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Vanguard Vehicle Armor

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User rxvicky time Jun 19, 2019

I received a call offering me to continue my dealer warranty as it had recently ended. The caller Jessica Brown started the sell handed me of to a male salesman who gave me a discount due to my whole family being in the military. I started reading all the real reviews as this site seems to be comments from staff no real customer reviews ! BEWARE! They do not have a BBB A+ rating its an F as over 35 negative reviews already this year barley 1/2 way through the year. All reviews state they never received reimbursement for thousands they have taken from hard working individuals such as myself. I will be doing all I can to stop them from scamming other honest hard working people . DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR $$$$$ unless your just looking to throw $ away. Throw it this way I have been scammed

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User Pablo Huerta time Dec 03, 2019

Rxvicky were you able to do something about it. I felt for thier tricks and they got me when my car is literally breaking down on me but felt it was to good to be true. I also saw the reviews and tryinv to cancel my policy the same day.

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User Reviewer11693596 time Feb 04, 2019

Initial claim was denied for continuing to operate vehicle after original issue was diagnosed (operation after impairment)Cust claimed that they were unable to get the vehicle over 50mph and took it to a service centerProblem was identified at service center as likely transmission issue
According to customer the warning lights and codes were cleared by that service center to allow continued operation per customer request, and customer continued to drive the vehicle and later took it to another service center that eventually submitted the claim that was denied.According to the service center the transmission tear-down showed clear damage due to being operated with low fluid levels which were indicated by the original warning lightsIt’s understandable that due to being out of town and requiring transportation, the customer felt the need to continue driving the vehicleHowever, we cannot cover damages due to continued operation of an impaired vehicle.In most cases we would not request a tear down, but when a claim is filed within week of the effective date of a new policy, we are required to determine if the claim is the result of problems that occurred before the policy was purchased.Since we did not have an adjuster witness the teardown, we informed the customer that if they felt that the problem was not related to operations of an impaired vehicle or the service center was in error about the fluid levels, they could have the vehicle transported to another service center for an adjuster to review the damages and we would allow a new claim to be filed but we could not process the current claim as submitted.No additional information has been received concerning this repair and no other claims have been submitted

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User Reviewer11888757 time Feb 03, 2019

Customer purchased a policy in July and then changed and replaced their coverage with a new revised policy in AugustCustomer called to cancel after receiving 2nd policy, but did not send in their letter of cancellationNotification of cancellation requirement was waived, and refund processed
Cust states that they called again for refund on 9/and received no responseWe do not have a record of a call on 9-however, customer was had already been fully refunded on 9-

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User Reviewer11926542

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***. Unfortunately, I threw away the paperwork once I eventually received a check. Whether that check number is the one cited I don't know but when I did receive the check I notified the company that I did receive a check and would cash it. After much coordination, I eventually was paid the full refund. I consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

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User Reviewer8832865

Upon notice of non-receipt of refund, we requested a letter of cancellation (mail, fax or e-mail) as noted in refund / transfer instructions in policy. Received the notice of cancellation on 2-10-17. Waived all cancellation – termination fees as customer noted that they had tried to cancel in...

December. Processed cancellation request and policy was cleared for refund by underwriter on 2-15-17. Refund check #[redacted] issued for the full amount paid by customer and mailed on 2-17-2017. Customer called on 3-1-2017 informing us they had not received the check. Reverified address and placed tracking on check. Informed customer to let us know by the following week if it was not received and we would stop payment and re-issue. Customer contacted 3-9-2017 and again 3-10-2017 to let us know that no check had been received. Placed stop payment on [redacted], but we were informed by the bank check #[redacted] had been submitted by customer on 3-10-2017 and cleared the bank on 3-13-2017.

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Address: 2312 Park Ave #474, Tustin, CA, 92782


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