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Valenti Auto Sales, Inc.

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In response to the customer complaint I am sending you the correspondence between Valenti's Service Manager and [redacted]. If you need any other clarification or have any other questions please feel free to e-mail me or call me.
Have a great day!
Valenti Auto Sales, Inc.
###-###-####  x[redacted]
.[redacted]---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: [redacted] <[redacted]>
Date: Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 1:25 PM
Subject: Re: S[redacted]
To: [redacted]
Mr [redacted] has his vehicle in out shop today. We DID look at it !!! And we
DID NOT charge him a diagnosis fee.  The fault is the shift interlock
solenoid located in the floor shifter. The recall had nothing to do with
or near the shift interlock. The customer was advised of this. 
On Mon, Sep 22, 2014 at 1:03 PM, <[redacted]> wrote:
#ID [redacted] (Do not delete or change this line in any way) --
The above-referenced customer has contacted [redacted] for assistance, and
indicated to us that they have previously contacted your dealership for
the issue referenced below.
As the primary ** Manager you are the leader in resolving this
customer’s concern. I have informed the customer that you will contact
them in the next 24 hours. I will leave the direct customer contact to
you, and will continue to monitor the case through its completion so I
can provide assistance as needed.
In order to complete this task, a [redacted] advisor will be contacting you
within 48 hours regarding your plan for resolution. The advisor will
request the following information:
- Acknowledgement that you received this customer’s concern
- Verification that you successfully contacted the customer
- Planned next steps
If you would like to provide this information prior to the [redacted] advisor
reaching out, you may provide this update by responding to this email.
Here is the critical case information.
- Customer Name: [redacted]
- Vehicle Information: 2006 [redacted]
- Current Mileage: 135000
- VIN: [redacted]
- Service Request # [redacted]
- Brief Description of Concern: The customer had a repair performed for
the ignition switch recall at your dealership. He states ever since he
had the repair done his ignition is sticking all the time and he has a
hard time pulling the key out. He stated you claimed that it is a mere
coincidence that this is happening and that you are not going to replace
it our look into it without charging him. I have escalated the case to a
Senior Advisor to help get satisfaction for the customer.
- Customer Daytime Phone: ###-###-####
Due to extreme volume an ** data share will not be sent.
Thank you for your crucial role in resolving this customer’s issue and creating long-term satisfaction and loyalty.
[redacted]###-###-####, extension [redacted]

Good Afternoon,I have had a meeting with our used car manager and the finance manager.  Mr. [redacted] has been contacted by our management team and the issue has been resolved. Mr. [redacted] will take delivery tomorrow   as advertised.Thank you,[redacted]...

Business Accounting Manager

Review: ** released a recall on an ignition switch on 2005-2011 [redacted] ([redacted]). I own a 2006 [redacted] and brought it into to Valenti [redacted] for this recall repair. They performed the repair and after receiving it I noticed my new key was getting stuck in the brand new ignition. It didn't do it every time I went to remove the key, just sporadically until recently. Now it is every time I put the car in park I cannot get the key out. I brought the car back to Valenti and they are claiming it's a coincidence despite it happening the same day I picked it up and it NEVER happening prior to that. [redacted] the person working at the desk was rude and just flat out said nothing I can do about it except pay the $200.00 + to repair it.Desired Settlement: I'd like this repaired at no cost as anyone that looks at this situation can tell you something happened during the replacement.



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Review: I saw a [redacted] stock # [redacted] with 6000 mile advertised for sale at $18,988. I contact sales rep [redacted] and we discussed the price. I offered $18788 and [redacted] took this offer to his manager. [redacted] came back on the phone and said the manager OK'd the deal. I asked [redacted] what the amount of the certified check needed to be with the $399 transfer charge and the ** state sales tax. At this point he put ** the finanace manager on the phone and ** told me he would call me back. [redacted] then called me back and told me that I did not qualify for the rebate of not trading in a vehicle. No where on [redacted] or on the [redacted] does is say there must be a trade-in!!!!!

Then [redacted] , the sales manager got on the phone and told me that the best price he could give me was $19790 plus the $399 transfer charge and the ** state tax. I have never a a reputable business advertise and make a deal and then go back on there word.Desired Settlement: If can contact Valenti [redacted] immedieately, I would still like to buy the 2014 [redacted] at the agreed price of $18788.



Good Afternoon,I have had a meeting with our used car manager and the finance manager. Mr. [redacted] has been contacted by our management team and the issue has been resolved. Mr. [redacted] will take delivery tomorrow as advertised.Thank you,[redacted] Business Accounting Manager



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: I purchase a used 2012 Nissan Sentra on October 11, 2013. I requested that the car be thoroughly checked out because I would be traveling out of state and my schedule doesn't allow me to be coming back to dealership if there is an issue. They assured me everything is ok with a week or so I have to bring the car back for mechanical issues I was experiencing when the car would accelerate over a certain speed (that was issue number one). Upon signing the bill of sales [redacted] who did the final paper work, informed me that they were having issues with getting plates for my car and this probably would be resolved in a couple of days; but for now I would be driving around with dealers plates. More that a couple of days went by it was almost three weeks before they could call me in to get my plates and have the car checked out by one of their mechanics (that was issue number two). Now the issue on hand is receiving the title to the car, it's been two months the car has been fully paid for and I have yet to received the title. I spoke with [redacted] numerous amount of time and he basically brushed me off saying the issue is out of his hand and I will have to take the issue up with Connecticut DMV, I asked if there was anyway he could look into to the issue and see what was the hold up, he said he did and it just the time process; everything was done correctly and that was the processing time. However, when I touch based with CT DMV I was informed that there was a stop process on my application because they were awaiting proper documentation from Valenti auto. I called back Valenti and requested not to speak with [redacted] but a manger instead, they handed me over to the used car dealer manager RV. He stated they haven't received anything from CT DMV and that this is not their issue this is an dmv issue. I gave him the case number "[redacted]" which DMV provided me with and asked him to follow up with the next day. It has been a week and I haven't heard anything from him. When I called to speak with him they informDesired Settlement: There are three options:1. They could have the car back and refund me my money and they could dealer with the title issue with DMV.2. Have this issue expedite where I could get my title in the next week before heading out of town.3. If this issue cannot be expedite within the given time frame. They would need to assume the responsibility of paying Connecticut car tax for the month of January, because this car should have already been registered in NY.



We talked to Zee in the CT on-line processing department at 11:15am this morning. She said she will release the title today to BCI, the lien holder on record. This was held up due to slight confusion in the paperwork submitted, no paperwork was missing or filled out wrong.

Customers typically get their notice of suspension two weeks before the dealership. The manager that took the call came to the office this morning with a phone message from the customer and we promptly put the call in to the DMV.

If you have any further questions please call me.

The customer will be notified of the correction by days end via telephone.

Donna Martin

###-###-#### x301

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Address: 399 N Colony St # 5, Wallingford, Connecticut, United States, 06492


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