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Vahab Investments, Inc.

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*** *** brought her car to us with the complaint that the engine had been running hot and loosing coolant. We pressure checked the cooling system and found that the radiator was leaking antifreeze very heavy. We called *** *** and informed her of our findings and also
informed her that there was no way we could test drive her car or check for other problems until the antifreeze leak was repaired. She authorized us to do the repairs so we proceeded to repair the coolant leak as discussed. We installed the radiator and that repaired the coolant leak. We noticed that the engine had a rough idle but the customer had not asked us to look at that issue. The vehicle has approximately 240,miles and is years old. Having a rough idle on a vehicle with this age and this mileage is not uncommon. The customer had also made it clear that she was borrowing the money to have the radiator repair done and did not have additional money to spend on the vehicle. Once the job was completed we called *** *** to pick up the car and she came that afternoon. After paying her invoice and leaving she returned to say that the vehicle had shut off at the red light. I informed her that we would pull the car back in the shop and check to see what the problem may be. After checking several components we performed a compression test and found that one of the cylinders had low compression at idle. We did not charge *** *** for the diagnostic and recommended that she continue driving the vehicle given the age and mileage. I (owner of Fisher's Garage) even took *** *** for a test drive in the vehicle and showed her that the engine would run good once you got up to speed but that unless she wanted to rebuild or replace the engine the car would always have a rough idle again due to low compression. I again advised her that given the age and mileage of the vehicle that I would not invest that kind on money in the car and would just continue driving that car as is. As a show of good faith I refunded her half of the labor for the installation of the radiator which I thought was more than fair. I was in no way under any obligation to refund any of her money but given the situation I thought it may help soften the blow. *** *** thanked me for taking the time to drive the car with her and perform the compression test at no charge. She also thanked me for refunding half of her labor charges. She apologized for getting loud in my waiting room and went on her way. Two days later she called and said her drivers side window had fallen down and would not roll up and wanted to know how much to repair and when we could do it. My appointment coordinator told *** *** that we would have to check it to give her an accurate price but that most power window failures run approximately *** to repair. She asked if she could bring the car in but we informed her that we were booked for several days and would be happy to make her an appointment. She refused the appointment and I have not heard from her until I received this complaint. I don't see how I am responsible for repairing her window given that we did not do any work to the window or even inside the vehicle. I have already gone out of my way to be helpful and fair to *** *** and don't see how it is my responsibility to repair her window. I personally get the feeling that this is a customer that I will never make happy. If I repaired that window tomorrow she would call back in weeks and tell me that something else is broke and I need to fix it. We have been in business for years and have become know as one of the most honest and trustworthy businesses in town. We try to treat each of our customers with respect and treat them the way we want to be treated. After years we have learned that no matter how good you do your job there will always we customers you can not please.

Our business remains with the same position as previously stated? The customer is asking us to perform a unrelated repair to settle her complaint? If the repair we completed was still an issue (exthe radiator was still leaking coolant) we would be happy to step in and warranty the repair
Thank you,
** *** -- President Fisher's Garage Inc have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.? Regards,*** *** Hello my name is *** ***I have been trying to respond to a message from a business that I complained aboutI have tried from my home computer,work,and smartphone and keep getting an error message after I have replied on why I reject the business offer.? I am going to type it below I know there is a time limitI reject what Fishers garage is sayingFor one I never disclose with anyone my financial affairs, especially to a repair shopMy car wasn't taken care offIt took for my father to step in and they were willing to give customer serviceInitially no one performed a diagnostic on my vehicleI am not the mechanic, its not my job to know that a specific diagnostic could be performed to check the compression in my motorI was told that it would have been $** yet I was never informed until after they spoke with my fatherThe owner told me it was because he didn't want to make that decision for meNo one would have too if they would have communicated with meI called everyday my car was in the shop except for last Tuesday when they called to ask if it was ok to fix after telling me that my radiator and hoses needed to be replacedNo one drove my car after the work was completed until I had to come back and only had left mins prior and my dad talked with someoneThey did unacceptable workMy car is not running as we speak and it had only been a weekIf they did their job properly they would have known what the real problem was due to a mechanic not assessing my vehicle

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Address: 1230 Peachtree St NE Ste 1900, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30309-3578


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Shady, yet now dead: once upon a time this website was reported to be associated with Vahab Investments, Inc., but after several inspections we’ve come to the conclusion that this domain is no longer active.

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