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User Reviewer1520441 time 19.05.2016

Review: *** *** is the *** of this company - Elite Turkey Tours and She is a Fraud.She promised us 4 Star and 5 Star Hotels.and failed to keep her promise.We got sub - standard hotels which are not even 2 Stars.When we complained to her, she tried to cover her lies by making stories.She promised dinner for 2 in Capadocia worth $200 each person.and we were taken to dinner which was worth $20 per person.*** submitted Forged Email to *** *** making false claim.Desired Settlement: We have paid nearly $10,000 towards the whole trip.and we want atleast refund of $4500 back for not delivering the promises that were made.Our Honeymoon was ruined. We had to go thru Aggravation and disappointment.



At this time, I have been contacted directly by Elite Turkey Tours regarding complaint ID ***, however my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

[Your Answer Here]

The business and its *** *** continue to deny and accept their mistake.

I have filed a complaint on *** regarding the Forgery done by them to collect money on my *** *** Credit Card.

We had approached *** *** the *** of Euphrates Travel Inc to help us with our trip to Turkey and Greece.

*** promised us 4 Star and 5 Star Hotels, Local Tours, Lunches, Breakfasts, Dinner, Ferry Tickets, Pick up and Drop off, etc.

In the letter to *** ***, she and her company are claiming that they promised us and provided us with these.

FALSE CLAIMS AND PROMISES BY *** *** *** and Euphrates Travel Inc:

4 Star Hotels in Istanbul and Capadocia.

5 Star Hotels in Athens and Santorini.

Dinners and Breakfast Complimentary

Turkish night and Dinner in Istanbul and Cappadocia ( $200 per person)


Official Star Rating of Hotels we stayed at in Istanbul and CapadociaHotel

Armagrandi Spina - 3 Star or Less.

Hotel Dosso Dossi - 4 Stars

Hotel Asia Manor - 3.5 Star or less.

Official Star Rating of Hotels we stayed at in Athens and Santorini

Hotel Polis Grand - 3.5 Star or less.

Hotel Cavo Bianco - 3.5 Star.

Dinners and Breakfast.

We were not given any Free Dinners in our entire trip.

Complimentary Turkish night and Dinner in Istanbul and Cappadocia ( $200 per person) :

We were treated to only 1 Dinner in Capadocia. and we confirmed with Local staff there itself and it was $20 Cost per person.

WRONG Itinerary

Miss *** *** and Euphrates Travel Inc kept on changing the Hotels and Local Tour dates till the last time.They sent us several emails of the Itinerary till the last minute

and kept confusing us.Due to this confusion we even lost the Lunch and local Tour of Myknos. As per their Itinerary submitted to *** ***, for May ***.Our Hydrofoil Journey from Santorini to Mykonos was to depart at 2.45pm.We were not informed till the last minute and our departure was changed to 11.30am .We could have been away from Hotel and lost to catch our Ferry on time. and this could have spoilt our entire rest of the Journey.


We were provided Wrong tickets for this Journey.We got the tickets FROM Mykonos" TO 'Santorini" instead of FROM " Santorini TO Mykonos"( Copies of Tickets enclosed)Upon our request we were allowed to Board this Ferry, or based upon the Wrong Tickets we would have been stranded in Santorini.and this could have spoilt our entire rest of the Journey.

I request Revdex.com to demand Proof of the Claims being made by *** *** *** and Euphrates Travel Inc:

- Proof of Official Star Rating of Each Hotel provided to us.

- Proof of any Dinners provided to us in the entire trip.

- Proof of $200 per person Turkish night and Dinner provided to us.

- Proof of my confirmation email to them confirming to their final Itinerary.


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