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Vanity Fur Grooming Boutique

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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.No one would have ever of known that the shaving would have triggered negative behavior in my catAlthough it's extremely rare it's still bet much possibleWether the negative behavior would have been triggered or not the fact of the matter is this: the groomer was told not to touch *** tail and that request was ignoredI have reached out to other grooming businesses and while they agree that it's uncommon behavior in a cat, they personally would not have gone ahead and shaved the cats tail without the owners permissionIn my opinion, it's just poor business practiceIf my cat was truly stressed (something that wasn't share with me until after this whole debacle) why would they stress him more by shaving his tail? If his tail was truly in a horrible condition I would have preferred they either called me while he was in their care or suggested at pickup that he should come backBut they didn'tThey shaved his tail after I told him not toOn purely aesthetic reasons alone- what if I didn't want that? But this affected more than his aesthetics, it affected his mental health and now I'm financially ruined to take care of himI'm literally selling my personal possessions to pay for his careIt was poor business practice on their part periodMy comments at pickup don't matter because that sentiment was expressed until after they have done the act. Regards,*** ***

The customer brought the cat in question in on Sat. August 6th. In previous visits the extent of matting on the cat allowed for the cat to be brushed out. On this occasion, the matting was more extensive and the customer was advised that the matting would need to be shaved out this time and a lion...

clip was the best option. The owner agreed. The groomer asked if the client had a preference of whether or not the tail was shaved which is an purely an aesthetic preference. The owner did ask for the tail to be left unshaved. Upon completion of the body part of the groom the cat was becoming stressed out so a second groomer stepped in to assist in keeping the cat calm and thus maintaining a safe work environment. The tail is always the last part of the cat to be groomed because most cats are very sensitive about having their tails touched. Once the groomer moved on to the tail she found that it was very packed with dead undercoat and potential matting. A judgement call was made in that moment in the best interest of the cat to shave it. This is something that groomers have to do on a regular basis to keep the best interest of the animal in mind. The groomers felt that the cat would not tolerate trying to brush the tail out and that it would be painful to the animal.  Upon the owner returning, she was advised by the groomer that she had shaved the tail to make the cat more comfortable.  Her response was "Oh good. I debated if I should have shaved it after all". (Her words directly from her email to me).  She left and that was the last we heard from her until an email the following day.Her email explains that after returning home, "Koda found his tail entertaining and began chasing it around like he would a feather wand. What started out playful turned frightening and he began attacking his own tail."  According to her via our phone conversation, the attack to himself took place sometime around5am on Sunday or this was at least the time or point in which she sought veterinary care.  This was a full 17 hours post grooming.  Her email to you stated that she came home after visiting a friend the afternoon of the grooming to find dried blood on the end of his tail.  This was never brought up to me in the numerous emails or the phone conversation we had. If this was truly the case and she was concerned about it at the time, I question why she wouldn't have reached out to us sooner? After speaking with the owner, I contacted the vet who treated the cat.  He told me that he did not feel that we where in any way liable and that it was a behavioral issue with the cat that could have never been foreseen. He explained that the cat most likely had an underlying behavioral issue that may have been triggered by any number of things.  I can assure you that the cat was groomed in a very professional and safe manner.  In my 18 years of grooming and the experience of the numerous groomers I spoke with regarding the situation, not one had ever heard of a cat attacking and mutilating itself because of a grooming. The part of the tail that she claims had dried blood on it is not an area that was shaved and again, this was never brought up to me. I understand her being upset and I can only imagine how emotional the experience was for her but that does not mean that I feel we would be liable for injuries that the cat caused to himself.I am happy to provide you with copies of her emails to me if need be and the name of the vet who treated the cat if you would like to speak to them directly.  Please fe

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Address: 4429 N. Oakland Ave, Shorewood, Wisconsin, United States, 53211


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