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USHEALTH Advisors, L.L.C.

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I freaking LOVE this company! My wife was in a car accident a few months ago and was in critical condition. She is thankfully OK now, but I was able to TEXT my agent and she took care of EVERYTHING for us. Our max out of pocket is $3,000. You read that right! Not our deductible, our max out of pocket. A god send!

With having US Health it is so nice to be able to call a doctor whenever I want to and get assistance. I have used MD Live twice and both times it saved me from going to the doctors and a prescription was sent in immediately. It made it where I didn't have to take time off work and I could start my prescription quicker and get me healthier quicker.

Best Career Decision I Could Have Made. I use to travel over 6 months out of the year. Now, I get to stay in the same city as my family and make double the money in just 2 years. This is just the beginning. The work environment is amazing. I have never seen a place where everyone wants to help each other. Most companies talk about it, but here it is real. I had the best trainers and it has Changed MY Life!
It is a great career, but without a doubt, you get out what you put in. If you are self motivated and a hard worker you can help a lot of people with these products and make a lot of money doing it.

This company is life changing, not only for the agents that work within it but also for the clients that get covered. As an agent I enjoy a generous, family-friendly, supportive, and lucrative environment and get to offer products that give my clients choice of any hospital or doctor when they need options the most.

It’s rewarding to help people get in a better position regarding their health coverage, knowing that if anything catrostopic or significant happened to them going forward they have access to the doctor, facility, or hospital of their preference.

Clients that have that kind of access to treatment saves lives and gives them HOPE when they need it the most.

Choosing USHealth Advisors as my career has been the most rewarding decision I’ve ever made. Doing the right thing and helping others for a living doesn’t feel like a job, it feels more like a calling.

Being able to wake up every day and do something I absolutely love has enhanced every aspect of my life.

I could go on forever talking about the things I love about USHealth Advisors, the team I work with, the clients we serve, and the products we offer.

If you want to change your life, create a new story, or build a different legacy; helping other people every day here at USHealth Advisors is where that’s all possible.

USHA is an Extraordinary company to work with! I have been with this company since 2009 and it has changed my life. The support, guidance and mission of HOPE is contagious. My family and I are also a policy holders. While I have never used the coverage myself, my husband broke his arm, and had surgery and two sets of cast. My bill was $22,000 and our total out of pocket was only $500.


Nothing beats the customer service I received at USHA! They helped save me hundreds without losing out on coverage!


USHEALTH Advisors helped me find a health insurance plan, at an afforadable price! I have this policy for my family and we love it. The best part is I kept my doctors! I can call or video chat with a doctor 24/7 through what they MD Live and I've used it to avoid waiting in long sick lines at the doctors office. I would recommend this company and their products to everyone!


Review: Obviously you people don't even have the right nature of the complaint listed so I'll just go ahead. This company is nothing but a scam. They call people trying to prey on them when they are looking for a job. They send unwarranted emails and call you trying to get you set up for an "interview." Their so called recruitment practices are pretty unethical. I have seen hundreds of people that have had issues with this company with the same problems. I don't know how you can even accredit them. If these are the companies you accredit, then you have no right nor excuse to accredit legitimate companies. It just makes you look completely unprofessional. This is nothing but a scam and you need to see that. I will be reporting them federally for scamming and fraud, and I have no problem taking action against you for misleading people about this company telling them its an "A+" company.Desired Settlement: You need to remove them from accreditation and they need to shut down their bogus operation. Do NOT contact me regarding this or I WILL take action against you.


received from Mr. [redacted]. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to respond tothis matter.Our Company is committed to providing our very best to those we encounter and dobusiness . .. . We take any unfavorable . feedback regarding our-. .Company. seriously, . and.consider these situations as opportunity to better our processes and improve our consumerinteraction. In reviewing Mr. [redacted]'s statement provided by your office, it is unclear to usthe exact issue(s) he has with our Company representative and/or recruitment process. Weregret that Mr. [redacted]'s experience with our Company was unfavorable, and would like thechance to address his actual concerns. In order for us to adequately address his concernswe will need details as to what transpired between the Company and himself. If Mr. [redacted]can provide additional information including the telephone number he was contacted from,name of the person he spoke with, date and time of the call(s), content of the call and anyother pertinent information we will be happy to research further.We again thank you for the opportunity to address this matter and should you have anyquestions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact me at [redacted]

This is the best company ever!!!! When my mother was diagnosed with cancer our agent was there every step of the way. We received a lump sum from the catastrophic part of the plan that helped with so many of her bills. Because it is a PPO network she was able to go to the best hospital and see best physicians in US. Our rates has not changed since we signed up for the plan almost 2.5 years ago. Thank you USHA

Review: Received an email and phone call from a sales person from this company. No idea how she obtained all of my private information.

Date: 2/9/15

Problem: Received an email from Doreen at US Health Advisors, I thought it was spam and I deleted it because I was not seeking health insurance through US Health Advisors.

I later that day received a phone call by a woman named Doreen asking to come to my home to walk through health insurance products. I asked her how she obtained my contact information, she said through her company Healthcare/US Health Advisors. I asked how they obtained this information, she said through when I entered my information. I never went to the website to enter this information and therefore have no idea how she obtained my name, address, email, phone number, height and weight information. The phone call was disturbing because she wanted to visit my home and knew where I lived without providing this information to her or even my consent.

I asked her if the company was private or public. She mentioned it was a private company. I asked if it was authorized to obtain this information, she could not give me a clear answer.Desired Settlement: I am requesting the company permanently delete all of my contact and private information from their databases immediately and to never contact me again.


This is in response to an inquiry filed with your Office by [redacted]. We appreciate thisopportunity to address this matter.Our records indicate that USHealth Advisors contacted Ms. [redacted] on February 9, 2015, as a result ofleads purchased by a lead source, USHealth Advisors (USHA) is a sister company toFreedom Life Insurance Company and markets products offered by Freedom Life Insurance Companyof America.USHA purchases prospective leads through USHA provides with thezip codes that they plan to market in and NetQuotes provides a listing of individuals that have inquiredthrough a lead source, information on insurance quotes or possibly another subject. The list of leadsthat is provided to USHA from is distributed to the USHA field agents to contactprospective clients. The information that is included from is the individual's name,address, email, phone number, height and weight. Once the lead has been contacted, the prospectiveclient does have the option to request to be taken off the call list.Upon receipt of this inquiry, we contacted USHA and requested that Ms. [redacted] be removed from theircall lists. Ms. [redacted] should not receive any future phone communication from USHA. Based on this,we feel that no further action is necessary by the Company.

I was contacted by a representative of this company via text message regarding a recent inquiry I had made online about coverage for myself and my son. I did not make any inquiries with this company directly. I informed the man that I had researched his company and was simply not interested. I received a condescending response which made numerous assumptions in regard to both my education and my intelligence. I advised him that his assumptions instilled no additional confidence in his company and wished him good day. He responded with, "There are no assumptions about accuracy."! I then asked him to remove my name and number from both his calling list and his cell phone. His response was, "According to my research I already have."

unfortunately when you go online and request information about anything, insurance, loans, ANYTHING, you get put into a database and your information gets sold to a TON of different companies. So even though you didn't inquire directly with the company, you made in inquiry somewhere and a your info went out everywhere. I hate you had a bad experience with this agent though. My agent is freaking FANTASTIC!

After logging onto the government healthcare site in July to check out the landscape, I was immediately barraged with calls from unsolicited insurance salespeople. The majority of agents were extremely rude and obnoxious when I said I wasn't interested in information yet. Today I contacted [redacted] from USHealth Group because the market is now open and she continually followed up with me via email. I gave her credit for following up without being offensive. It turns out I was wrong. She was impatient, offensive, and unprofessional. She acted like she was doing me the biggest favor quoting out a product that is still underwritten and I'd be an it not to sign up immediately. Like any educated consumer, I was not ready to start an application just because the salesperson was selling a product that "only an it would pass up" so I asked some typical questions. When she realized I wasn't such an easy sell, she acted like I was wasting her time and accused me of being confrontational when all she was trying to do was help. Then she hung up on me.

If anyone can explain how asking an agent to provide an individual and a family quote in an email is confrontational, please do so. I noticed that her impatience really increased after I asked her what the deductible would be if I had to convert from the medium plan to the no max plan with a $3,000 deductible. "I can't do that. I don't have that information yet."

This plan and this company may REALLY have a wonderful product. If this is the case, the agent's behavior did little to offer credibility. BUYER BEWARE.


Great company! My agent always answers her phone and assists me with finding doctors, handling claims, and even answers simple questions that come up for me along the way. The coverage is GREAT! I had gym related injury and only had to pay a $250 copay. The rest was sent to me for the bills through an accident policy that came attached to the plan my agent designed for me. Everything works the way she said it would and the fact that I have someone there to answer the phone when I need her is the best part.


you should give them a 5 star then and not a one star! :)

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