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US Home Guard

931 Main Plaza Dr, Wentzville, Missouri, United States, 63385

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• May 03, 2023

Scam letter from US Home Guard
Received the same letter other complainants describe. Fake Customer ID number, made-up claim that a home warranty I took out is expiring when I never had a policy with them and never heard of them. False claim that our place holds a mortgage with Fannie Mae (there is no mortagage). To boot, the letter is addressed to someone who doesn't live here and has never lived here (ostensibly my grown out-of-town son), and certainly never owned the property. Threat of "final attempt" and "final notice."

• Jul 15, 2022

Don’t call after hours
Got home from work to a house that was 92 degrees. I’m active duty military and work from 6-6 by the way. Walk in my door see the temperature call home guard and the lady on the line says that since I am calling after there normal hours that I will have to pay for it out of pocket. Seriously? So because I work 12 hour days on Panama shifts and come home to an AC unit that is broke, y’all aren’t goin to pay for it? Isn’t that what I pay you for?! I have a two year old and y’all tell me that it’ll have to come out of pocket. It’s 2022 you’d think you’d have 24/7 coverage. Waste of money.


US Home Guard - their erroneous perpective
USHG's "letter" reads in part "...the property's home warranty...secured by MOVEMENT MORTGAGE, may be expiring or may have already expired..." Also, "...We are not affiliated with your current mortgage holder."
As there is no mortgage on the residence to which they sent this "notice" readers will understand that even if they are otherwise a legitmate company, their research abilities are sorely lacking & they are wasting money with the post office. (I hope their mailing helps reduce the USPS deficit.)
Their objections posted here at revdex ring hollow with me.
One benefit: they use only 1 side of a sheet of 8.5" x 11" paper so I have something I can use for notes.
(Wise readers will carefully review their sale pitch & correctly evaluate them as an incompetent organizaton.)
Shout out to "Thank you!"


Preying on Seniors!!
This company preyed on my 90 year old Dad and when I found out we called them to cancel them out since all they live on is SS. They were belligerent, rude and unwilling to discuss their wrong doing by preying on a Senior who has dementia.
Just stop paying or reacting to the mail from them is the best way to treat scam artist. I will be more than happy to get a lawyer.


US home guard wants money from dead one also, haha
These guys shall spend some time to investigate first before sending Final Notice to dead people, also take the names who have insurance off their stupid list, Scam


I was assured that they will take care of appliances at home. After a call about a claim for problem with an appliance, I was told I had to call a service provider and pay for it, then they would reimburse the money. I asked they find somebody, since I was paying for the warranty, they should do that, they should have a list of providers to what they agree. After a long while they sent a provider, whom told me he was going to come back in 3-4 days, but never came back. I called the provider and I was told they sent the estimate to them but US Home Guard never answered, or approved or communicated with them. It has gone a almost a month, They answered the first time, sayin they did not received the estimate, I told the guy I was gonna make a three way call, when I came back, he has hanged the phone. Since them I have been calling every day, to Claims Department and Customer Service, guess what? Nobody answer, just an answering service. I have been leaving messages every day, and nothing. Almost one month. And the premium is not cheap.


Keeps sending me final notices
First time I received green paper letter, stating that I should be responsible for repairs, I disregard the letter, and again I received another final notices from that same company, so actually, there are no final notice letters, so I kept getting the same 3 final notice letters for the past 3 months, now why they would do that, since they wanted my money, and they don't care about having to repair things…


Preys upon naive consumers
Upon receipt of unsolicited, deceptive "Final Notice" letter, I lodged a complaint with the FTC. Hopefully, enough complaints against the company will lead to investigations and large fines, leading to the company shutting down.


Cassandra S.
I have never had a home warranty with this company. I was sent a final notice say to respond in 5 days or I will lose coverage. I have never had coverage with this company nor do I want coverage with this company. I have not even heard of this company before today and would appreciate if they would take me off the mailing list.

• May 24, 2023

The notice doesnt say you have/had a warranty with them, it says that the warranty on your property has either expired or will be expiring. US Homeguard handles renewals and extensions thus they are giving you the opportunity to extend or renew coverage. The parent company is Warranty Global Group and they are fully accredited with BBB and have an A+ rating.

Threatening, pushy, rude people who will not let you talk. Miserable company.
If I could leave zero rating for this company I would not even give it a one! When I identified myself to the guy and he was starting to tell me I needed coverage I said to him, when did I ever ask you for coverage? He then became belligerent, insulting, insisted I was senile, rude, trying to immediately operate on mental health condemnations.
The more I tried to talk, the more he kept talking all the time not letting me say a word. I finally had to hang up on him because he would not let me say anything without blotting it out by talking at the same time.
These people are a scam, plain and simple. Reputable businesses do not have to rely on this kind of a[censored] to sell a product. Stay clear of this company and reject all their proposals and mail.
I will put this on the dysfunctional companies page at to help expose these rude, insolent, arrogant, pushy, condemning a[censored] people.


I too received a scam letter from US Home Guard. Mine was dated 08/07/2020 and I received it on 8/17/2020. The letter said to Respond By 08/25/2020. However the letter stated, "We reserve the right to revoke your eligibility for service coverage after 5 days."
Also the letter claimed that my lending institution had secured this home warranty that was now "expiring or may have already expired."
What a dishonest bunch!
As already stated in the prior review, they should try an honest business model. My shredder got some exercise with this piece of junk mail.

• May 24, 2023

I apologize but you have misread the letter. The letter doesnt say that your lender secured the warranty, it says that your home was secured by them and the warranty on the property is expired or about to expire.

I received a threatening letter "FINAL NOTICE" about my home warranty and a loan with "quicken". I do not have a loan with quicken -i looked up US home guard and found several complaints which fall in line with what I found suspect. alarming that this organization takes these tactics. It does raised concerns as a home owner and as a senior to receive these intimidating menacing letters about your home. These company should be taken to court and be held accountable for intimidation, threats on honest working people.

US Home Guard Response • Aug 10, 2020

Upon our research. We sent only one piece of mail to this consumer. We are happy to take this consumer off of our mailing list. Thanks for the communication.


On 6/27/20, received a threatening letter from the company ("Time Sensitive", "Immediate Response Requested"), telling me to call their phone number IMMEDIATELY. It warns that the home warranty secured by ***, may be expiring, or may have expired, and that I am at the risk of being liable for any and all repairs.

I was about to discard the letter, but wanted to report to your office this type of business promotion practice with a threatening letter.

Apparently they got information that I have some business with the BANK OF AMERICA, related with my home financing. They even have created a customer ID for me.
Two complaints: 1) Bad promotion practice with threatening letter. 2) Obtaining my personal financial information from my bank.

US Home Guard Response • Jul 09, 2020

We stand by the language in our advertisement. All statements are true and this mailpiece is filed with other states that have given their approval. Additionally, the information we obtain to market our products is above board and completely legitimate. We will, however, take this consumer off our list. Please remove this complaint from our record, as it holds no merit.


How can you say you’re doing things above board when you have so many complaints about your company. It’s wrong to use scare tactics. Most if the time you are wrong who you send these to. Let’s face it you are a scammer and use scare tactics. Disgusting!

I received a scam letter from this company claiming that the home warranty policy for my address, that was "secured by" by lending bank, may be expiring or already expired. I have never done business with this company and nobody has "secured" a warranty from them for me.
This is a very shady company that should be ashamed of themselves conducting scare tactics business like this with all the other *** and financial hardship thats happening in the world right now. Instead of making false claims, trying to intimidate people, and outright lying about things try running a legitimate business with good business practices and maybe you'll actually get some customers.
All of this in a letter dated 5/28 that I received in the mail on 6/24. It claims I have 5 days to respond which would be 6/2, yet it claims I must respond by 6/9. So besides being completely unethical they're also really bad at math. I wouldn't want someone to warranty my home that can't even count to 5 correctly.


I dont know who in hell provided my information to them but I will find this out.
I received a letter in the mail today stating I have not provided my information to them to update my Home Warranty. They say this is their FINAL ATTEMPT TO NOTIFY ME ***. Further it says "We reserve the right to revoke your eligibility for service coverage after 5 days. Please respond by 05/05/2020" I have no Home Warranty with them or anyone else. The Mortgage company they said my home loan was secured through, was incorrect. The letter is on yellow paper with the words "TIME SENSITIVE" printed in the top center. The phrase "IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO THIS NOTICE REQUESTED" appears once and "IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED" appears once; then "ATTENTION: My Name.... Customer ID: ***" appears just before the body of the letter. I initially though that the letter belongs from my bank, and that I messed up something, so I called the phone and asked what was that about, the gentleman that took the call didnt really explain me anything and started to offer me some plans. That was when I realized that it had nothing to do with my loan provider, so I told him very polite I was not interested and he hang up the phone in my face.
Is this a marketing strategy allowed in the US? Use a threatening-like letter to sell you a service? I wish I could paste the picture of the letter here so everybody could see what Im talking about.

US Home Guard Response • Jun 09, 2020

Please remove this complaint from our record. This consumer filled out opt-in information online to be contacted about our services.


I received a letter in the mail today stating I have not provided my information to them to update my Home Warranty. They say this is their FINAL ATTEMPT TO NOTIFY ME 1-833-909-0020. Further it says "We reserve the right to revoke your eligibility for service coverage after 5 days. Please respond by 05/05/2020"
I have no Home Warranty with them or anyone else. The Mortgage company they said my home loan was secured through, was incorrect. The letter is on yellow paper with the words "TIME SENSITIVE" printed in the top center. The phrase "IMMEDIATE RESPONSE TO THIS NOTICE REQUESTED" appears once and "IMMEDIATE RESPONSE REQUESTED" appears once; then "ATTENTION: My Name.... Customer ID: ***" appears just before the body of the letter.

This appears to be a pressure solicitation which is annoying and possibly a scam! Thank you for accepting my complaint!

US Home Guard Response • May 15, 2020

All statements in our advertisements are true and correct. We will, however, place you on our do not mail list. Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us.Respectfully


I was assured that when I purchased this insurance policy I would be taken care of but my appliance that broke I called to make a claim and I did just that,but when I called I was informed that I needed to call a service provider to look at it,and once again I did just that,I then called back US Home Guard and explained to them no one is making service calls do to the epidemic, and I was then informed that I have to wait till the epidemic is over and they couldn't file a claim or help me in anyway,I am upset do to the fact I pay a huge premium every month just for security that I would be taken care of.I am a current US soldier retired and I have never seen such incompetence.

US Home Guard Response • Apr 28, 2020

This consumer purchased from us and then had a problem with a covered part during the Covid Pandemic. We were unable to get someone out to his home because of that reason. He was informed by us that he also had some remaining factory warranty on his appliance through . We offered they may be able to help. Otherwise he would need to wait for the public safety concern to lessen. He did not like that and chose to cancel. His policy has since been cancelled. We understand this was a tough situation, but we would have been happy to get him taken care of as soon as humanly possible and we're not happy that we couldn't help him sooner because of this pandemic.

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Address: 931 Main Plaza Dr, Wentzville, Missouri, United States, 63385


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