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User Reviewer1123057

Review: I placed an order for 2 children's Valentine's Day shirts and paid via PayPal on January 17, 2014. I was led to believe that these items were to be shipped the following week and be here well before the holiday. I have not received my items or shipping information as on January 30, 2014. I have attempted to contact the seller via email, Facebook Wall Posts(conveniently removed) and Facebook private messages. I am being ignored and my questions regarding my merchandise remain unanswered. I am also no longer able to comment or post to Vintage Lucy's Facebook wall. Sadly, I've learned I'm not the only recipient of the poor customer service. I have filed a dispute via PayPal and would like my $48.00 refunded to my PayPal account. As of now, no response has been made from Vintage Lucy's regarding the dispute. Based on the Facebook retail page, Vintage Lucy's is continuing to post and sell merchandise. However, my questions and requests for further information regarding my merchandise that has been paid for continue to go unanswered.Desired Settlement: I request that my $48.00 I have paid to Vintage Lucy's for merchandise that I havent received be refunded to my PayPal account.

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User Kim S.

I placed an order with Vintage Lucy's on 11/24/15 and was told my order would ship within 1 week.. After that time came and went and after several general post on the sellers fb page stating all orders had shipped and yet i had not received a tracking number nor my order, finally I tried on several occasions to email privately and got only 1 vague email promise for a tracking number of which I didn't get.. Finally I posted directly to the fb page and it was only then on 12/10/15 that I finally got a tracking number of which was basically worthless because the usps only had a electronic promise of shipping but didn't have possession of the package. So as of today I only have a tracking number to a package that has not shipped. This is the 2nd bad experience I have had with company of which I have only ordered from 3 times.. The customer service and communication with customer very poor. . I have filed a claim with PayPal for a refund.. This company is very poorly ran and I would not recommend it to anyone...

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Category: Online Retailer

Address: 7838 Liberty Ave #2, Huntington Beach, CA, 92647

Website: http://www.vintagelucys.com

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