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Valentine Research Reviews (5) I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.All I am asking for is the police report number I couldn't care less about contacting the individual that reported it stolen If there is a proper police report filed then I have zero issue with the unit getting back to the rightful owner If this was simply a case of Valentine taking the person's word that their unit was stolen I have an issue with that, for all I know the person that sold me the unit could have turned right around and reported it stolen to Valentine knowing that they'd get their unit back immediately and that Valentine would not share the information with meDid the police tell you not to share the police report and departmental information? I find this very hard to believe, why wouldn't the police want me to contact them about an open case? Regards, [redacted]

Yes, we do offer upgrades for older Valentine One units We sent an e-mail message to those customers that asked to be on our e-mail notification list alerting them of the availability of the new upgrade that he references We do not send unsolicited e-mail messages We do note on the specific account that a unit has been reported stolen when the owner reports it as stolen We ask him/her to give us the police report information so that it may be added to the account If a unit that has been reported stolen, is sent to us for upgrade, repair, etc., we contact the person that sent in the unit informing him/her that the unit is stolen property We alert the law enforcement agency to which the theft was reported Law enforcement determines the rightful owner We have been advised by law enforcement not to give out any information regarding the theft, original owner, etc The police control all the information and dissemination of the information We do not have a database of stolen units that would be coordinated with any other database The units are tracked by the serial number on the specific accounts on which the units were sold As a protection for our customers we do not sell parts for nor service units that have been reported stolen We do not assist thieves We are sorry that Mr [redacted] was taken advantage of by purchasing stolen property Law enforcement states that it does not matter whether the person knows that the property is "hot" It belongs to the person from whom it was stolen People planning to purchase used units call every week to check if a unit has been reported stolen prior to making the purchase Our customers tell us that it is commonly known to call before buying There is indeed a place to enter a serial number on our web site The prompt is labeled upgrade The only purpose of the section of our web site is to allow a customer to determine whether there is an upgrade available for a particular unit and complete and upgrade form We would not tell a customer that the unit sent in to us was stolen, if it had not been reported stolen Again, we are sorry that Mr [redacted] purchased stolen property

Valentine Research received an order from Mr [redacted] for a Concealed Display In his letter he says he could not find shipping information The information is on our web site and we are available by toll-free telephone (800) [redacted] for shipping information Mr [redacted] did not include funds for the shipping fee We do not know to what address he would like the order shipped and do not have a telephone number to reach him The number he gave is disconnectedIn the past we have sent corresondence to the address in his letter and it was returned to us as undeliverable He already knows that we do need a shipping address and telephone number to process an order We have shipped to him to a UPS location in the past The UPS address used previouly is: [redacted] *** The UPS shipping charge for a Concealed Display to the [redacted] address is $ I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below I have spoken to local law enforcement in the my jurisdiction and they say this is not the way they handle these type of situations, they would never advise a company to shield the person from calling the police directly Shield the name of the person who filed the report yes, but shielding a consumer from calling the police seems evasive There is no proof that Valentine isn't acting as judge, jury and executioner here and hiding behind a single statement that they've repeated over and over with no supporting evidence Regards, [redacted]

We would not state that a police report had been filed if there had not been one filed.Law enforcement advises us that we are not go give out any information except to the department handling the case If the police wish to speak with Mr [redacted] , the police will contact Mr [redacted]

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