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User Reviewer1126573

Review: Discount was advertised which I didn't receive when I questioned cashier first she says it was too late since I had already paid then she said she needed a manager which she told me to go find somewhere after I refused she went to get manager [redacted] who said he needed the owner I asked [redacted] for cashiers name and he said he didn't know very disrespectful and unprofessional employeesDesired Settlement: Refund

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User Reviewer1126567

Review: When we had our car detailed here this LAST time, as we have done some what regularly for the past 15 years. Only this time our car was robbed (of my medicine). Which is not my complaint to you. My problem is when i brought it to the attention of the manager/owners son, **. and the customer service or lack of, that followed. At first ** was very nice & stated they have 0 tolerance for this type of behavior & that he would view the days films & get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately this happened on the holiday weekend & he left for the day without viewing the films or recovering my medicine. I called him the next day and he said his wife was sick and he rushed out the night before & was sorry & he would handle the matter come Monday. I was sympathetic to his wife's illness but explained my meds & personal information on the custom bottle would be long gone & in who knows who hands by then, but i accepted he was trying his best. I believed this brush off was in good faith mind you. After i did not hear from the manager or the owner for several more days, i decided to call them back. What a BIG MISTAKE! I was yelled at, then cursed at by the Manager ** and he then relayed a very mean, obscene and belligerent message, supposedly from the owner Loren himself. When i informed him that he had no right talking to me like that or treating me that way & that i was going to call the police regarding this whole matter, he then started threatening me. When i did of course call the police and filed a complaint, the officers informed me that they are at VIP car wash quite often now for the same kind of problem with the Owner and his son, ** being horrible and disrespectful to the customers when they complain about an occurrence at their place of business. They said they have even had to stop the owner from physically attacking customers with the police right there. This is definitely not the All American place of business that they used to be & still claim they are.Desired Settlement: Please warn other customers to be careful and weary of going there. Their customer service and business ethics have been lost these past few years. Maybe the grandeur has gone to their heads.They smile to your face when they take your money but they want to hurt you when if make a legitimate complaint. I think they should be investigated regarding their good standing with you. People believe and trust what you say and i also hope that you will help get the message across to this business, not to forget, its the customers that made you. Respect them as they respect you.




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User Reviewer1126571

Review: On 10/22/2014 I took a yukon into VIP carwash for a detailing service. I needed a wash and the carpets shampooed. I told them that the vehicle was going to a show in Vegas and the outside would need a rewash but the inside needed to look like new. This was said to the manager ( Big white guy brother of [redacted] Owners daughter). He said for 199.99 They would make it look like new and he would also through in a wax or something to the outside. I gave my number to the front desk lady 4 hours later I told them I had sports we had to make and they said they vehicle was done. As I got in it was NOT even vacuumed dirt everywhere. I ran in and told them it looked horrible and I wanted to cry they said first thing in the morning to bring it back. So I did yet again as I received it the vehicle looked horrible. I then asked for a refund. They waited for the manager and he got in my face saying its his word against mine and was verbally abusive. I tried to fight it with the bank but they said since i signed my receipt they couldn't get my money back. I had to sign my receipt because if I didn't they would not give me my vehicle. Then I got a reply from the VIP carwash misstating all the facts that append that day. Call it a lesson learned to never go there but its wrong and if people don't report it than criminals like them will continue to rob people. If you were driving to Vegas would you care about how the outside of the vehicle looked?Desired Settlement: I would like my money back at least. I would also venture to see how I can get the company on the blocked list for other service members so they are not ripping them off. I think they should have a negative rating as well or even the business license pulled. They are scamming people even their reviews are horrible online which I wish I would have checked prior.

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