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Review: agreed to purchase some telephone equipment from me for $400. They sent me 2 UPS call tags to pick up the goods, and sent me a purchase order [#2205], with the promise to send a check to me within 30 days. They have not paid me, and the owner is never there when I call [except once, when he said he was waiting for some funding and would send the check the following week] the check never came, I have called several times and emailed several times. They never replied. I even offered to let him make payments. No reply.Then I sent an email telling him I would report him to a bunch of agencies to complain. He then replied "I was going to send one out last week but we ran out of printable checks. The new checks should be here in tomorrow or the next day. If you already sent out reports to these companies than we will not issue a check until this is resolved."Desired Settlement: I want the $400 promised [via email and purchase order] to me for the equipment I sent them. They signed for them on 6/2/15. I should have been paid by 7/2/15.

Review: Order #7537 was placed 03/11/15. Order status has been listed as processing since then. The company was contacted by e-mail 03/24/15 for a status update. I have received no reply. I contacted them by phone 040115. I was told that they would check with their technicians and return my call with an update. I have received no call. I contacted them by e-mail on 04/07/15 and 04/08/15 per their instructions to cancel my order and refund the charge to my credit card. I have had no reply from them either by phone or e mail.Desired Settlement: I would like to have the order canceled and refund applied back to my credit card. As well as e mail that this has been accomplished.

Review: **We received a PO 2**0 in amount of $1200 for 9 used phone systems and 124 phones from on October 9 2014. We shipped the equipment, which they received and never rec'd payment or returned our equipment. I have spoken to [redacted], the business owner, several times and each time he assures me he is sending a check but never does. They almost always never answer their phone.Desired Settlement: Payment for $1200 that they agreed upon with PO #2**0

Review: I work for a non-profit organization called the Associated Talmud Torahs of Chicago. agreed to reimburse us $250 (minus shipping costs) for used phones that we sent back to them. I have a confirmed Purchase Order. The phones were sent back on 1-27-14 via UPS- It cost us $74.06. Usedphones received the phones on 1-31-14 and were signed for by [redacted]. I have sent multiple emails and made multiple phone calls to I have spoken several times to Miguel who could not give me any information regarding our reimbursement check. He gave me the name and email of the supervisor who has been busy each time I called and has not responded to my emails. We are owed $175.94. I have all the documentation. We would like to get reimbursed as soon as possible.Desired Settlement: We want to receive our $175.94. That is what is owed to us.

Review: Lisle Corporation sold our used telephone system to in December of 2011. The agreed upon price was $3000. The phone system was packed up and mailed to They ackowledged receipt of the phones and paid us $1000. They stiffed us for the rest. We repeatedly contacted them and they provided excuses for non-payment and gave us promises to pay at sometime in the future. The sale terms were net 30 working days. Seller: [redacted] Corporation, [redacted] Street, P.O. Box **, Clarinda, IA 51632Desired Settlement: Payment in full of the agreed upon price for the equipment that they received and accepted.

Review: On May 14th I shipped two complete phone systems to This had been prearranged using purchase orders, one for $500.00 and one for $400.00. On June 20th I emailed the person I had been dealing with and received no reply. I tried numerous times to call but got no answer only voice mail and did not leave a message. On June 25th I called and spoke with a person, she stated they were having trouble "catching up". I said that was alright just let me know what the plan is for payment so that I can inform my director. She said she would let the person know and they would get in touch. They did not. Earlier this week (7-15-13) I called again and left a message to please call me and no one has. Today no one is answering the phone and I left no message.Desired Settlement: I need to know when we can expect payment, partial payment or any information about our purchase orders #1407 and #1445.

Review: We received a PO for a used phone system and about 50 phones from in March 2014. We shipped them the system and phones, which they received on 4/1. It's been over 3 MONTHS and they still haven't paid us or returned our equipment. I have spoken to Mike, the business owner, several times and each time he assures me he is sending a check and yet we haven't.Desired Settlement: $600 or our equipment returned to us.

Review: Used Phones send a P.O. and stated via email conversation that I was to be paid $300.00 net 30 days from time of receipt of product. This was in addition to their own statement that they would pay the cost of shipping which did not affect price paid to me. Upon okay of P.O., they sent UPS shipping label. Package was sent and received by Used Phone on September 19th, 2013. Upon completion of 30 days, I emailed and called several times with no response as to where my payment was. Only once did I receive a live person on the phone who transferred me to their accounts payable department only to have no one answer. A message was left with them and now, a month and a half later, we still have no check for equipment they have received in good working condition.Desired Settlement: I would like all merchandise I sent to be returned to me or a check for the $300.00 I was to be paid.

Review: agreed to pay $500 in exchange for a set of used phones from our school. After agreeing to the price and shipping the phones to them, and confirming receipt on their end, they failed to pay, and have continued to ignore our inquiries regarding the missing payment. On several occasions, 'Siobhan' and 'Miguel' acknowledged they had received the phones, but they were 'just waiting for the owner to sign the check'. They received the phones on 7/27/2012, and the final acknowledgement from them was on 9/20/2012. Since then they have not returned any calls or emails, nor have they paid for the items they received as per our agreement.Desired Settlement: We would like to receive the $500 payment we agreed upon.

Review: The told me they would pay me $300 for some used phones I had. So I mailed them to their location in CA but it has been months now and they still havent paid. I've called probably over 25 times and they always say,"oh we're putting your check in the mail today." Or "Sorry the company has fallen on hard times, it may just take a few more days but you should be getting your check soon."So then I asked for my phones back, but they had already sold them... How does that work?Desired Settlement: I either want my phones back or I want the $300.

Review: **I received a purchase order (#1919, dated 2/7/14) for a phone system that I sold to and sent them the system February 12, 2014. I received notice from FedEx that they received the shipment. I have called many times and no one answers and the phone will turn into a fax. On March 25, 2014, I spoke to M[redacted] and he was going to look into it and call me back. Never heard from him so I called again and when someone finally answered (I think M[redacted] again), I was put on hold for 30+ min. While I was on hold on one phone, I called again from another phone and a woman answered and put me on hold again. I then put that call on hold and called from another line and she answered again. I was furious and told her that I was currently on hold on two different phones and I was not going to hold on another line. I was calling to find out where my check is for the phone system I sent and they received February 12, 2014, PO#1919 (they owe me $250). She told me that the guy I needed to talk to was in a meeting for 10 more min and for me to hold and I said I would not hold and would just call back. So I hung all 3 lines up and called back later, several times. Then, M[redacted] answered again and put me through to a voicemail. I left a message and no one called me back. I have also sent a few emails asking for someone to call me back regarding the PO# 1919. I have since called several more times and still get nowhere. I have now searched online and found that there are numerous complaints against this company. While I wish that I would have seen these complaints prior to sending my system, I would like to know how they manage to stay in business and continue to have a website and continue to STEAL products from people! I hope that there is something that can be done to these people so that they can't continue to steal from people and commit fraud. I have also filed a complaint with the CA Attorney General. I have actually lost money since I paid to ship the phone system to them.Desired Settlement: I would like my payment for $250 that they agreed upon with PO #1919, plus $25 for shipping!

Review: In May of 2013, I contacted to sell some office phones for my boss. I spoke to Miguel who issued me a P.O. on May 8, 2013 in the amount of $350.00. I boxed up the phones and shipped them. A month later, I called to check the status of payment and got a story. Since that time, I have made no less that 30 phone calls and have even spoken to Mike Smith, the president of the company and have not received payment yet. Now when I call, the phone rings and then a fax machine picks up. I am at the end of my rope and don't know what else to do to try and get this paid.Desired Settlement: Payment in the amount of $350.00 for P.O. 1578Check made payable to:NAI Mertz Corporation21 Roland AveMount Laurel, NJ 08054

Review: is a company that buys and sells used phone equipment. In March, 2012, I sold them a phone system and several handsets. They were supposed to send a check for $1,000 on delivery of the equipment. They did not. It took almost six months for them to send a check for $500. They still owe $500. Nobody returns phone calls or email messages. (Purchase order number 742)Desired Settlement: send the $500 that is owed.

Review: We sent them phones and were to receive payment and reimbursement for shipping costs amounting to $310.00. We call them every other week and there is always a different excuse as to why we have not yet been paid. We have waited for nearly 4 months.Desired Settlement: $310.00

Review: I sold my used phone system to on April 25, 2013. They received the phone system from UPS on May 13th. I called May 15th to check when I would recieve my payment. I was told the payment was being processed. I called June 18th and was told the company was "having problems". I asked that my payment be sent or return the phone system to me.Desired Settlement: Have the company send my $100.00 payment.

Review: Sold them a used phone system back in Feb 2013 and still waiting for payment. Right on our purchase order saying payment will be mailed out within 30 days (not true) Every time I call them they give me a different story why it has not gone out. The last time I called I got someone saying that we may never get payment as they maybe closing there door up..Desired Settlement: Wanting my payment.. plan and simple..

Review: We sold our old phones to this company and received a purchase order valued at $400.00. This was Dec. 18, 2013. After numerous phone calls to collect our money, we are told to call back when the owner was there, etc. That does not work, as they will never let me talk to him. I demanded my phones back but they were already sold. I have also read numerous complaints of the exact scam on the website. How do they keep getting away with this without justice?Desired Settlement: Send us the $400.00 that was promised.

Review: [redacted] of issued purchase order #1645 to my company in the amount of $800.00 for various AT&T, Nortel and Cisco telephony equipment. All products on the PO were shipped via FedEx on 6/14/13 and I have verified with both FedEx and [redacted] that all of the equipment was received by on 6/28/13. They were to pay for the equipment net 30, which was due on 7/27/13. Since that time I have made repeated calls to and spoken to both [redacted] and Jessica, who is the accounts payable person. In all cases they have acknowledged the PO amount, that they have received the equipment in good order and owe the $800.00. In all cases they allege they will speak with Mike, the owner, who is always "out" at the moment. On 8/29/13 to recover my shipping costs I offered to accept payment of $400.00 as payment in full if I was paid immediately, even by credit card. Jessica was to check with Mike and call me back, which she never did. If others who have had problems with read this please contact me at [email protected] to discuss pooling our resources to take legal action against them.Desired Settlement: I need to be paid in full immediately or must ship the all of equipment back to me at their expense.

Review: In May of 2013, I sent 16 phones to to be checked for repair or purchase. They were going to charge too much for repair so I opted to let them pay me for the phones instead. On 5/14/13 I received an email stating that they would buy them from me for $150. I have called and emailed and they still, as of this date have not sent the $150 to my company. If I call, they hang up, if I email they do not respond. Please help.Desired Settlement: I would like the $150 check issued to my company for payment of the 16 phones they took from us.

Review: I sold this company equipment and have not received payment with terms of Net has been 100 days and still no payment. I have called and called and called with NO results Mike Schmit ####-###-#### is the owner and he has stolen my equipment apparently with NO attention of paying for it. his company is /AKA Sundance Communications located in Simi Valley CA.Desired Settlement: I want payment for my equipment that I sold him, he sold the equipment and did not pay my company for it total cost is $300.00

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