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User Reviewer6674715 time 03.04.2018

I just called to tell the bbb that the complaint I would like withdrawn as the owner [redacted] just left here and he is going to take care of the issue.
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Please let me know you got this message and please notify Vip landscaping that the complaint has been withdrawn.   Thank you so much.    [redacted]
Better Business Bureau:
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

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User Reviewer850101

Review: [redacted] from VIP Landscaping came to my home to install paver walkways one on each side of a brand new deck that was being built in the backyard. On the left side of my deck he built a paver walkway and on the right side of my deck another paver walkway. The land was to be graded properly and pitched away from the house. First big rainstorm we had there was a flood in my beautiful finished basement. We did not know at the time that the pavers were causing the flooding to my home. Had another bad rains and flooded again finally realizing it was the pavers that VIP Landscape Services installed. It is so much lower than the original cement walkway that was there. I called [redacted] from VIP Landscape and got no response until my husband got involved and called him personally. He came over right away and had an attitude and insisted that there was nothing wrong and it was not pitched to the house which anyone can see just by looking at it that it is. My husband got a level and placed it on pavers in front of [redacted] and showed him it is definitely pitched towards our house and graded towards our house. He suggested a drain because he did not want to properly remove the pavers and grade it properly and put the pavers back. We do not want a drain as it can get clogged and continue flooding in our home plus he wanted to charge us for the repair for his incompetence and sub standard work. Also, I ordered [redacted] pavers and I picked out the colors and he did not get the colors that I choose and one one side of the deck the pavers are not the same color as the other side. I have called other paver companies to come and see what is going on here and what can be done to resolve this problem. They all said that it was improperly installed and pitched towards our house towards a window well to our basement. They said like we asked [redacted] to do is to rip it up and regrade and reinstall like it should of been in the first place. I paid VIP Landscape in full for the job at the time.Desired Settlement: I would like the backyard paver area fixed properly so there is no future flooding which included the removal of air conditioner unit and stairs from deck and they are to be replaced when job is done correctly and pitched away from my house. Also, I would like the stones I ordered and they should be the correct color as well.



I just called to tell the Revdex.com that the complaint I would like withdrawn as the owner [redacted] just left here and he is going to take care of the issue.

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Category: Landscape Architects

Address: 1933 State Route 35, Wall Township, NJ, 07719

Website: http://www.viplandscapesnj.com/

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