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• Feb 23, 2021

Fraudulent Charge
I was bombarded with ads from USA Signing Agent and I fell for it. I signed up with my notary name, telephone number, address and email. After payment, I was shocked to see a message welcoming me back as Maria with address in San Antonio. I have never lived in San Antonio and I am a man. I have called their toll free number several times, it keep going to voicemail. I sent a message through the contact us but still no response. Right now I am working with my bank to get my $39 back.
Please don't touch this company with a ten foot pole.

• Nov 20, 2020

Definitely a scam
I signed up with this agency...was suppose to receive a class with Daniel Plainview that never happened, I received an email from Daniel apologizing that something went wrong and he would send me an update class scheduling and I never heard from him again. My money totally wasted at a vulnerable time in my life. Shame on this company.,

• Nov 02, 2020

USA Signing Agent
This a scam! do not register with this company. I asked for a refund and no one ever got back with me. There is no information for you to review. Do not send money to them. Think about it, how can they put you on a list for others to see and you can't see it. Please don't make the same mistake I did and believed their ad! Check reviews before giving any company money for business!

I signed up with USA signing agent before reading the reviews, what a big mistake that was. I have not heard from them not even once. I will give them an chance to refund my money, or I will file a complaint with the better business bureau. Folks, please do not sign up to this company if it really is a company.

Glad I read these
My gut reaction was no thanks to subscribing and the above confirm my suspicions. Thanks to all who shared and saved me $39.99

Glad I checked the reviews first
I googled USA Signing Agents after receiving this enticing email :..
"Loan signing statistics for July 2020
*Orders received (average per signing agent) 24
*Average fee paid (average per signing) $ 147
*Monthly payout (average per signing agent) $ 3,528"
me: zero because I signed up but did not activate my account...I think you guys saved me a little $...thx
Glad I checked the reviews first

Signed up with them for a year and received ZERO jobs from them & now they want me to renew?! :( Get Real!

paying money to them for work is ridiculous, your credentials
should be able to speak for yourself, how is paying a fee related
to getting the jobs completed makes NO SENSE...

I was lucky enough to NOT sign up however I have 3 others in our office that did. They along with Hundreds of others have been hoodwinked in to paying a fee for NO leads or signings. *** Please be warned they take our money and do NOTHING ! *** I don't even think they post your information for customers to find.

They are email bombing me over 4 different email accounts yet they have not provided even 1 signing in the year I mistakenly signed up for. Now they want me to renew? LMAO! live and learn! Never pay to play! This is a total scam and they should be shut down! Filing a complaint with the BBB and FTC

[redacted] do not sign up with them, as you can read prior reviews they promise to give you leads, that is far from the truth. I have been a notary public since 2004 and signed up with all of the agencies you can think of and nobody ever guarantees the work. We are freelancers and it is up and down. Now the price is $249, you can be a certified loan signing agent with national association of notaries who is reputable. Good luck! It forced me to put a star rating but it is a big fat zero!

I am a brand new signing agent. Have not done a single one. Do you have any advice as to where to get work?

I am requesting a refund from my credit card company for failure to supply the leads as promised. I do not like to deal with Rip Off agents. I am now part of the NAA.

Review: I have not received any services from It has not provided me with the service it stated it would or any services at all. I have sent many letters via email and internet support via their website requesting a refund. I never receive any response.Desired Settlement: I want a refund. I no-longer want to deal with this company and have no desire in using their services.

Review: I am a notary public for CA with commission number [redacted] and signed up for a listing in the notarial directory of on Oct 8, 2013 paying the full subscription price of $29.96 by credit card. On December 7, 2013 I tried to email requesting that I be directed to the link where I may manually search their directory for my name as listed. My email failed to send. I tried to email their customer support email address but the address was considered an invalid address. I tried to send a message through their "contact us" window but there was no appropriate reply from this company to the request that I sent. It is my request that the company show a notarial directory wherein my name is listed and that such notarial directory or registry is available for the public to look up in the internet whenever they have need for the services of a notary public.Desired Settlement: If my request will not be granted then my payment of $29.96 was without any consideration at all and therefore should be refunded.




Review: This company requires Notarys to register and pay a fee for providing contracted leads. NONE have been provided and now refuse to refund my fee. They falsey advertised that work was in my area and the only reason I did not get any was that I was not registered with them. They guarenteed work if you joined there registry, which I did and have received NO assignments to date. According to the website and emails I received, the web site states that if you activate you will make more money today.Desired Settlement: I no longer wish to be part of this scam, and want a full refund ASAP.

Review: I made the mistake of signing up with them on October 21, 2015. They deducted $29.96 from my account. I asked for a receipt via their "contact us" link. No response. I have since called them just about every day since then asking for a refund. No response.Desired Settlement: I would like for someone to call me with a date that I should expect the refund that I have asked about everytime I have called them which was 3-5 times a week since October 21, 2015

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