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User Reviewer703798

Review: Initially my complaint was regarding a proper receip

t totalling $700. USC for the purchase of two 60-70's

style room dividers. When I ordered the dividers [redacted]

the sole proprietor of Vintagelooks.com requesting a

down payment of $200.00 USC via debit card which he

withdrew from my account. The balance of $500.00 USC

was to be given to him in cash on the day "he" delivered

The merchandise (two acrylic single panel spring loaded

room dividers) I have a witness to the delivery-my Landlord.

I requested a receipt for the total purchase amount of $700.00

[redacted] the sole proprietor sent me a letter size sheet of paper

as a receipt showing only the $200.00 USC he withdrew out

of my account. When I attempted to get a corrected receipt

showing the total amount of $700.00 USC I got the run around.

When finally decided to contact me he said he would send me

a corrected receipt showing the full amount I paid him ($700.00).

What I received was the same letter size sheet of paper as a receipt

showing the same $200.00 USC and written in ink the $500.00 USC

I handed him in an envelope the day he brought me the dividers.

The receipt is still not an official receipt!Desired Settlement: I would like my money refunded in full. [redacted] the sole proprietor has been deceptive

and uncooperative. All I wanted was an official receipt showing the full amount of

$700.00 USC I paid him for the merchandise. Instead I first received a letter size piece

of paper only showing $200.00 (which is what he withdrew from my account. After tryin

unsuccessfully to talk to him-he finally called me via cell phone and told me he would

send a proper receipt for the full amount of $700.00 USC I paid. What I received was th

same letter size sheet of paper showing the down payment of $200.00 and written in ink

underneath it the $500.00 USC I handed him in cash which was 5 one hundred dollar bills inside of a small white envelope.

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User Reviewer703802

Review: I found Vintage Looks.com over the Internet. The company displayed a piece of furniture I had been looking for a long time-Àcrylic Single Panel (spring loaded) Room Dividers that date back to the 60's - 70's era. There was a price ($795.00) a 10% discount and free shipping. There was a phone number which I dialed and a man named [redacted] answered. I told him about how long I've been searching for these room dividers and I told him I was interested in purchasing them. After a few words he said to me "just give me $700.00. I was happy for the break in the price and asked him how can we do this transaction. He said he needed a deposit so I asked how can I get the deposit to him he asked for a credit/debit card number which I gave him and I asked him if a $200.00 deposit was good and he said yes. We talked about the delivery and the day most convenient for both of us. He said he would contact me with a delivery day. He [redacted] also let me know he wanted the balance ($500.00) in cash I said Ok. March 13 2013 [redacted] called me to let me know he would be able to make the delivery on Friday March 15 2013. [redacted] made a mistake on the date the following Friday was not March 18 it was actually March 15. Friday March 15 2013 [redacted] arrived ay my residence in [redacted] N.Y. with the pair of (2) two Acrylic single panel room dividers with the spring loaded rods un-installed. Then I removed some of the bubble paper and looked over the dividers and they look in pretty good condition. I handed him a letter size envelope containing the balance $500.00. He quickly put the envelope in his pocket and I asked him "aren't you going to count it"? he said "no I trust you" which I found odd which also surprised me. Bottom line he left and did not give me a receipt. I had an appointment so I was in a little rush and forgot about it until I returned home from the doctors office. The very next day I called him and asked for a receipt he said he would mail it out right away. A week or more later I receive a sort of receipt on letter size paper for only $200.00. Immediately. I called him back and asked him why was the receipt for only $200.00? He acted surprised and said he would have another receipt sent to me asap. Over two weeks have gone by and I have not received the receipt for the $500.00 in cash I handed him on the day he delivered the dividers. I attempted to reach him by phone voice mail comes on I left a message letting him know I wanted the receipt and let him know I was angry. I have called three different phone numbers which all go to voicemail and all have his voice on the voicemail greeting. NOTE:The company is also referred to as Retro Furniture. Just a few moments ago I dialed another phone number I noticed on the Revdex.com search called and some one sounding like [redacted] answered and said "Retro Furniture" I ask to speak to [redacted] and the person whom I believe to be [redacted] hung up on me. I called right back and the call went right to voicemail.Desired Settlement: I only want the receipt for the $500.00. I paid him $700.00! $200.00 through my [redacted] card of which I have a record of from my bank [redacted] and $500.00 in cash when he made the delivery. In total I paid him $700.00 and that's what I want a receipt for!

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