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We bought our 428xi coupe in the begining of July 2018, while we were on vacationThey sold the car to us as is, when it was delivered to us a month later (late)The wheel rims had been powder-coated painted blackWe hated itThey did NOT in anyway have our permission to do thisThey promised they would send new rims for weeksWeeks later they ( Jay M [redacted] , and Steve the salesman ) stated they would not be sending us the wheelsWe were told to power wash themNo we are not jokingThere were multiple other problems as wellKuni also buffed off the clear coat on the passenger side of the car they promised this was minor and they would fix this before shipment, a dent in the roofWe were roof that protective covering would be applied to the car, no such luckWe trusted them from their statusIt was a mistakeWe also do have a complete video of the car when we purchased itAs well as a video of it coming off the truck

Very disappointed in their service in general I went into fix a water leak in a 4-month old BMW vehicleIt took them a week to fix my carOnce I returned to pick up the car, the dealership reported that they lost my key and had to wait another week

Very disappointed in their service in general
I went into fix a water leak in a 4-month old BMW vehicleIt took them a week to fix my carOnce I returned to pick up the car, the dealership reported that they lost my key and had to wait another week

Purchased a pre owned certified BMW Xin Sept When my wife and I specifically asked about the warranty being valid in *** ( which is where we now live and work) the salesman ** *** *** told us that yes it was in effect worldwide where ever there is a BMW dealership / garageWe have had a few mechanical issues since with the car and had required repairs done at Kolon Motors BMW in *** *** and at Handok Motors BMW in *** ***WE have found out that our warranty is NOT in effect internationallyWE have had to pay aprox $out of pocket for a waterpump replacement as well as aprox $for towing and BMW roadside serviceAll which is suppose to be covered by our extended warrantyNone of this is covered outside of the USA as we were told it would beWE would NOT have bought the car at that time if we had known the warranty would be worthlessI have sent an email complaint to the general manager,,sales manager,and ** ***As well as have left numerous p

I have been treated horribly by this dealershipFrom The Finance person using profanities with me, to service not addressing issues but I have requested be fixed, to the sales person promising me this car was like brand new and in good working order come to find out the car needs lots of workI have owned this vehicle for less than days it was sold to me with aftermarket parts the salesman said nothing was aftermarket

I have to say I had the worst experience at BMW Kuni Service departmentLast month I had my car at there service department to get my oil change done and they discovered oil leak, in stead to help me out with that repair, they told me because my factory warranty expired couple month ago that I had to contact BMW USA to ask if they would cover the repairI didn't had time to do that so I decided to get it done at a different dealer, because they didn't seem to care anywaysso I got a survey to fill out and after I shared my frustration I got a phone call from Audrey the service writer telling me that the will fix the oil leak (which I fixed) and the water leak on my carshe asked to bring in the next day, which I didshe called me couple hours later telling that my Vapor barriers are leaking and that my car was in the accident and there has been body work on my car and that they will not cover it I was shocked and was speechlessI checked my documents and Carfax and called her

Good morning, My current mileage on my 2008, BMW 328i is I am writing to you all in regards to the most recent incident I had with KUNI BMW, SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton, OR On 07/30/I brought my vehicle in for a routine oil changeAt the time of checking out, Dave F* advised me that everything with my vehicle was good, no issues besides needing my oil pan resealed, which I was already aware ofApproximately, hour into driving my vehicle, the Check Engine light came on and went off, and came back onI contacted Dave F* by phone to advise him off this issue, and he advised me to check my gas cap, as it may not be screwed on tight enough and it may have set off a sensor, and to wait a few days to see if it goes offI followed these instructions, and the light remained onDave then suggested I bring my vehicle in so that my vehicle can be checkedI brought my vehicle in the following weekendAfter having my vehicle for approximately week, I was inf

I had gotten $worth of service done here at BMW last week (replaced sensor in the engine and replaced pump)I was in a different state, so my car sat at the dealership for a week and a halfWhen I picked up the car, the service representative told me that it wasn’t exactly at the dealership parking lot
Once the car was ready for pick up, I noticed that my cup holder was brokenI let my service rep Kory know right away, and he told me that I could come back another time in order for them to fix this problemI came home and further diagnosed the carThere were damages done to the passenger side mirror and the passenger side door
I met with Jeff, the service managerHe told me that, none of this was responsible by KuniI told him that the scratches on the car are fine and we can leave itBut I had asked him to explain how my cupholder was just all of sudden brokenHe then proceeded to say that because the car is "old" they tend to breakThis was very rude
He tol

We bought our 428xi coupe in the begining of July 2018, while we were on vacationThey sold the car to us as is, when it was delivered to us a month later (late)The wheel rims had been powder-coated painted blackWe hated itThey did NOT in anyway have our permission to do thisThey promised they would send new rims for weeksWeeks later they ( Jay M***, and Steve the salesman ) stated they would not be sending us the wheelsWe were told to power wash themNo we are not jokingThere were multiple other problems as wellKuni also buffed off the clear coat on the passenger side of the car they promised this was minor and they would fix this before shipment, a dent in the roofWe were roof that protective covering would be applied to the car, no such luckWe trusted them from their statusIt was a mistakeWe also do have a complete video of the car when we purchased itAs well as a video of it coming off the truck

I purchased a BMW 528i in September, It had miles on it and it had been a dealer loaner carI recently found out that the year warranty had expired because the dealer took possession of the car in November, When I bought the car, I was not given any information about when the warranty would expire other than that it was years or 50,milesWhen I bought it, the salesman said the car has a lifetime drivetrain warranty, but now I can't see that in the paperwork I was givenI was supposed to get years of roadside assistance service but now the roadside assistance service tells me that my car does not have the "certified pre-owned" designation so I no longer have the roadside assistance serviceI talked with the dealer twice and met with them in person onceThey told me that at the time I purchased the car, they did not have a "certified pre-owned" designation for dealer loaner cars but they do nowI asked them to submit the "certified pre-owned" designa

Bought a 335i from kuni bmw months ago was told car was stock form and had not been altered, was told car was bmw certified, signed papers and was told car fax was cleanPaid full price for certified leve bmw a day later was told car is not certified, Carfax was not clean, they sold me a car without a catalytic converter and without oem parts to the engine bay and exhaust and suspension, was told car was under full manufacturing warranty and it’s not since the car has been altered and sold to me as a stock car, I have it in emails and texts saying car is stock also my cars ecu has been altered and reprogrammed from previous owner and was told my ecu was stock, I paid 31k for my car and months later bmw of Portland and numerous other compaiyrold me my car was worth 16kThe dealer tried to blame me for putting on the aftermarket parts once I advised I had done no such thing they contacted the previous owner which admitted to altering the car they put a catalytic convert

Review: On April 1st, 2014, I sold my 2009 BMW 550i to Kuni Auto Center in Beaverton, OR. Since I reside in Seattle, WA, they provided me with a rental car to drive back to Seattle, WA.

Before I left Kuni Auto Center, I made sure that the rental car is in good condition (no physical damage) and also noticed that the gas level was at 50% mark. [redacted] from Kuni Auto Center also mentioned that I do not need to pay for the gas. The exact word that she used was that I do not need to worry about the gas and that she would pick up the gas charges.

A couple days later, I noticed that [redacted] charged me $157.69 for the rental car. I immediately contacted [redacted] and [redacted] and [redacted] agreed that I should not be billed for it. On 5/12 (about 6 weeks after I sold the car to Kuni), I received a refund in the amount of $85, which is $72.69 less than what I was charged for. I was told by [redacted] and [redacted] that I should be expecting another refund in the amount of $20.99, and the remaining amount ($51.70) was gas charges.

I contacted [redacted] again, and this time she insisted that it is my responsibility to pay for the gas charges. She also insisted that the car came with a full tank of gas. Please note that in the rental car agreement that [redacted] prepared, she did not mark the gas level at the time of the pick-up which leads me to believe that I do not need to fill up the gas back to its original level.

Desired Settlement: I would like Kuni Auto Center to cover the gas charges in the amount of $51.70 and also expedite the process of the $20.99 refund.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/05/20) */

Dear [redacted], I apologize for the confusion on your rental charges. I have requested a check from our office to be sent to you in the amount of $72.69 to cover the balance of rental and gas charges. Please let me know if I can be of help in any other way. My cell phone is (XXX) XXX-XXXX. My e-mail is [redacted] Sincerely, [redacted] Operations Manager, Kuni Auto Center

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2014/05/23) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

Review: I went to KUNI to pick up my car after mechanical services. While waiting I walked around the lot looking at used cars. A salesman [redacted] came out and showed me "1" car a Lexus. I told him I had went online to Autotrader and had been contacted by KUNI to bring my car in for apprasial so since I am here I wanted the apprasial done. He then said lets go inside and start paperwork to get that done. After I filled out the paperwork since it contained financial questions I told him at that time I am not looking to buy a car today my brother is in the hospital and when he wakes from Anesthesia I will need to go pick him up. I am not in a position to buy today. [redacted] took my paperwork and I never saw him again. My car was done in the service department I paid I left because the hospital called as well. Mind you I never sat in a car test drove a car or selected a car. I actually never even saw all of the inventory I didn even make it half way through the lot before he stopped me and told me to come in for the "APPRAISAL" paperwork. [redacted] called me later offered $1500 for my car I told him I would take no less than $5500 in the mean time I get an email alert that my credit had been ran. FOR WHAT!!! I wasn buying a car and we were not even close to being to the point to request a credit score. Like I mentioned I never test drove, or sat in a vehicle. I then spoke to [redacted] and was advised this hard hit on my credit report could not be reversed my credit score dropped 9 points because of this. He offered $4500 for my vehicle and I felt as though I had no other choice but to buy from them since they ran my report and I didnt want another lender to hit my report further reducing my score. I set an appointment to go in and once I thought about the bad business they had already conducted I elected not to go. I will not do business with a company that does not keep the customer informed on processes, and has them fill out credit applications under false pretenses such as " apprasial"- Why fill out a credit application when you have no reason to? I had no reason to believe my credit was going to be ran there was no reason to I had not selected ANYTHING. He had no reason to run my credit NONE!!!Desired Settlement: I want the hard hit causing my credit score to drop 9 points to be reversed with the credit bureau. I believe there is something they can do to reverse it but they are trying to railroad me into feeling obligated to do business with them because like I mentioned in the complaint I dont want another lender to hit my credit causing it to drop another 9 points. [redacted] also told me that it was just an "inquiry" no it wasnt it was a hard hit on my report I cannot deal with dishonest companies.



[redacted] came into the store while her car was in our service department. [redacted] found her roaming the lot looking at vehicles. She went for a test drive in the Lexus. Once we found out she wanted to know about values of her trade and possibly buy the vehicle we spoke about all of her options. She then filled out and signed a credit application (all on her own) which is still in our possession. We then ran her credit to see which vehicles she qualified for (she had mentioned her credit may have issues)so we could structure a deal for the bank.We then ran her credit and formulated a plan with potential vehicles to show her. When [redacted] went back to speak with her about her options she had left. We reached out to her and that is when she callled [redacted]. She was upset about her trade value, but as [redacted] told her the service department had just given her an estimate for almost $4500 to get it fixed. She then was upset about her credit being run, [redacted] apologized but told her many guests have us run their credit before finding a vehicle so as to help in the shopping process. [redacted] did mention we never sent a structure to the bank so the inquiry will not show that she was shopping past our inquiry. We then offered her more money for her trade and she set an appointment with [redacted] to come in and shop again. She missed the appointment. We are very sorry for the miss communication but we feel we did nothing wrong. It is our belief that she was informed about what was going on and got cold feet and then left before we could explore some viable options. Thank you for your time in this matter.Regards,[redacted]General Manager



(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I did not test drive a Lexus as I stated before I had not even sat in a car I have a witness that was with me to confirm that!! I cannot believe you would say that I test drove a car when I did not that just goes to show how untruthful your employees are. I was told that the paperwork was for the appraisial process which would make sense if you were actually going to buy a car which I advised [redacted] I would not be in a position that day. No one ever formulated a planI did not ask him to formulate a plan -- Once again I told him I would not have time to purchase a vehicle. I never mentioned or showed being upset about the service departments estimate from the service department just because THEY said it does not make it true. From this response I can see how untruthful KUNI really is. I was insulted by the offer of $1500 of course give me a horrible service report so you can low ball me on the appraisial. I set the appointment with [redacted] because I felt that I had no choice if I go somewhere else they will hit my credit again and lower my score. Once again the untruful KUNI staff told me it was an inquiry but it was not it was a hard hit on my credit lowering my score 9 points. I was not informed of the process and [redacted] said he would talk to [redacted]. I didnt get "cold Feet" I had told them my brother was at the hospital and I would need to get him when he awoke from the anesthesia. I have documentation of this KUNI staff are liars. I had told them when the hospital called I needed to leave and thats what I did. Also for my car to need so much work done on it, its awful funny I had nothing done it was a key issue and once I bought my spare key my car started right up and I have had no problems since. The service department and sales are frauds and I will never do business with them on any level. I never even sat in one car let alone test drove. I have emails from Kuni from months ago asking me to come in for an appraisial.



While we did obtain written permission in the form of a signed credit application, along with a signed privacy notice by the customer; it appears the client did not desire us to make a credit inquiry. We have attempted to contact [redacted] to explain there was a miscommunication in the customer's intent for us to pull credit. The credit provider advised us to have the customer contact them directly to file a dispute. We are amenable to assisting her with the purging of the inquiry via her dispute.We have contacted [redacted] and avised her of this as well.



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. Sincerely, [redacted]

Review: I purchased my BMW X3 in July of 2011. Since then I have had it worked on 7 times and they have had my car over 72 days. Three of the problems reoccurred twice!Desired Settlement: I would like them to buy it back from me. The number or repairs for a brand new luxury car is outrageous!



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/04/02) */

We are sorry that [redacted] has been experiencing warranty issues with her X3. It is always our hope that the BMWs we sell are as trouble-free as possible.

As a BMW dealer, our primary responsibility after the initial sale is administer the terms of the manufacturer warranty and to provide vehicle servicing. We are not the decision makers on BMW buy-backs. If BMW decides to buy back a car, its ussually due to a lemon law concern. As you know, Lemon Law cars must experience a VERY high level of issues within the first 12 months of ownership. Most of [redacted]'s issues have occurred after 36 months and have been repaired at no charge under the manufacturer's warranty. Accordingly, BMW has rejected buying back the car. Nonetheless, we have negotiated with BMW to provide [redacted] a complimentary 84 month/100,000 mile extended service contract. We conveyed this to [redacted] today and she expressed that she was satisfied with the outcome.

Please let me know if you require any more assistance with this complaint.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2014/04/04) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

The Oregon lemon law states the problems need appear during the two year period following the date of the motor vehicle's delivery to the consumer of during the period ending when the motor vehicle mileage reaches 24,000 miles.

I had issues with the window regulator and it had to be replaced in July of 2012. In January of 2013, I had trouble with the window regulator again and it had to be replaced as well as a steering malfunction that required BMW Assist to pick up the car and take to BMW of the Tri-Cities. My mileage happened to be26,274 miles.

My car has visited the shop 5 more times to have the steering malfunction fixed again, the window fixed a third time, and various battery issues.

I am appreciative of the extended warranty, but feel [redacted] has not really "fixed" the problem.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 10, 2014/04/09) */

[redacted] has stated that she is appreciative of the extended warranty that Kuni BMW has provided with assistance from [redacted] of [redacted] Kuni BMW as a dealer is committed to providing excellent customer service and quality work. Both of which we have and will continue to provide [redacted]. We are unaware of any pending or unresolved issues with [redacted]'s vehicle. We do value [redacted] time and thank her for her business. If there any continuing or new issues with her X3, we are here to address them. Any ownership issue she may have would need to be resolved with [redacted] of [redacted]

Please find the attached documents showing the most recent service visit with the goodwill extended warraty note. Also see attached BMW Warranty Vehicle Inquiry showing the extended warranty as active under the name [redacted].


Final Consumer Response /* (2000, 12, 2014/04/11) */

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

KUNI has been very helpful. My issues lie with [redacted]

Review: I intitially filed a complaint against KUNI BMW on 2/12/2015 ID # [redacted]. The complaint derived from [redacted] a salesman running a credit inquiry and dropping my credit score 9 points when I was unaware he was running my credit. The company responded saying I got cold feet about the purchase, they said I was unhappy about the appraisial given on my vehicle, they said I test drove a car and wanted to purchase a Lexus that was the reasoning for running my credit. As I stated in the initial complaint the employees at KUNI are dishonest and untruthful. I never stated I wanted to purchase a vehicle, I never test drove or even sat in a vehicle. The paperwork was "supposed" to be simply for an appraisial on my BMW, since I was already there for servicing. The response to my initial complaint was KUNI could not remove this inquiry from my credit report I would have to contact [redacted]. I contacted [redacted] in writing and provided an attachment to This has uncovered another LIE by KUNI. The only resolution to this issue is to remove this inquiry from my credit report and per the correspondence from [redacted] KUNI has to remove this....Please see attached. I accepted the response and my other case was closed, I should not have closed my initial case before finding out if this was true which it is not. I am so angry about being lied to and deceived by KUNI. [redacted] does not remove this per my request KUNI HAS TO!!!

[redacted]SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS REDACTED BY[redacted]Desired Settlement: I want this inquiry removed from my credit report. This has caused a drop of 9 points in my credit score.



I have calledd [redacted] and I will call the reporting agency's once she scans the letter from them to me. We are mutually trying to correct this issue.Thanks[redacted]

Review: I leased a car through Kuni that I am completely dissatisfied with primarily due to the sales person complete incompetence and Kuni's dishonest sales practices. They didn't inform me of features that should have been disclosed and gave me false information about the vehicles in order to get me to purchase another car. They also lied about the lease deal and said I had to pay extra for features that should have been included. I immediately contacted them within a week of the car arriving to let them know of my dissatisfaction. [redacted], the President, said that Kuni would swap my vehicle for me and get me into the car I actually wanted. Then they stalled and back-tracked on every single thing they promised and said until "too late to cancel the contract and recontract on another vehicle." Desired Settlement: I want my lease discounted to the original amount of $279 p/m or my car swapped.



Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2014/04/10) */

[redacted] is correct, in and effort to address her complaint, we did extend the offer to exchange her vehicle for the one she wanted from our inventory with an agreement that she would pay the difference in price. The customer did not respond to our emails and calls in a timely fashion and by the time she did respond, it was too late. I am sorry, but there is nothing we can do at this time.

Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2014/04/15) */

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

That is not true. I responded, it was in fact their lack of follow through and ineptness that resulted in the delay and one of the reasons for my complaint. I notified Kuni within a week of the lease that I was dissatisfied with the car, that the info they gave me was false and misleading. [redacted] called and told me soon after that they would swap my car for one I liked. it was after that part that all service on their end ceased. I called multiples times per week, left messages and never got a call back. I finally called around to find any "manager" at the location to talk to. The other guy, assigned to me had "been calling the wrong number" this is unacceptable excuse as they had my file with contact and email, neither of which were utilized. I was first told to let them know what features I was looking for and that they would FIND me the car. I also specifically asked if there was a time constraint that I needed to be mindful of and was informed there was NOT. after a week of no follow up I emailed and asked what the status was. I was presented with cars that were 10,000+ more than my original car and with none of the features I asked for. I reiterated what I was looking for and was told to wait. then after another week passed, I was very frustrated with their lack of ability to help me whatsoever and asked if they intended to help me at all. it was in this conversation that they recanted what was already promised to me and said I needed to choose a car from their lot. and was also told that they would NEVER get a car like anything close to what I wanted. so I then asked what they could do to make this right, possibly write down my lease amount and that was rebuffed. basically EVERY option they ever put forward was later recanted and rejected. Kuni never intended to help me or provide me with a vehicle that I wanted. their sales rep COMPLETELY missed the mark, withheld info, lied about info, swore profusely, condescended me and my mother, etc. and the management team did nothing to rectify this. I'm completely disgusted with Kuni. I've filed a formal complaint with BMW of USA and their finance team said that Kuni could have rewritten my lease agreement at any time. that is what I expect at this point.

Final Business Response /* (4000, 9, 2014/04/18) */

In reply to consumers complaint in reference to her lease on a 2014 BMW 320i purchased at Kuni BMW on 11/27/2013, The General Manager, General Sales Manager and New Vehicle Sales Manager had offered to exchange the consumer into a vehicle with leather instead of SensaTec leather. This exchange would have a cost to the consumer, a stand-alone leather vehicle was not available, and so she would have to go to a premium package vehicle (all leather equipped vehicles in the 320i model had the premium package which is a $3100 option and includes leather). The consumer did not want to pay the difference in the price for any of the 5 vehicles that we offered to exchange for her. In the month of December she was personally called over 10 times (5 times unfortunately to an incorrect number which was not known about until we spoke to her) and she was emailed and corresponded back numerous times rejecting all of our offers, the consumer wanted a 320i with leather as the only option, in December 2013, the 320i was in very short supply across America and not a single dealership ordered leather in a 320i as a stand-alone option, so we had no vehicles to choose from for her, so we offered her more expensive vehicles with leather. She could have ordered one from the factory but it would have taken 60-90 days and the consumer wanted the car right then. We found another dealership that had a vehicle in her color schemes and we showed her the vehicle build, which she agreed to. The vehicle arrived from the other dealership and she took delivery on 11/27/2013. She was shown the build sheet on the vehicle that we obtained for her, and she agreed on the pricing. In December and January, we offered to exchange her out of the car into another unit and she still refused, she wanted us to give her the $279 per month payment that she did not pay for and wanted the BMW Protection Plan thrown in as well. The consumer rejected these exchanges due to the difference in what she would have to pay for a more expensive vehicle. Here are the facts of the sale: the lease payment advertised by [redacted] was $279 per month with $3495 due at signing plus state fees, sales tax (if required) and any dealer fees or additions. The consumer chose a vehicle similar to the lease ad vehicle, she put down less than the down payment amount required by the ad, and she purchased a BMW Lease Protection Plan. We actually structured the lease to the same specifications of the lease ad, of course with less money down and a more expensive vehicle plus fees. Her payment was $311 which equated to $32 per month more than the lease ad with all state fees and dealer fees included just as the ad stated would happen. The client then purchased a $1295 BMW Protection Plan which raised her payment to $353 per month. Kuni BMW gave the client every opportunity to obtain a more expensive vehicle and only pay the difference in the value she rejected every attempt. The least expensive vehicle that we could acquire in a 320i or a 320xi was $3800 more expensive, she declined. The consumer was given the opportunity to drive the vehicle before she went into the business office to sign paperwork and she did not have a complaint until 14 days after she took delivery which is when we first were made aware of her dissatisfaction in the vehicle she purchased.. The client advisor has been with Kuni BMW for over 10 years and we have never had a complaint that he swore or was abusive to any client.

Review: What I thought was an awesome company staffed with great employees was only too good to be true. Here's my story, on the morning of January 25th 2013 I go into kuni auto center with my husband to look at buying a new car. As we pull in I find my dream car, couldn't live without it and had to have it! Wasn't going to leave without it. Little did I know this was suppose to be a great day, buying a new car my dream car, only to turn into my worst nightmare! As we test drove my now 2004 vw touareg v8, we came across a few things that needed to be fixed so before I signed paperwork I said I want these things fixed before I sign and they said no problem! Here's what was wrong, the car had a bad smell, burning smell mainly when u turned on the heat and actual smoke did eventually appear after I had it a couple days as well as some electrical issues. What I thought would be an easy fix turned into my car being in their shop for 4 weeks. Kuni's manger [redacted] said he would make my first payment because I didn't have my car since I bought it. Then 2 days after I bought it the smell came back and it was worse and dash lights an CD player were not working so I take it back, we're now in feb and its in the shop for 3 more weeks and then I get it back towards the end of feb. well again I had it for 3-4 days and my car was smoking and dash lights were coming off and on, irritated at this point I take it back and they say they will fix it. So now were 2 weeks into march and they say oh we're waiting on parts and never really made any contact with me the entire time. So I just think there busy so coming into the 3rd week I'm fed up I call [redacted] there service guy and say what's going on with my car. His response is well we can't get the smell to repeat itself we fixed dash lights tho. So I'm annoyed and fed up I ask [redacted] what do I do about this burning smell something is burning his response is "it's drive able and no effecting how its driving". You best believe I hope no one goes to this place to ever buy a car!!

Product_Or_Service: 2004 vw touareg

Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Replacement

I am asking that kuni auto center either fixes my car, and actually fixes it instead of telling me they fixed it, and make my car payment for April since I have only had my broken car for maybe a week, and its due April 11th.



Business' Initial Response /* (1000, 5, 2013/04/08) */

Contact Name and Title: [redacted]

Contact Phone: [redacted]

Contact Email: [redacted]

We have the vehicle currently in our repair facility. We have reimbursed the guest in the amount of one and a half car payments. We have also provided alternate transportation while the intermittent concern has been diagnosed not only at our facility, but also another Volkswagen location. We have been in contact with the customer to address her concerns.

We have been long time customers of Kuni, approximately 10 years. We received an e-mail on Mothers Day advertising a Honda Civic at a pretty amazing deal. Within 1 hour we go to the dealership to see the car. When we get to the lot we asked about the Civic. The sales rep said it was on their other lot and offered to drive us over. We declined to ride with him and took our own vehicle. After about 10 minutes standing around the other lot, he comes back and tells us the vehicle had been sold the night before. This is a pure, 100% bait and switch. They advertised a vehicle that they didn't even have. We asked if they would give us the same percentage discount between list and advertised price of the Civic on a similar model. He said they were unable to do it and that they would lose money. I do understand that. The problem is that they could have listed the Civic for any price, no matter how unrealistic because it had already been sold and they would never had needed to honor that price. When we confronted the sales rep about that, he told us "you know how it is, we advertise a low price to get people in the door". In other words, we LIED to get you into the dealership so we could sell you something more expensive. After 10 years of loyalty, we will no longer do any business with Kuni. They are crooks, liars and thieves.

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