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9111 Cypress Waters Blvd STE 300, Coppell, Texas, United States, 75019-4858

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• Sep 18, 2023

Account wrongfully deactivated
I changed the email-address on my Uworld account recently. I got a confirmation email on my prior email address before changing it, and I responded to that email. However, suddenly Uworld has deactivated my account for privacy reasons. I am days out from my exams and I can not waste time on this. I have used Uworld for all my exams but this time it has disappointed me and if this is how they waste our money, I would never recommend it to anyone now. There is always a risk that they can wrongfully deactivate your account, so guys please don't waste your money. You can get better Qbanks who are willing to understand your problem and not waste your precious study days. This is not just me, I am reading about multiple users this has happened to.

If updating email addresses to current ones would lead to this, Uworld should not provide an option for changing email addresses. Allowing to change email address, asking us to keep information current and up to date, and then confirming the email change from my prior address, and STILL deactivating my account is EXTREMELY disappointing.
Account wrongfully deactivated

• Sep 19, 2023

Same problem bro. The thing is u can change the email address and profile before activating the uworld , coz someone have gifted or bought u. I changed my profile including email before activating, coz my frnd bought me the uworld. But aftr some months I changed the email and profile recently and got deactivated. No reply from their mail. Quiet not good.

• Aug 15, 2023

Uworld account deactivated
My uworld account has be deactivated without any warning. I had changed the email and password. As per the terms and conditions it’s not allowed to change the email which I didn’t know before. If we cannot change the mail then why there is an option to change the email, I didn’t understand completely. They even mailed me to confirm the email and password. Later on they deactivated the account. Will my account be activated, please help me to get reach to solution. Thank you.
Uworld account deactivated

• Jul 03, 2023

U world account deactivated
My u world account was deactivated without even a warning saying that I am sharing the account.
I have a work laptop, and personal laptop and was using it on both the devices.
I have been reaching out to them since yesterday, and no response and with exam less than 6vweeks away each day is critical.
I am totally perplexed and annoyed with the casual cruelty of this company.
No phone number and no one responds to emails.

• Nov 03, 2022

My ck uworld account deactivation for no valid reason
I ahd my ck uworld account that I bought on 21st Oct,22 and since then I started studying. Obviously I can open my account in my phone, in my laptop, in ipad or even in library computers as per my convenience. But uworld deactivated my account on multiple logins and emailed me that I logged in multiple times through various devices and they deactivated my account. As I assured them on email there is no response by uworld team since then. They are not even responding me on email and I have wasted my important prep days because of this and so a big amount of money. I dont know if uworld team is gonna see this post or reply me. But my money and time both are being wasted and I am really sad about the fact that uworld won't even reply me on email. Please I want my account back this all is wasting my crucial time.
My ck uworld account deactivation for no valid reason

• Jan 06, 2023

Did you get your account back?

Deactivated account without explanation, emails ignored
I tried logging into my account and found that it was deactivated from an internal audit and an email explaining as to why it was deactivated was sent. I never received any email or explanation. When I sent them an email using the same email for my account, I never received a response. The next day I tried again and sent an email, but was still ignored. I used another email to see if they would respond with me saying “Hello, I have been locked out of my account”. Of course, I left out my associated email to see if I would get a response, which I did and was asked for the details of my account information.

I sent them my associated email and asked why I was being ignored. And wouldn’t you know it, no response.

I am not sure why my account has been deactivated, let alone without any explanation. I’ve only had it for two weeks and I keep getting ignored. They stole my money

If any support member is reading this, I would deeply appreciate your assistance in resolving this matter.
Deactivated account without explanation, emails ignored

• Jan 06, 2023

did u get your account back?

Poor customer service
I had a step 3 bundled subscription from U world with unused self assessments from 2020. I now want to purchase their question bank but the only option I have is to buy the bundled subscription and offered a 20$ refund for my unused self assessments while the actual assessments cost is 70$. Their response to my request has been shocking to see how they have changed over time.. May be this will set up some competition from those who care about their customers
Poor customer service

A lot of students this year had test dates cancelled as a result of COVID-19. My subscription was already paid for through the general extension that they gave and I reached out to customer care to see if there was anything else they could do to accommodate me since I did not benefit from that extension. UWorld's Customer Care Team is EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL. They refused to help me despite the fact that I knew other students at my school that had gotten some type of discount as a result of COVID. There was even one point when they told me they would extend my subscription and then went back on their word the next day when I asked when it would be reflected on my account. I am unsure if I spoke to multiple different representatives but I was so frustrated I asked to speak to a manager or higher up twice and was IGNORED both times. UWorld has not had much other competition at least for medical testing but at this rate as AMBOSS continues to rise there are more options for students. If they continue to act as if they can disrespect their customers and charge through the roof for their services they should expect more students to leave. Their customer care team is just completely unacceptable.

UWorld Response • Aug 05, 2020

We're disappointed to hear of this customer's encounter as we strive to provide a positive experience to all of our customers from product usage to support. We sympathize with the customer as the pandemic caused by COVID-19 was a significant disruption to our business as well as to exams. Just as exams were canceled or postponed, we were forced to immediately adapt to doing business differently and handling support for tens of thousands of affected customers. We granted multiple blanket extensions to active customers to ensure ongoing access during the height of the pandemic. With testing centers beginning to reopen, we're trying to resume normal business practices, though this situation is unprecedented and unpredictable. As it relates to this individual, we reached out on 8/5/20, apologizing for what happened, and extended a month of complimentary access.

Uworld failed to adhere to a guarantee that they made in writing.
I requested Uworld to "pause" my 1-year subscription to their USMLE Step 2 CK Test Preparation Question Bank. At the time (May 1, 2020) I had 34 days remaining on the subscription. My subscription was originally set to expire on June 4, 2020. Uworld agreed to pause my Question Bank for up to 180 days. When I choose to resume my subscription, I would have 34 days of access remaining.

Uworld specifically promised me in writing that "Should we issue a courtesy extension that applies to your Qbank while it is paused, we'll be sure to add those days to your subscription as well." During the time while my subscription was on pause, Uworld issued a courtesy extension up to June 30, 2020 for all subscriptions that were set to expire in the month of June. Since my original subscription was set to expire on June 4, 2020, I should have received an additional 26 days of access while my account was paused.

When I requested Uworld to reactivate my subscription on June 19, 2020, they refused to honor their written guarantee and add 26 days of access to my subscription.

The specific customer service ticket number regarding this issue is XXXXXXX.

Desired Outcome

I want Uworld to honor their written guarantee and issue an additional 26 days of access to my USMLE Step 2 CK Question Bank subscription.

Customer Response • Jun 21, 2020

uWorld has since agreed to honor the extension. The conflict has been resolved.

My question bank expires on June 30th despite the fact that others have had theirs extended into August when they take their delayed Step1 exam.
I have contacted UWORLD several times to have my question bank for Step 1, a high stakes medical licensing exam, extended to August 7th, due to my exam being delayed from May 28th to August 7th due to the COVID-19 pandemic. UWORLD has afforded other medical students at my institution Albert Einstein College of Medicine an extension and have thus far only told me that they can suspend my account until closer to my test date. I believe that UWORLD is using the pandemic to generate extra income from students whose schools have delayed the dedicated study period to take Step 1 and that given the fact that I already spent several hundred dollars on a package UWORLD must extend my package to cover my test date free of charge. This has been a stressful time and UWORLD has refused to reply to my most recent emails, forcing me to turn to the for help.

Desired Outcome

I simply want UWORLD to extend my package, which is set to expire on June 30th, to my test date, August 7th. UWORLD has already extended the packages of other year 2 medical students at my school Albert Einstein College of Medicine by as much as 3 months. To deny me this as well is unethical.

Customer Response • Jun 12, 2020

UWORLD has extended my package to the 31st of Jully, 2020. I must thank the for helping me resolve this conflict and reach a resolution.

On May 12th 2020 I purchased the on line study course from Uworld nursing. I paid $200,00 dollars for the course and still cannot log in.
The start date of my problem began the second day after my purchase I was only able to study for one day. I paid $200.00 on the 12th of may with my debit card attached to account #XXXXXXXXXXXXXX central coast federal credit union. I finally received a call from some one after very frustrating numerous attempts they allowed me to change my password three times and three times it continued to tell me that username and password did not match. I even called Doctor Chandra ***, the CEO of the company on his cell # given to me secretly after hearing my story and shared with him my problem and had every confidence that he would be concerned his business was heading down an unethical road but have not received any contact. I would appreciate any assistance you might offer me in retrieving my hard earned money. Thank You for your time

Desired Outcome

I would be pleased if i could take the course if they will guarantee that it work and that i am reimbursed for the days that i have missed or complete return of my $200.00 dollars

UWorld Response • Jul 08, 2020

Customer contacted us on May 14th with login issues, in which our team promptly responded and fixed the issue. However, the customer kept running into the same login matter. Despite our efforts to resolve the issue, it occurred a few more times. On June 3rd, the customer was given a full refund as well as retaining full access to the product she purchased.

I had the same experience as the other customer reviewer (who commented in March of this year). I had subscribed to Uworld (the Qbank only) in 2016 when my classmates were not 'ready' to make the investment (I suppose). I renewed my subscription in 2017. Again, most of my classmates must not have been ready to make that investment. By the end of 2nd year, when we were getting ready to study for Step 1, my classmates started to purchase subscriptions and they got 2 self-assessments with their subscriptions, AND they paid less for their subscriptions.

I also felt as though I was being penalized for being a good, PAYING, customer for 2 years. Of course companies can do what they want with pricing and offerings, and we can choose to purchase those offerings or not, but the sheer arrogance and disrespect with which I was treated by the Uworld customer service team was disheartening. It left me with a bad feeling and a desire to tell everyone I knew about their refusal to even be polite about this; or to even consider that what they were doing was dodgy (at best).

Clearly they don't care about their customers, and I hope that I'm aware when they find out that a little bit of goodwill goes a long way in business. No one is at the top forever; just because they are right now doesn't mean they always will be.

I bought Uworld back in 2016 due to it being the usual go to company for questions. Yesterday, I noticed that other people with the same year bundle I purchased had a second self assessment. I inquired about it due to people who are purchasing the year bundle later than me have an extra product for the same price. I was told I could purchase it for 40 which is the same for anyone. Essentially, I am being penalized for purchasing it early. While some would argue companies have the right to change things, the exact same company updates questions and its products regularly. Yet, I am expected to pay more for what other people are getting for a lesser price without a discount. I wouldn't be upset if it was at least discounted considering I have been a loyal customer and I choose to do business with this company earlier than my colleagues.

UWorld Response • Mar 22, 2018

UWorld, LLC has been proudly offering exceptional course material for individuals who are studying for various certification exams since 2003.

The concern here is in regards to a purchase made in Nov 2016 where we offered a specific group of products (bundle). That bundle was discontinued in Jan 2018. We introduced a new bundle in early Jan 2018 (a different price). The new bundle included a different product that was newly introduced in 2018. We retroactively upgraded everyone to the new bundle who purchased the older bundle in Dec 2017.

We update content within a purchased products based on changes in testing guidelines and extend it to all individuals with an active subscription for said product (regardless of when it was purchased). This ensures that everyone has access to the latest content without the need to repurchase the same product.

We had a direct contact with this individual and explained that it was not feasible to make retroactive adjustment to an discontinued bundle (where the new product was not available or offered) and offered suggestion on how they can acquire the new product independently.

We greatly appreciate the opportunity to clarify relevant details regarding this review.

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