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Vintage Rose Inn

Senior Housing/Living

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Review: I put my mother in Vintage Rose, an assisted living facility owner by P.P. Kumar in Red Bluff, Calif. I signed a contract, $2000/month. Before putting her in there, I was told that the money would be prorated ins she died before 30 days. She died four days later. When I asked for at least $1,500 back I was told I would get nothing back. $2000 for 4 days in extreme. I wrote two letters to Kumar and said I would even take at least $1,000. I get no response. The 4 days my mother was in there was less then a week. I feel I should get 3 weeks pay back ; if not half of my money.Desired Settlement: $1500 (4 weeks in a month divided by 4 = $500 )approx. per week and she was there less then a week. I would settle for half.



Business' Initial Response

This is pertaining to Case # XXXXXXXX Hi, my name is [redacted], I am the administrator of Vintage Rose inn. Here in Red Bluff Ca. I am responding to the complaint sent in to you by [redacted]. I personally did the admit paper work on [redacted]'s mother with her before she brought her in to our home. I explained to her in detail that there would be no refund of the $2000 in the event that her mother passed away in the first two months. I also told [redacted] that if she didn't agree to this we couldn't admit her mother in to our home because it takes a lot of paper work not to mention around the clock care for someone who is dieing. [redacted] filled out all the paper work personally with me knowing all of this, plus just to make sure she totally understood I had her sign an extra document that stated Exactly this... Signed on 5/13/13 Do to the fact her stay could be a short term and the amount of care is large there will be no refund if death occurs in the first 2 months. [redacted] signed and dated this her self. [redacted] was NEVER told that the money would be prorated she new this Before bringing her mom in to our home I made sure of this. I have signed papers to prove this that I can fax to you if needed. I am So very sorry for her lose and any inconvenience this has caused.

Consumer's Final Response

After receiving your response to my complaint, it appears that this case will go on with with no resolve. It's apparent that P.P. Kumar is not interested in doing the obviously right thing refunding even a portion of my money... that's all they want.

I will stop my case at this time, but I would like one resolution out of this. I would like it to be notified on all business notified by P.P. Kumar that (effectively) there is a lack of professionalism, and there is no concern for the people they do business with. In other words, don't give them good favor.

Thank you for all your help and time put into this.

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Category: Senior Housing/Living

Address: 130 Gurnsey Ave, Red Bluff, CA, 96080

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