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• Sep 18, 2021

No excuses, no stories, very reliable
I am glad I contacted West
No excuses, no stories, very reliable I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me Sincerely, [redacted]

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 7, 2015/08/19) */ The member came into the office on 07/31/The members account was closed on 06/30/due to an inactive member fee that had been accessed due to no activity on the account for twelve monthsOn 06/14/the member was in the Sunset Hills office and paid off his loan and started the process to close his accountThe Financial Service Representative that helped the member did complete a closed account survey and withdrew the $at that timeThe notes on his account state that he changed his mind and decided to leave the account openVantage Credit Union will close an account via a signed mail request if a copy of the ID is enclosedVantage Credit Union does not have record of any emails, letters, or telephone conversations with the member after 06/14/Based on the this information we did not waive the feeWhen the member was leaving the office on 07/31/he stated that he would file a complaint with the because his fee was not refunded

Ref Complaint# [redacted] Member: [redacted] The letter received by Ms [redacted] was a Right to Cure Default notice as required by Missouri state lawAt the time the letter was produced the $in question was the current amount owed on Ms [redacted] ’s second mortgage with Vantage Credit Union (VCU)The payments due at the time of the notice were $for December 20,payment and $for the January 20,paymentThe amounts on the letter are supported by the statements that have already been provided to Ms [redacted] and loan agreement for the mortgage Vantage Credit Union would be happy to assist Ms [redacted] with review of her pay history to understand how the amount due was arrived atAt this time no adjustments to the amount due are neededMs [redacted] can contact us at [redacted] Regards, Vantage Credit Union

The Credit Resolution management of Vantage Credit Union (VCU) attempted to answer the concerns that Ms [redacted] expressed on February 6, and February 4, however both times she became upset and ended the phone calls before we could come up with a resolutionDuring previous calls, Ms [redacted] did not mention the issues with the Triple A transaction nor that did a VCU employee from the branch instruct her not to make her payment while the issue with Triple A was being resolvedWhile VCU understands, the transactional issues caused by the third party can be frustrating it does not negate Ms [redacted] ’s obligation to continue to maintain her paymentsMs [redacted] made a payment on December 16, 2016, which was for her October 26, paymentOn January 12, VCU closed the line of credit when it was days past due after no contact with Ms [redacted] We attempted to contact Ms [redacted] on January 5th, 10th, and 12th prior to making the decision to close the line of creditMs [redacted] then made her November 26, 2016, December 26, 2016, and January 26, payments on February 1, In reference to the questions on repayment obligations, Ms [redacted] ’s agreement states that the payments are to be paid on the 26th of every month for her Overdraft Line of CreditThe payment is in default the day after the payment is due if it is not paid and then is assessed a late fee on the fifteenth day after a payment is not paidLoan payment history is reported to the credit bureaus on a monthly basis As a result, of the late payments noted above, Ms [redacted] ’s account was reported as past due to the credit bureaus accordingly In an effort to prevent this type of situation from happening in the future, the Credit Resolution’s manager has communicated to branch staff and managers the importance of communication with her team and the ability to process loan payments even though another account may have transactional questions being researched

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: The payment I made for $1,was to satisfy the multiple months of payments I was supposed to be makingNow that I realize this is not an option I will surely never be paying more than the monthly payment as my single income household cannot afford itIt was with honest intentions to pay the several months payments in advanceThere's no reason whatsoever why my money cannot simply be refunded and the balance re added to my loan totalIt is claimed that notices were sent to me, I never received themI will move forward with switching my account as well as the accounts of my children Sincerely, [redacted] ***

I’m sorry Ms [redacted] was not approved for a mortgage for the condo she wished to purchase The mortgage process is lengthy and time consuming, and with the new regulations, the underwriters are required to abide by the “Ability-to-Repay” rules Without going into her personal information, it’s important to note that Mortgage Solutions went to two different investors to attempt to get her approved for a mortgage loan Mortgage Solutions was well within the commitment dates and worked quickly once notified of the denials to avoid the loss of both earnest money and appraisal fees Again, without going into detail, the loan was denied by both investors, and Ms [redacted] and her agent were notified as soon Mortgage Solutions was notified of the underwriters’ decisions [redacted] , President Mortgage Solutions, LLC

[redacted] opened a restricted account on 4/26/ He was informed at the time of opening the savings account, he is not able to make any deposits into the ATM machines, and was also educated about extended holds on all checks deposited On 5/23/he deposited a check for $into his savings with a hold and a release date of June 2, [redacted] came into the office on 5/24/upset that he was not able to make a cash ATM deposit It was explained again due to the type of account he has he can’t make deposits into the ATM due to his Restricted account, he can only make withdrawalsHe was also told the check that was deposited would be released on 6/2/ The FSR tried explaining the check hold procedures again to [redacted] and he was upset and left the office On 5/25/he came back in requesting to close the account and was informed again the account cannot be closed until the hold is released on 6/2/ [redacted] wanted the check back so he could close the account We informed him we could not give the check back to him and that we had to wait until the check cleared the other financial institutionThe manager overheard the conversation with [redacted] and the FSR and offered a solution to close the account when the hold was released and she would mail him a check He did not like the options and did not trust his mail He told FSR he would come in to withdraw the funds from the account and include his five dollar general share [redacted] left the office, yelling that ‘Vantage is not for poor peopleOn 5/31/17, [redacted] was contacted by phone to no avail and a message was left to return the Branch Manager call Another message was left on 6/5/and no return call from [redacted] As of today, June 8th [redacted] came into the branch and closed out his account

You called May 31st at 5:telling me there was no power at you building until 4:However, I was at your building at 2:and tried to make an ATM withdrawals and received insufficient funds notices

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/09/02) */ The Member transacted business on 8/21/and, according to surveillance of the transaction, the Member's driver's license was placed in the envelope with her cash and sent back through the drive-thru canisterThe Member removed the envelope from the canister and drove off without opening itWe have no record of the Member contacting us prior to 8/31/as was stated in the complaintAccording to notes on the Member's account, when the Member contacted us on 8/31/we stated to her that we were not in possession of her driver's license and that we don't have any notes or indication that we were ever in possessionOur typical practice is to notify by phone or mail the driver's license to any Member that may have left their driver's license in one of our branchesWe do not feel responsible for covering the cost of a new driver's license, as we don't have any indication that we were ever in possession of the Member's driver's license other than to process the transaction on 8/21/

Ref Complaint# [redacted] Consumer: [redacted] Since receiving the above referenced complaint Vantage Credit Union (VCU) has been in contact with [redacted] Using the transaction identifiers provided by [redacted] VCU was able to determine that the $transaction was not presented to VCU and is still in a sent but not accepted or rejected status with the vendor [redacted] [redacted] has agreed to contact the vendor [redacted] that initiated the transaction to determine if they can perform further research on the status and help refund her funds since VCU was never presented them for deposit to our knowledgeWe apologize for any inconvenience the consumer has been caused by the situation and have provided her with direct contact information for any further assistance she may require having her funds returned Regards, Vantage Credit Union

On February 22, the member opened a special savings and holiday club account At that time, the member was given a disclosure indicating any fees associated on these accounts, as well as been given a fee disclosure at the time the account was originally opened On March 21, the member came into the branch and was assisted by the Assistant Branch Manager at the WFlorissant branch to set up three transfers from the savings account going into the holiday club account, on three separate days At that time, it was communicated to the member that any withdrawals from the holiday club account prior to the October payout would result in a $early withdrawal fee At the end of March and beginning of April, these transfers did take place as requestedVantage Credit Union will refund the $early withdrawal fee the member was charged on April 7,

Reviewed the members account and found that she wasn't charged courtesy pay fees The account was charged insufficient fund fees due to the account not having the funds to clear the items presented for payment I talked to the member today on the phone and she noticed that the items were returned due to lack of payment not courtesy pay items We tried to get the complaint resolved over the phone but since the fees were legitimate fees we were unable to come to an agreement because the credit union will not refund the fees

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I received a receipt from the teller that it was in the amount of $dollars and I did count what was in the envelope which was $after I left the vantage credit unions parking lot that very same day which was 8/The check in the amount of $was supposed to be deposited into my checking account which I did make clear to the tellerI would like to have $reimbursed for my troubles Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Dear Mr***,Due to our system upgrade funds will transfer from the line of credit loan, if available, to bring the checking account to a positive balance. If there are multiple transactions pending, the overdraft funds will be transferred into the checking to clear up these amounts.
This in including the original amount of the transaction funds over drafted for. As an additional courtesy, we have refunded the two additional courtesy pay fees, because of your good standing membership with Vantage Credit Union. To prevent any type of fees in the future, please ensure you have funds available in the checking account prior to authorizing purchases. Thank you for your time and consideration.Sincerely,*** ***Phone Center Manager of Vantage Credit Union

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2016/02/25) */
Vantage Credit Union (VCU) has received and reviewed Mr***'s concerns as well as his account history
Unfortunately VCU is very limited in these types of issues because of the privacy surrounding medical recordsRegular updates are
required by the terms of the insurance policy for the loan to continue to be covered by the disability insuranceDuring the times in which Mr*** has experienced late payment issues they have been related to more privacy protected medical records needing to be provided directly to the insurance company by Mr***Unfortunately throughout this process and any time in between Mr*** is responsible for making sure the payments are maintained in order to avoid any potential credit issuesDuring the timeframe in which Mr*** has been on disability VCU has assisted by making phone calls to the insurance company as well as gathering and providing the information that we are able to, in order to assist Mr*** in resolving any issues that have come upWe appreciate the member's long standing relationship and will continue to assist within the parameters that we are legally able to
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2016/02/27) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Thats the problem we have here is (VCU)lack of responsibility in this matter.Its not about medical recordsThe complaint is about turning my name into a Credit Bureau Agency,you can make that call to them instead of your member.The Insurance Co has been paying for several years now,when they don't receive a document, which they look for a reason to stop payment, which happened in this case they stopped payment without my knowledge.Why should I be held responsible for making sure the payments are maintained when I have no idea they are not paying them.We have two company's that neglect to notify,call.or send a letter to let you know payments are not being paid, in which I have no knowledge of.What I get in return is Vantage Credit Union calls a Credit Agency to report you for no payment when they should be contacting there plus year member.This complaint is about REMOVING MY NAME FROM THE CREDIT BUREAU and nothing else which you failed to address in your response.And its not about medical records,for years I have been turning in Medical Claims on time jumping through hoops for Trans AmericaIt's about Vantage Credit Union contacting a member first before a Credit Agency,and removing my name,after all Trans America has paid and are caught up on there payments.LET YOUR MEMBER KNOW FIRST.Take some responsibility in the matter.And remember this complaint is about Vantage Credit Union....REMOVING NAME FROM THE CREDIT AGENCY

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:These statements aren't trueSomeone can contact me directly to discuss this but I tried making payments as soon as I realized what was happening with my account and they were not acceptedI was told someone would contact me and they never didI called and visited the location multiple times to be helpedAlso, nothing else was being paid it of the account to my knowledgeThey never discussed this with me at the timeShow me a copy of the statement that shows payments to other entitiesI have tried talking to the collection agencies but they said they can't help mePlease have someone from the credit Union contact me to get this straightened upThanks.
** *** ***

*** we have been trying to reach you but have been unsuccessfulI would like the opportunity to discuss this matter with youI can be reached @ *** Thank you,

Card Services Department Manager spoke with the member on 7/6/regarding this complaintRegulation E time frames were explained and the member understoodProvisional credit and fee refunds were processed to the member's account on 7/6/The member was satisfied with the resolution

Vantage Credit Union (VCU) has researched and reviewed the concerns set forth by Ms*** in this matterIn review of the account Ms*** had a credit card and a checking with the credit union that both unfortunately became delinquentIn researching the fashion in which the checking became
negative the automatic credit card payment that the member signed up for was only a small part of the overall amount that was charged off at a loss to the credit unionThere were automatic payments from other entities and transactions performed by Ms*** that led to most of the negative balanceThe credit union did not refuse to allow her to close her account but instead was adhering to our policies and procedures for closing an account with a negative balance and charging off the share and credit card In regards the to the credit union’s refusal for payment, by the time Ms*** contacted the Credit Resolution Department for payment the accounts had been forwarded to outside collection agencies and the member was referred to them since VCU was no longer handling the matter in houseVCU has an obligation as an accurate data furnisher to report the true nature of Ms***’s debts with us and will continue to do soMs*** is welcome to contact the collections agencies and make arrangements to clear up those accounts and see what settlements are available to herWe hope that this has cleared up Ms***’s concerns and we look forward to a mutual resolution

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