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Valley Automotive & Diesel Inc

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*** ***To Whom It May Concern:In response to the response from Mr*** in dispute ***.In response to the invoice: This is what happened: A part code was entered incorrectly The part # Lis for a clutch kit The cost of a clutch kit would be $ If you multiply that by it comes to over $ When the coat was entered at $2.99, the computer read it as a discount This is why the invoice shows the skewed amounts It was a simple mistake of keying in the wrong part #.In response to the copy of the estimate for body damage to the vehicle I do not understand where this is coming from There was never any discussion or concern about body damage when the vehicle was in out shop Had there been body damage, we would have addressed it and fixed it at the same time Me***, through discussions with me, never stated anything about body damage and he never mentioned it in his initial complaint.In response to the hotel cost I was under the impression that they were staying with family locally If Mr*** would provide a copy of he receipt for the night we had the vehicle in our shop waiting for parts, I would be happy to reimburse him for that expense.I am very sorry for what happened to the ***'s We did try to take care of the situation as quickly as possible and get them back in the road.Doyle R***Valley Automotive and Diesel, IncSent from my iPhone

from: '[redacted]>reply-to: [redacted]>to: [email protected]: Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 11:49 AMsubject: ID [redacted]To Whom it May Concern:I am writing this letter in response to a complaint that was submitted to the

 The ID is [redacted].  This complaint was submitted against Valley Automotive and Diesel, Inc.  On February 23rd, the [redacted]'s came into Valley Automotive to get a tire rotation.  As this job was being performed, the employee had several distractions and he lost track of what he had completed.  He thought he had finished the rotation and proceeded to let the car down off the jack and check out the customer.  The [redacted]'s left the business and proceeded to I-70 East.  They reached about 60 mph when the left rear tire came off the vehicle.  When they came to a stop, they called the shop and spoke with the gentleman who had performed the rotation, explaining what had just happened.  He then called me and told me what had happened and was very upset with himself.  I instructed him to go and help them immediately.  With his help, they were able to get the [redacted]'s vehicle back to our shop where our ASE Master Technician took a look a the vehicle.  He assessed the damages and began looking for parts right away.  He was able to find the parts, but we couldn't get them until the next day.Shortly after the accident, the [redacted]'s In-Laws, who live here locally, arrived at the shop to let me know what had happened and that they were very upset.  I talked with them and let them know we would get the vehicle fixed.  I then met with the [redacted]'s around 4 pm to let them know that we were going to get this fixed and we should have it ready to leave the shop by 1pm the next day.  I replaced both rear rotors, the rotor shield, the rear studs and all lug nuts.  There was no damage to the tire, the wheel.  I NEVER refused to repair the damages that were due to this incident.  Mr. [redacted] wanted me to also replace the air ride shocks in the rear because the boot was tore and not holding air.  At this point, I showed him that the right side shock was in the same condition and that those shocks were the originals on the vehicle that currently had 149,540 miles on it.  I explained to him, that the damage to the shock had nothing to do with the incident and I would not replace them.  The rear differential never touched the ground and was not damaged.  The rotor on the left side was the only thing that was drug on the ground.   Mr. [redacted] then asked about a rental car.  I explained that there was no rental car facility in the Town.  He and his wife were staying with his In-Laws in town.  He never asked about a hotel and we both agreed that if the repairs couldn't be fixed by the next day, I would look at a rental car for their inconvenience.  As promised, we got their vehicle fixed and test drove.  Our ASE mechanic was satisfied that the vehicle was safe and ready to go.  I then called the [redacted]'s to let them know that it was ready.  Mr. [redacted] answered the phone and was happy that all the repairs had been done in a timely fashion.  He told me they were in Grand Junction at the mall and having a good time.  They would be unable to pick up the vehicle until the next day.  I believed that after that conversation, all was well.  In the end, this is where I stand as the owner of Valley Automotive and Diesel, Inc. and Parachute Service....  We took care of all the damages and expedited the work sot the the [redacted]'s could get back on the road in the timeliest way possible.  The employee was reprimanded and we are currently working on new procedures to keep the same mistake from happening again.  I believe the letter sent to the by the [redacted]'s is inflammatory and untruthful.  I would never say to a customer that I didn't care about them, their situation or that "stuff happen."  Which, in reality, in any business where there is a human element, there are chances of mistakes happening.  People are human.  I will not even respond to the claim about an [redacted] employee... which is ridiculous.  And the insinuation that I gave him an invoice that stated we had done $12000.00 in repairs but discounted it to $670.00!  Are you kidding me?  There is absolutely NO TRUTH to that whatsoever and is absolutely the most outrageous lie I have heard in my 20+ years of running my business.  That is itself a case for slander allegation against Mr. [redacted].The one thing I will admit is true from Mr. [redacted]'s letter is that we did not credit him back for the tire rotation.  This was truly an over site.  Had he come to me and asked about it, I would have refunded the rotation and would be willing to do that at this time.  I believe we did everything we could to take care of them and fixed all damaged incurred by this incident in a timely fashion.  I believe I have addressed all the allegations made against me and my company and I truly hope Mr. [redacted] can discern the truth to the situation verses his made up lies.Sincerely,Doyle L R[redacted]Owner

[redacted] [redacted]
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[redacted] [redacted] [redacted]We attempted to upload and fax these documents. Here is an email to back up all of the information that we included in our compliant. In addition to this, this vehicle is still awaiting to have work completed. Even in Doyle's response he wants to intimidate us to thinking he is going to sue us for defamation however we will not back down and 100% back our compliant as this is a factual and truthful compliant. Doyle states that his employee was at fault. This is the reason why companies carry insurance in case an accident happens. I am awaiting the copy of the invoice for the tires and rims. We also had requested on several occasions for a hotel room as we were staying in Grand Junction from California, We were visiting and when we received the call to pick up the vehicle we were in Grand Junction and did not have a way to get back to Parachute until the following day. This has been a complete nightmare. We have also requested his insurance information which he refuses to provide us. We would really just like to get our vehicle fixed and move on with our lives. We do have additional support if needed. Thank you[redacted] and [redacted]Attachments area

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Address: 120 Columbine Ct, Parachute, Colorado, United States, 81635-9665


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