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Ventilation Purification

2544-2546 Library Rd., Castle Shannon, Pennsylvania, United States, 15234

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I bought this on a groupon. They were supposed to clean my vents in my house. When they did that they put an approx 3" hole in my wall by one of the vents and did not tell me. I noticed it when they left. When they called to see how services went I told them about the issues and they asked for me to email pictures. I did and I have never heard from them. They also did other things but I would think are minor and the would not have interest in. The paperwork does say minor paint chips but this was not minor.

Ventilation Purification Response • Mar 11, 2020

We have talked to *** and have rectified the matter with her*** said she would be contacting you at the to let you know the matter has been resolved. If there is anything else needed on our part; please let us know and we will take care of it. Any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

I have COPD, so last February I had a new furnace installed. I bought a Whole house air duct cleaning and furnace clean with a $51 Groupon towards that. The estimated value was worth $259.95. In May this company came and cleaned out my ducts and informed me that they had to remove several bags of foam that I had had my house insulated with the year before. How the foam ended up in my ductwork I have no idea. I ended up paying $89.95 for an additional supply main trunk line, $89.95 for an additional intake main trunk line, and for additional "corrective cleaning ("highly recommended") I paid an additional $300 for a total cost to me of $530. This corrective cleaning included a Sanitizer to eliminate and control: Germs/Bacteria/Duct Mite Waste ($150.) and a treatment with Polymer Sealant ($150). I was led to believe that I had purchased their microbial treatment and was given a limited lifetime warranty that stated that "should a system once fully serviced, developed dust, dirt, mold, or fungus buildup within 2 years of the original service date a full service system will be provided for the cost of microbial treatment alone". Since I had been told that that was what the additional $300 was for, I called to have my ducts cleaned again because I have had to replace my furnace filters every other month instead of every 3 months and was having breathing problems. I was told by the owner, that in fact I would need to pay an additional $350 for a microbial treatment in order for them to clean my air ducts again. If I had not paid the extra $300 for this treatment, then what was the extra $300 for. I was told that I did not understand, they could and would not clean them for free. I will be contacting the company that did the insulation of my home to verify if it is possible that the removal of the foam left the system susceptible to dust, etc. to enter my ductwork. I feel that this company may use deceptive practices in order to have people like myself to purchase worthless additional services. I was told that since I was purchasing the treatment at that time, there would be a $50 credit given to me so that I only had to pay $300.

Ventilation Purification Response • Feb 04, 2020

First off in no such way have or do we practice deceptive practices, I'm sending the work order and warranty in with this letter. I will and have stated that I will honor *** warranty fully. The warranty clearly states that we will come out in the future and reclean the system and retreat the system for just the cost of the microbial treatment. The treatments cost $300.00. The cleaning of the system is free. Meaning she never pays the cost of the cleanings, but is required to pay the treatment cost when she wants it done. I tried explaining this to ***. She kept saying that we are suppose to come out and clean her air ducts and do the treatments for free for life. I'm not sure why $350.00 was written in the amount of the microbial treatment, but I assured *** that we would honor the $300.00 cost of her warranty and come out and clean her whole system and treat her whole system when ever she wants it done for the rest of her life for $300.00 each time she wants it done as the warranty states and as the tech explained as I did as well.

Sincerely, Matthew *. M

Matthew M has zero business acumen. He's a bull in a china shop & arbitrarily decides to have his crews not do the work. I bought 4 duct cleaning coupons (one per furnace) from Groupon. His tactics are the definition of "bait and switch". His crew came yesterday for the building with 4 small apartments (building was a home in 1900) on one furnace.
This leaves 3 Groupon services for other addresses, one of which was to also be preformed yesterday. His crew told my workman that they could not service the second building, as it was too late in the day (the appointment window of time was to be 9 - 11 am start time. the crew came at 2:15 pm yesterday) ; however, Matt M telephoned me to say that they were "done with me" & would not honor the remaining three Groupons ppreviously purchased.
Milton's bone of contention arguement from November 2019, when he called to yell & lecture me was that the first purchase for duct work cleaning (which is the cleaning performed yesterday) is a 4 unit building. I let him know that I had made that abundantly clear to his employees as early as October 2019, before purchasing the first Groupon coupon for duct cleaning, & that his employees had several times told me that as long as it was service for one furnace, that was fine. Matthew M is overwhelmed by the Groupn business & has no place in today's unconfrontational business world.
I have had duct work cleaning done since before it was a "thing" . A watch & a bracelet went missing at my parents' home during a party. As the "3rd floor" was where the "in crowd " were, & the 3rd floor vents were floor vents, my parents had someone come to clean the ductwork, in the event thes expensive pieces of jewelry were found (Van Cleef & Arpels watch, belonging to a neighbor, & my new 21 carat bracelet from Spain - present from their trip in 1967 or 1968). This is what people did prior to making an insurance claim.

Ventilation Purification Response • Jan 28, 2020

To whom it may concern. When this appt. Was first booked. Everything was gone over with the customer as for what the coupon included. After this booking came to my attention I contacted the customer to discuss her situation. I informed this customer that the groupon coupon covers one residence. She kept saying that it was 4 individual apt.s that all ran off 1 furnace and she wanted 1 of her 4 Groupons that she purchased to cover all 4 apt.s. I agreed to come out to look at the residence and go from there. The day before the appt. I talked to this customer and went over everything again and told her that she absolutely needed to be there when we came out to go over everything with her. She assured me she would be there. The day of the appt this customer was no where to be found. She had her maintenance man there to let us in. We cleaned out all 4 apts. Tge maintenance man then told my crew that the next building they were going to had 4 apt.s in it with 2 ventilation systems attached to those 4 apts. I called this customer at this time and informed her that 1 Groupon will not cover both these builds with 8 apts within both of them and that the 4 apts that we did covers the 4 Groupons she had. I also said that she was suppose to to be there so we could discuss and go over everything. She didnt care and wanted all this done anyway and was very rude and disrespectful and started yelling, cussing and talking down to me. I then simply said I'm sorry we can't come to any resolutions and that I would refund the money she spent for the 4 Groupons and not charge her anything for all the work we did doing the 4 apt.s. She said more choice words and hung up on me. I'm not sure if she got any type of refund from Groupon or not, but either or I'm still will to refund her the 4 Groupon amounts she paid and go our separate ways. As for what she said about jewlery missing I'm completely baffled as to why that was even said or what exactly that has to do with anything at all to this matter. Honestly half our conversations were like this that had nothing to do with anything. Please let me know if this will settle this matter or if there is anything else I can do to rectify the matter.
Thank you,
Matthew M

The business performed services and left with considerable damage and problems that required additional repairs and service from other companies costing me more money.

Ventilation Purification Response • May 23, 2019

In regards to complaint ID.1 don't know what considerable damages and problems that required additional repairs and service from other companies coasting the customer more money even means. That Is so vague. What did we damage? What problems did we cause? What repairs and services did you have other companies perform due to us creating them? How much money did you spend to these other companies because of what we did?All I know is that we did $659.75 worth of work for this customer at a discounted cost of $500,00.1 have a signed work order from this customer agreeing to the services and amount I also have a customer satisfaction agreement sheet signed from the customer stating everything was done to their satisfaction at the completion of the job. The customer even .gave the crew a 10 from a HO rating of service. On the satisfaction sheet Question 8 asks. We're you satisfied with the overall cleaning and service performed in your home today? The customer stated yes.

Sincerely,Matthew M

Two young men arrive in a wrecked, unmarked van. They came inside and didn't put any covers on their shoes. The one young man starts talking about how he doesn't know how to write the work order up since my home is a mobile home, so he goes outside to make a phone call. He comes back in and starts telling me that it will be an additional $90 to clean the one duct that runs from one end of my house to the other when the Groupon I was using clearly states it covers one main line. I actually called the company prior to buying the Groupon to discuss services and there was no mention of the additional fee. The other young man has already started cleaning my vents at this time. He doesn't have a camera to see inside the vents so he is literally holding his phone down inside the floor to try and see what he's doing! They also broke the clip off the front panel of my furnace and just left it sitting inside the furnace.

Ventilation Purification Response • Dec 11, 2018

Dear ***,

In regards to complaint ID I will start by saying what does the van having a dent in the van have to do with anything. The techs take their shoes off at the door in every house unless the customer tells them not to. The tech made a phone call to the office to clock in for starting work at Ms. home. The coupon covers the main duct There-was an additional supply main that was recommended to be cleaned out Ms. with her own free will chose to pay to have the additional work done so the techs did it The coupon states very clearly what is included with it and what is not. When her appointment was booked she was also told what her coupon included and that when the techs come out they will go over her entire system and may make other recommendations that are optional to her. Yes the tech used his smart phone to look down into her system while cleaning, Smart phones have flash lights and live feed to make sure they are doing a great job cleaning the system that can also take pics for customers to see. As for the clip thing. My tech said the furnaces covers were taped on and the clip was already like thatWith all that being; said. We are a very customer driven company and fm terribly sorry you feel this way. To show good faith I am willing to refund you the $89.95 you requested to put this matter to bed. I will be sending out a company check made out to *** and mailed to ***. Once the check is received I would ask that Ms. reach out to the letting them know that this matter has been resolved. If there are any other questions please free to contact me.

Sincereiy,Matthew M

Customer Response • Dec 11, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me. As requested I will contact the once the check has been received.


Scheduled duct cleaning for the first week of July. They called that day and said that something happened and they can't come today. We rescheduled it for July 16. 10 min before the arrival time they called and said that something broke down. Ok, we reschuled for July 31 between 11 and 1 pm. I called them at 12 50 just to confirm, the representative told me that they are running late and will be there between 2 and 4 pm. Nobody showed up or even called. Either very poor organizational skills or a simple scam.

Ventilation Purification Response • Aug 10, 2018

In response to this review. All the dates and times are correct. We did talk to the customer on the 31st to push the appointment back due to traffic and PGH construction. The techs were having a hard time finding the house so we called the customer again to get directions. We didn't get an answer. We also left a message that day as well. The customer didn't get back to us all day. Since then we have called numerous time and have left numerous messages on multiple days to come and do this job. As of this 10th day of Aug. we still have not received any response back from the customer from all of our attempts to come and do this job. After rescheduling the first appointment we did give the customer a free sanitizer for his home to compensate for the missed appointment also. At this time I'm not sure exactly what I can do to make this right until the customers returns all our calls and messages we left to come do this job. We still have every intention to come do this job as soon as we are able to do so per the customer. If there is anything else I can do that I'm not doing; please let me know.
Thank you,
Matthew M

On 12-16, this company was paid to clean my air ducts. During the process, their van caught on fire causing damage to my driveway and sending one of their employees to the hospital. The van was not equipped with any fire extinguishers, so I had to use one from my home. Placed three calls to the owner, but he never returned any of my phone calls.

Ventilation Purification Response • Jan 12, 2018

Dear ***,This letter is in response to the complaint filed by ***. I'm really baffled on why this was even submitted to the A box that got pushed up to the back of the machines exhaust which gets very hot ignited the cord board box on fire which also had brushes in it that made the fire bigger. The actually van was not on fire. One of the techs ran into the van and started stomping the fire out and kicked part of the box out of the van. The customer then came out and sprayed a fire extinguisher from a spray can on the remaining flame. The tech that jumped in the van burnt his hand when he grabbed a ladder that was in the van next to the flame. We rerouted another crew to come out to complete the job. We discounted the job $100.00 plus gave Mr. a sanitizing package valued at $100.00 as well for the incident. The techs assured Mr. that the company would take care of cleaning the driveway on 12/16/17. Mr. called our office the next day which was Sunday. The office is closed on Sunday. We talked to Mr. on Monday about the issue as well as Tuesday and Wednesday. Every time assuring Mr. that we are working with him to resolve the issue. Estimates are in the process of being done as I type this letter. I can assure you and Mr. that we are on top of this issue working with him as he does know. The driveway can't be sealed until the outside temp is 50 degrees.In closing; we are in the process of taking care of the issue and have been taking care of the issue so again I'm not really sure why Mr. sent this in to the when we have been in constant contact with him with the exception of the following day of the incident which was a Sunday which we were not open.

Sincerely,Matthew M

Customer Response • Jan 19, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
I have yet to receive a phone call from the owner. His statement regarding a follow up call was incorrect. I did not receive a call from the company until the following Friday because he(Jason) was on a hunting trip. The employee named Jason has been my only contact. Jason has refused to pay either of the two bids I received, including the lower amount. He stated on 1/12/18, that since he is paying for the repairs he should be able to choose the contractor of his choice or do it himself. I disagree and plan on using one of the two contractors that has done work for me in the past. During the 1/12/18 conversation, I even offered to pay $100 of the $1200 just to end this ordeal.

In response to the letter sent by the owner, your employee discounted $94.75, to repay me for the fire extinguisher and the Christmas entry rug that was ruined by soot and they sanitized the vents on their own.

The lack of professionalism in dealing with this matter by the owner and management is unacceptable.

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