mislead and lied to TWICE about being approved for 2 different cars that initially I was never approved for anything! I was there for a total of 4 hours for absolutely nothing and had to drive back home 40 minutes with an utter disappointment of the customer service that I received. I understand that they are Salesmen, but there's a difference between persuading and lying.Desired SettlementI am requesting an approval of which I was told twice and a car to cover the negative equity in my trade-in and for the company to find a car that fits in between both of the upside down amount and a monthly payment of no more than 500.00 a month. I at least deserve some time of negotiation for this.Business Response /[redacted]/After consulting with our staff and management we have determined that while working your deal, we had some internal communication issues between our manager and the salesperson. We have since counseled with both and fixed the inconsistencies. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you as that is never our intention. At this time, we are unable to extend the offer of credit without a cosigner or a significant down payment however, please contact our general manger to discuss how we may be able to offer you some services in return for your inconvenience. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced and would value the opportunity to work with you in the future. Consumer Response /[redacted]/I don't understand how a salesperson sending a text message is a reason of internal miscommunication. I could understand if you were referring to the phone calls that we had of him confirming the approval, but not the text message. After speaking to numerous people at the dealership, they stated that there were cars that could fit the approval. If you could, look into that and have one of the managers give me a call to speak about down payments and such. Thank you for your corporation.Final Business Response /[redacted]/Thank you for your feedback. I will have our general manager contact you within the next few days.

A particular salesman at this dealership falsified information on the vehicle contract illegally. I was lied to about everything dealing with vehicle.I purchased a 2014 Chrysler 200 on April 10, 2014. On that day, I was told my car payment would be $361 and my insurance would be $60 before I was even picked up by the car salesman. I get to the dealership, was told to get a check and write $750 for the check but told not to worry about it. I asked several times about the check and salesman stated don't worry about it. Upon signing documents, I noticed the amount of $551.75 but assumed it was my car insurance and car payment included because that is what the dealer told me. To make sure, asked the salesman once again on April 20th Easter Day through text because things were not adding up to me and he confirmed. Days went by and I received an email from Chrysler Capital concerning my account balance. My account balance stated $551.75 and suddenly I tried calling the salesman and no answer. I then called the dealership and requested to speak with a manager. I spoke with someone by the name of [redacted] on May 2, 2014 and informed him that I could not afford the car and that his salesman lied to me stating my car payments would be one thing but is now something else. He stated his dealership no longer had anything to do with the car and told me to contact Chrysler Capital in which the car was financed through. I did not agree that it was too late to do anything but I called Chrysler Capital the very next day, May 3, 2014, to inform them of my situation. From that point on, I had been dealing with them concerning this situation and has gotten nowhere. Chrysler Capital stated that they would submit a potential rewind of the vehicle and ended up pushing the car payment that was due June 1st to June 30th. So I waited. Then on May 14, 2014 I was sent a letter by my bank State Employees' Credit Union, stating my account was hit with check number 1124 in the amount of $750.00. This was the same amount the salesman [redacted] told me not to worry about. I then called my bank and had the check blocked. The check did not go through because there were non-sufficient funds. I then begin getting calls from a collection agency concerning the $750 that I was again told not to worry about. At this time it was at the end of May and beginning of June and I had been contacting Chrysler Capital concerning the rewind process and was told it was still in progress. I was told to email the text message where I was told that my car payment would be a certain amount and I did. Next, I finally spoke to a representative from the collection agency July 1-2nd and was told about the amount owed. She then stated that within my contract with the dealership, my income monthly as well as my consigner income was around $3500 a month and that was totally false. She also informed me that there were signatures from my consigner and me and that document with our income was never signed. Therefore I have reason to believe that information was falsified and signatures were forged. My income was nowhere near that amount and my consigner at the time did not even have a job. I found this information out after I voluntarily surrender my vehicle and now I want to know how and why that information was given and it is not true. The entire sale of this vehicle was lies filled and not once was I informed the truth by this salesman. I want justice. This is not right.Business Response /[redacted]/After careful review of the above transaction we are unable to make any refunds or changes. To avoid discrepancies our policy is to have all credit applications signed as well as income initialed on all transaction, this transaction complied with both of those policies. We regret that your visit and purchase was less than satisfactory. Please don't hesitate to contact us if we can be of further assistance.Consumer Response /[redacted]/I have contacted a law firm office and an attorney will be contacting me in another week on this matter. I am requesting a copy of the contract that states my income, as this information is incorrect and was never signed by me. I received a copy of everything else except this contract with my cosigner and my falsified income information. I was told by an collection agency, which states I owe them $750.00 (money that I was told by the car salesmen not to worry about) that my cosigner and I signed a contract that stated our income was a little over $3500. However, my cosigner was not working at the time I received the car and my monthly income was $1200.00 a month. I was never asked for proof of income and neither was my cosigner. Now I find out from the collection agency I owe them $750.00 and that my monthly income is something it is not. I have reason to believe this information was illegally falsified in order to make the sale of the car I no longer have. Therefore, I am requesting a copy of the document that states my cosigner and myself income.Final Business Response /[redacted]/We will be happy to supply you with the requested documents. Please stop in our store in person (for security reason) and ask to speak to the general manager. Please bring identification; your privacy is important to us. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance.

The contract made with the business should be voided due the fact the person that made contract is redeemed incompetence by the Chatham County DSS.My father [redacted] was pick up Monday March 17, 2014 at his resident by a salesperson from the US 1 Chrysler Dodge and Jeep 2624 Hawkins Ave Sanford, NC 27330 (So my father told). He wanted to purchase an automobile. He was driven to their place of business. He has major health issue including depression, seizures,cancer and etc. [redacted] is a 81 year old man who has Dementia as well and have be declared incompetence by the State of NC and Chatham County DSS. He went to this place of business without anyone's knowledge of him going. After talking to him for about 5 minute someone can tell he has some issue going on. He was allowed to purchase an automobile by US 1 Chrysler Dodge and Jeep. A contract was drawn up and signed for the purchase of a Chrysler XXX XXXX. The sales person name is [redacted] has his business card with the papers and contract he was given. He does not have an operating driver license. US 1 Chrysler Dodge and Jeep of Sanford NC allowed him to drive off their place of business in a Chrysler 200 2014 knowing he did not have a valid operating license. His license had been revoked by the State of NC for medical reasons. He was not only endangering his life but the life of others as well. When I called to explain the situation to [redacted] one of the employees whom the call was transferred to at the business he became ruled and hang up the telephone on me. I was told by a represented from the Chatham County Council on Aging Center that on Tuesday March 18, 2014 they saw [redacted] getting out of driver side a Chrysler 200 2014. He asked one of the employees of the Council on Aging Center to drive him in the Chrysler 200 2014 to [redacted]. That person begin to question [redacted] and he was not allowed to drive the car from the Council on Aging Center. After receiving and reviewing the papers and contract [redacted] was given from US 1 Chrysler Dodge and Jeep. The represented called the US 1 Chrysler Dodge and Jeep. The person he or she taught to because ruled and hang up on he or she as well. the car is currently at the Chatham County Council on Aging Center in Pittsboro, NC because they would not allow [redacted] to drive the car knowing he did not have an valid drivng license. The payment on this vehicle is $529.00 per month. [redacted] is already making car payment on a car he purchased when his health begin to decline. He can not afford this car. His only income is a monthly Social Security check. I [redacted] have been appointed [redacted] guardian by the Chatham County DSS and clerk of court. Chatham County DSS has been notified of this matter as well and is working with me to help resolve the issue at hand. I believe this is elderly forged. Please help me to resolve this issue as well.[redacted] Desired SettlementI [redacted], would like for US 1 Chrysler Dodge and Jeep of 2624 Hawkins Avenue Sanford NC to void the contract, come and pickup the Chrysler 200 2014 car up which is parked as the Chatham County Council on Aging Center in Pittsboro NC that [redacted] supposedly purchased . Also that this matter does not affecting [redacted] credit in any form. I have been working frantically to get this matter resolved. This is also a form of elderly forged. Business Response /[redacted]/After consulting with management I was made aware that the contract has been voided and this deal has been backed out completely.

Very dishonest car dealer. I went in to inquire about a vehicle and had financing already worked out and they convinced me to let them do a "soft" pull on my credit to see if they could find a better rate. I told them I did not want a hard pull and yet two days later I get an alert that a credit inquiry has been done with Equifax. Do not trust these folks.","neg-1

Purchased 2006 Jeep Liberty last day of March 2015. No floor mats were present with sold vehicle."we owe" form was signed for $25 check to be sent.[redacted] and [redacted] purchased a 2006 Jeep Liberty on March 31,2015. Vehicle had no floor mats present when presented to us. A "WE OWE" form was filled out and signed,clearly stating that a $25 check would be issued once the deal was funded. The form was completed by salesman [redacted] I have made several emails and calls to the dealership(all calls have been recorded) of today(May 9,2015),we have not received the promised check. We will file a claim in small claims court if check is not received by May 31,2015.Desired SettlementCheck for $25 to cover cost of floor mats as promised in WE OWE agreement. (Actual cost for floor mats from Advance Auto(front and back) were $35.)General Manager should contact us and explain the reason our agreement has not been honored.XXX-XXX-XXXX.Business Response /[redacted]/We regret that you have not received the $25 check in question, we will mail out a check on Tuesday the 12th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and would value the opportunity to work with you again in the future.Consumer Response /[redacted]/Check received on May 15th,2015...vehicle was purchased on March 31,2015...thanks to for contactinG Dealership...TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE SHOULD EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS...

I had such a great experience with these guys. I drive home the customer service potion. They were patient and caring in my situation. If you want good quality service. Choose them because they will go over and beyond the call of duty.","pos-1

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