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V-1 Propane

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Review: Prior to April 1,2014, I spoke to [redacted] at V-1 propane and he told me V-1 Propane would refund to me any remaining propane left in the tank when I moved out of the property. On April 8, 2014, I moved out. Called V-1 to check propane level in the tank at that time. (The owner of the property wanted the propane tank removed at the same time). On the day I left, the gas level was 20%, of a 250gal. tank. On that date, cost of propane was $2.89/gal. The refund due me on that day was $144.50. I have never received a refund. I have driven by the property almost weekly since I moved out. The tank is still there, and the propane levels continue to drop. I have spoken to [redacted] weekly, and he always tells me he will send the check.Desired Settlement: Refund check in the amount of $144.50.



Dear [redacted],

[redacted]’s account is being final billed. We will credit her the 20 percent that she has in her tank minus the pump out fee of .35 per gallon. A check will be mailed from our corporate office once the tank has been picked up. Our service technician is out on vacation but will be back the first week of August. I will make this one of his top priorities

Thank you,

District Manager

Ashland, Mt-District 6944

Billings, Mt -District 5139

Red Lodge, Mt- District 6932


Amerigas Driving Everyday



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received, your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved],

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]


When I moved out the trailer in early April, the agreement with V-1 Propane was to mail me a check for remaining propane in the tank. The property owner wanted the tank removed, as he said he " had his own tank." I should not have to wait until the tank is filled because it may never be filled. I would like this problem solved ASAP.

Thank you,

Review: I and others appear to be paying different prices for fuel. I have three tanks on my property. One for my mother, one for my son, and one for myself. They are each billed to the separate households under their names. The truck backs to my tank, and fills it first. Then the truck never moves, or shuts down. The driver just moves the hose to each of the other tanks, and fills them. All three tanks are filled from one stop, from the same truck, by the same driver, in just a few minutes. The problem is that we are all billed a different amount per gallon. My son was billed $2.359 per gallon, my mother was billed $2.549 per gallon, and I was billed $3.549 per gallon. For me that was a dollar more per gallon. This is not a late fee. They already charge for a late fee on their statement. I have spoke to neighbors here who have gotten fuel delivered on the same day. I learned that all of them had been charged different prices per gallon, Some of them more than mine, but some of them much less. There is no Rhyme, or reason. I have sent letters to each of their offices about two weeks ago, but have heard no response from them. However they are calling my family members, and neighbors to question them. I understand when there is a fuel shortage prices go up. But a variation from customer to customer on the same day, from the same truck? This surely seems like gouging! My son, and I each had 200 gallons delivered. He was charged $471.80. I was charged $709.80. The company also has the habit of holding their payments received until the end of the month before they post them on the books. This way they are able to charge a late fee. Thank you for taking the time to review this.Desired Settlement: I feel that I should not be required to pay more for my fuel than anyone else. I would like for my bill to be refigured, and reflect a fair amount to be paid. I have always paid my bill. Why am I, and others being gouged? This seems like a very unethical, and immoral practice by a business.

Review: see Attached documentDesired Settlement: see Attached document



Please see attached.

Review: I ordered 100 gallons of propane they came up and filled my tank in the amount of 339.9 gallons I called the office she stated she did not know why he did this she was going to talk to the manager and get back to me she never did. I call 4 times all I was told I would have to pay it. Amerigas bought out V-1 and now they are taking advantage of all of us in rural areas. The first time they did this to me was the time before I ordered 200 gallons and they filled my tank with 244 gallons. I am on a budget trying to live on my wages only high propane bills I cant afford the bill was in the amout of $1,182.73Desired Settlement: I would like them to know that this is not proper and they need to make be aware they are being turned in. There is alot more people they are doing this to. I think the next step is going to the news media.

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Description: GAS-PROPANE

Address: 1103 W Yellowstone Hwy, Douglas, Wyoming, United States, 82633


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