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205 108th Ave NE Suite S150, Bellevue, Washington, United States, 98004

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• Jan 12, 2022

They sent me an email stating I hadn't included a "gut" sample. That wasn't true.

I contacted customer support and they claimed there was a system failure.

Then they said my samples were being tested.
Now another week later they say there is a delay. A problem with the samples...

I don't belive they even know whose samples they are testing. Obviously they present themselves as medical professionals but can't seem to professionally manage their testing.

They refuse to give me my money back. Whatever results they eventually post, I certainly don't trust them to be accurate.

Their objective is to sell subscriptions for supplements.

• Aug 27, 2021

Viome: Where illness is optional, but deceptive business practices are not.
Viome's four issues that turned me from an excited customer to an angry reviewer are as follows:

1. The hidden $200 cancelation fee. Navigate to the product description page for Precision Supplements Complete. It's described as a "monthly subscription plan." Great, monthly plans are not subject to a cancelation fee. The sleight of hand appears when you read the cancellation policy on the support site, where Supplements Complete is redefined as an annual plan, a $200 fee to cancel.

2. Questionable "Science." An example. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACD) is one of my superfoods. What scientific evidence does Viome cite for this personalized suggestion? Two studies are listed. One on probiotic's effect on testosterone levels and testicular size in aging mice. The other discussing probiotics' influence on immunity and neurobiology. No mention of ACD is made in these papers and yet these are touted as scientific evidence for Viome's recommendation.

3. Numerous processing delays. Viome states test results will be delivered within 4 weeks. Try 7+. Supplements shipped in 2 weeks. In reality, 4+. The total turn-around time from purchase to supplements was 3 months.

4. Miscommunication. On July 19th, Viome sent an email to it's customers that due to the company's success, the monthly subscription price was lowered from $200 to $150. A day later, Viome retracted their price reduction as it was sent due to a "system error." Their AI must be really advanced to type and send emails. For full disclosure, Viome did refund me a small amount, $25, but only after I reached out with my concerns.

In short, Viome promises the world with its grand ideas and revolutionary products but fails to deliver on the basic elements of a trustworthy business. Sadly, some of the recommendations also appear to be less than science-based.

• Jul 31, 2021

Awful - stay away!
I submitted my stool sample for microbiome testing on June 2 and as per Viome's portal it wasn't received until June 8th (I could have hand delivered it as I am local to their Bellevue office - now moving to Bothell). After the 4 weeks were up (it states on their portal that results may take up to 4 weeks) I called them for an update and they told me that it can take up to 6 weeks. I called again at 6 weeks and they said that my sample had to be reprocessed due to low RNA being present. I was told to expect results at the 8 week mark. I called again at 8 weeks and still no results. A Customer Service rep promised me to check in with the lab and emailed me 2 days later to say that they had to reprocess my sample again due to low RNA. I was so surprised to keep hearing the same story and at 8 weeks I don't trust that this same sample that has been in transit due to their office move from Bellevue to Bothell had been handled professionally to produce accurate results. I complained and was told that I would receive a 25% refund of my fees paid, I replied to let them know that I had Zero confidence in their processes and professionalism and wanted a full refund back and no longer cared to see their flawed results. The next day I receive an email saying my results are ready (just the day before I was told my sample wasn't good enough) and not surprisingly the results were poor in all areas. I can not believe the contradictions they fed me and I just want my money back and warn others not to trust this company!

• Jul 25, 2021

So far, not so good
I was pleasantly surprised when I receive the box with the sample testing equipment in it, it was very well organized. But I soon run into trouble. Two of the three lancets didn’t work so I had to go to the drugstore and buy a whole box just for one. They said the paper was flushable, and when I flushed it clogged my toilet. I had to snake it out which was disgusting to say the least. I mailed the samples about two weeks ago, on the website it said results would come within 3 to 4 weeks. I sent the samples from California to New Mexico, and when I called they said they hadn’t received them yet. And then they told me they were going have to send them to a new them up to Washington state to their new lab, which they are still setting up , which is going to take another week or so just to get there and who knows how long it will take for them to process the samples. They said the total time could take 6 to 8 weeks, and I’m thinking it will probably take longer. So at this point I’m losing confidence that the results will even be accurate. I was really looking forward to getting some good food recommendations, now I’m not so sure.

• Jul 25, 2021

Not a lot of confidence so far
I felt good when I got the box because it was so well organized, but I soon started losing faith. Two of the three lancets are broken, so I had to go to the drugstore and buy a whole new box for just one. The supposedly flushable paper didn’t flush, so I had to use a snake get it out which was to say the least disgusting. I sent in my sample probably two weeks ago from California to New Mexico. When I called yesterday they said they hadn’t received them yet. They then told me that they are going to have to send it to a new lab in Washington which could take another week just to get there, and this is all before they start processing the samples. As well they had a page on their site where you could contact the company directly, not just the customer service telephone agents. It seems like they took down that page. I was really looking forward to getting my results, now I am wondering if they will even be accurate given my experience so far.


Viome took my money this Father's Day. I bought two kits byt as of 7/8 have not received. I have had a numerous back and forth with Customer Support -- what time wasters as they keep asking for proof of purchase. Finally I am disputing charge with my credit card, but I think I lost the Father's Day discount even though I can prove I purchased then. VERY POOR Customer Service.


I ordered my kit and registered on line. I attempted to sign in to my account only to receive an error message stating that they do not have my email or password on file. I attempted to use the reset password link using the same email address. Mind you this is the address that they DO have me linked to because I receive email from Viome at that address. Viome does NOT have a customer service phone number to call. Viome does NOT have a live chat so you can talk to a person. I sent my first email to them stating my problem. I got a canned answer back that did not address my issues stated in my email to them. Just an email stating that my address was registered. I sent another email pointing out the fact that they did NOT address the issue that I was having and I was wanting to get access to my account so I could complete my information so they could send me my results. Again, I get an email back that did not address my issue. Asking if I had tried to reset my password!! OMG! Viome is sending me email stating that they cannot complete my test until I log in to my account and complete my questionnaire! The lack of customer support with this company is unbelievable! They have my money and I have nothing but a headache!

Viome Response • Jun 30, 2020

Hi, ***, We want to offer you our sincere apologies for any frustration you experienced with our customer service. Please know that we value your feedback and we have relayed your experience back to our team. In the future, if you ever need any assistance, we are available through email or social media and our phone number is 1-855-95-VIOME. One of our Viome representatives will be following up with you to gain more insight on this matter. Again, we are so sorry for not being able to provide you with the experience you deserve.

I bought a kit from them which you need to register before taking the test. I started registering my kit. I tried to go back in to finish registering and I cannot get into my account. It says I can reset the PW, but it never sends the email to do so (and no it is not in my junk as I checked that. I reached out to customer service and they said it would take 2 biz days at most to get back and they never got back. The phone number for Viome does not work. I have no way to finish registering so I can complete and do the test to get the results I paid for. I can't get a hold of anyone! Help. Worse customer service EVER

Viome Response • May 13, 2020

Hi, ***. We apologize for the confusion and would very much like to help you resolve this issue. We show that you originally contacted us on 5/2/2020 and since then have been in contact with several of our representatives. We have replied to each of your emails in an attempt to help you register your kit and reset your password. I have also sent an additional email to ***, which gives instructions on how to reset your password. This is the email that we have on file, and it is the email attached to your account. Please know that we are always here to help and would very much like to resolve this issue. A representative will soon be reaching out to answer any questions you might have.

I ordered a kit and am unable to register it as requested to do. The company’s website does not work and there is no way to contact them.

Viome Response • Feb 27, 2020

Hi, ***. We apologize for the trouble you have had while trying to register your kit. We see that you have been in contact with our support team and we would very much like the opportunity to help you further with this issue. As a new company we rely on our customer feedback to help us grow to be better able to serve you. To better understand the situation and gather this feedback, a Viome representative will be following up with you shortly.

Customer Response • Mar 02, 2020

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:
I did receive a call from the company and was able to register my test kit. I completed the questionnaires they require and returned the test sample by mail to the company. But I want to wait and see if I receive my test results in a timely manner

I don't know why people are complaining..
This Test as given back my LIFE
I have COPD and GOOD food and bad food MATTERS A LOT!!! to my health..
It helped me eliminate the food that made my INFLAMMATION MARKET higher and what food would bring DOWN my INFLAMMATION MARKERS..
When inflammation stays down I have less Mucus and rattling in my chest lest MUCUS LESS COUGHING!!!
Doctors would have never been able to help me like this test as...
Please don't let a few people mess up your chance to know WHAT FOODS you eat everyday that is particular causing you problems you didn't even know was the food you love( but that food you love sometime doesn't love you back that the problem.... its sneaky like that ( its very suttle it could be food that gives you headache or pimple, inflammation, tiredness, or stuffy sinus)
it happen to me drinking Kambocha like crazy because I LOVE IT.. but what I didn't know half my face was constantly with sinuses infection.. saw it on my AVOID FOOD stop drinking it and it all went away!!!!!

It's been 8 weeks and not a word. My daughter and I sent them in at the same time and she has recewived her results. There is no customer service email or phone number for queries!

Viome Response • Feb 18, 2020

Hi, ***. We apologize to you for the delay in your results and for any inconvenience it may have caused. When we receive your sample we split it up into three sections. This way, if one piece fails the processing stage, we can move onto the next one. Because we are having to reprocess the sample, it can take extra time, but we want to make sure we use the highest quality sample in order to ensure the most precise recommendations. We sincerely apologize for not being better at communicating this with our customers. This is why your results took longer than your daughters. A Viome representative will be contacting you shortly to address any questions or concerns.

I mailed my body fluid sample to this company via their return label/packaging, 2 day shipping. The sample seems to have not arrived at the business and they will not return my email requests for communication (they do not provide a phone number). I paid for the company to analyze my sample and so they cannot fulfill the "product" that I paid for without my sample.

Viome Response • Feb 11, 2020

your business is very important to us. We see you have been in contact with one of our customer service representatives. Your sample has been received and is currently in its processing stage. We understand your frustration as you were not notified of this update. We'd be happy to discuss this further with you. A Viome representative will be following up with you shortly.

I ordered Viome kit and proceeded to do the online portion. It locked me out. After all the hours of useless trying I read complaints on your site. Co
Could not reach anyone for support
Mailed back and it cost me 19 dollars
Filed a complaint with my credit card too

Viome Response • Feb 07, 2020

Hi, ***. We apologize for the trouble you experienced with our website. We want you to know that we appreciate your feedback and have recently updated our app and website in order to resolve these types of issues. Per our terms, we have refunded the price of your kit and have additionally refunded the cancellation fee. A Viome representative will be contacting you shortly to address any questions or concerns.

I'm feeling really concerned about the truth behind the results and food recommendations. I received my results back in October 2019. My superfood list was short with odd foods like capers and brazil nuts. But what the heck, I've been eating them because I was desperate! Two digestive supplements were recommended. My list of foods to avoid was long. Things that I was used to eating regularly, like black beans and cabbage were on my minimize list. But I followed the recommendations.
You can imagine my surprise today when I logged on to my account (December 2019) and found that my superfoods list had entirely changed! Brazil nuts and capers were no longer on it. And suddenly foods that were previously on my minimize list ( black beans and cabbage) were now my on superfoods list? My supplement recommendation list now had several other products for me to buy. What the heck Viome? How can I trust that any of my results were accurate? Now I have no idea what to eat or if the database is a joke. I'm waiting to hear from the company, but even still, I will have no idea what to trust. Right now it seems like I've spent the last 3 months eating food that wasn't even meant for me. Go figure, because my gut is still a wreck.

Viome Response • Dec 27, 2019

Hi, ***. We want to offer you our sincere apologies for any frustration you experienced with your results and recommendations. The action plan that you were on was a 2-step recommendation plan instead of one. The first step is to rebalance your own microbial metabolism. Step 2 focuses on continuing to support and nurture your gut and all the beneficial microbial activities and functions. In the second phase of your plan your recommended foods now include more food options for you to indulge and enjoy. With the goal of rebalancing your gut environment, this plan involves systematically adding back foods that you have been minimizing or avoiding. During this second phase, you will also see two new products to support your microbiome, a probiotic and a polyphenol. These help to support the digestive enzymes. Again, we apologize if you feel that there was any miscommunication and we would be happy to work with you rectify this issue. A Viome representative will be following up with you shortly. Thanks for your patience.

This company promises to deliver analysis results from a gut test once you finish answering their questionnaires. Their app and website crashes every time you try to answer their questions. They claim they cannot analyze your results until you finish the questionnaire. Therefore it becomes impossible for the consumer to receive the service that they paid for. Customer service is not responsive, and there is no telephone number to call.

Viome Response • Dec 19, 2019

Hi ***, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We sincerley apologize for the trouble you have experienced with our website. We are currently working on our website to make it as accessible on as many platforms as possible. As a new company we rely on our customer feedback to help us grow to be better able to serve you. To better understand the situation and gather this feedback, a Viome representative will be following up with you shortly.

It has been 12 weeks since they have received my sample. I was supposed to have results withing 2-4 weeks. An updated after I purchased said it might take as long as 7 weeks to get my results; I am now five weeks past that and have not been able to get a response. Do not send this company your money, they are obviously not able to keep up with processing the kits they have sold to date.

Viome Response • Dec 27, 2019

Hi, ***. We apologize to you for the delay in your results and for any inconvenience it may have caused. When we receive your sample we split it up into three sections. This way, if one piece fails the processing stage, we can move onto the next one. Because we are having to reprocess the sample, it can take extra time, but we want to make sure we use the highest quality sample in order to ensure the most precise recommendations. We sincerely apologize for not being better at communicating this with you and have issued you a full refund. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any further questions.

Viome is a fraud. It's been over 8 weeks since I sent my sample over and no response from these bozos. There is no number to call as well. I have told my doctor, friends, and family to stay away from this company. They say their user base has increased and they can't handle the load. That is just an excuse. I will be filing a complaint with and State attorney general. I don't care about my results anymore. I just need my money back. Viome is a scam and as consumers we need to stay clear from this company.

Viome Response • Dec 11, 2019

Hi ***, thank you for your feedback. As a growing company, we rely heavily on feedback like yours to help improve our overall customer experience and communication. We sincerely apologize for the lack in communication about your sample. We are actually in the middle of implementing a more detailed sample tracker that will help provide details on a the process that your sample goes through once it reaches our lab. We have looked into your account and it appears your results and recommendations have been delivered into your account. Please know, we recently experienced a back log which caused a 2-3 week delay to our initial 4-6 week processing times. We have made the appropriate updates to our lab and to our staff to ensure this will be short lived. We are happy to provide a refund to the account we have on file. A Viome representative will be following up with you shortly. Thank you for your patience. Again, as a new company we greatly value your feedback and completely understand your frustration. We hope you will consider giving us another try in the future.

I ordered an analysis kit from Viome. Viome sent an automated response to me that I needed to complete questionnaires, which I did. However, Viome continues to send me automated emails that my analysis is "paused" pending completion of the questionnaires. The questionnaires are completed. There is nothing I can do to add more to them. The website shows them with check marks - meaning they are satisfactorily completed, however, through some technical glitch the analysis is suspended indefinitely. I contacted Viome's customer service multiple times and received no response. I have paid in full and not received what I paid for, nor will anyone reply to my requests for customer support.

Viome Response • Nov 15, 2019

Hi ***! We appreciate you reaching out. We see you have been in contact with one of our customer service representatives. From the conversation it sounds like everything has been settled. To ensure that everything is taken care of, one of our Viome representatives will be following up with you. We look forward to hearing from you!

I know that far more people leave a review when they've had a bad experience as opposed to when they've had a good experience – and there seems to only be 1 or 5 stars to be given but I want to let people who find Viome on this site know that I've only had positive experiences with the company since my first interaction. And, although it may take their customer service folks a little while to get back to you when there is an issue, I didn't find the wait time unreasonable. In the culture of today when people aren't used to waiting for even a few minutes for a response, I can see how having to wait a week or two might be irritating but their team is doing the best they can.

I recently tried to return a test kit to Viome only to find out a week or so later that the outdoor mailbox I put it in got robbed. (If the perpetrators who stole the mail opened my package, I bet they were very surprised!) Regardless, I emailed Viome support to let them know what happened and to see if I could just purchase a new test kit. They replied a week or so later, apologized for the delay (due to high volume) and are sending me a new kit free of charge. It was not their fault in any way that some jerk decided to start robbing mailboxes in my area but they're sending me a new kit for free anyway, even though I offered to pay for it.

I love this service and think it's the way health care will be moving in the future. Highly recommend!

I paid Viome for their mail-in kit, to help diagnose my gut health. My friend and I both bought kits, I returned mine to Viome much quicker than she did. Viome shows they received my kit, same with hers. She got her results weeks ago if not a month ago, mine are still 'pending'. I've asked viome on several occasions to respond to me, no response. I want a refund. If they can't run their business properly, they should not be out there overselling their services.

Viome Response • Oct 23, 2019

Hello ***,

Our team sincerely apologizes for the delay in response to your inquiries. Our current demand caught us by suprise and we were unable to match the demand with an appropriate amount of support. We have remedied this. We have added more staff to properly support our customers, such as yourself. We have also added additional robots and we are currently operating 24/7 to ensure this delay is short lived. Because we could not deliver your results and recommendations in the time we promised, we will be happy to issue a refund to you. To followup with you about your customer experience, a Viome representative will be corresponding with you shortly.

Customer Response • Oct 23, 2019

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.



PS. I will check but do not think I have gotten a personal response from the business. I would imagine I should within the next 3 days? if not will amend this complaint.

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