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Review: [redacted] is involved by doing overcharging the patient and claiming to their insurance and when insurance doesn't pay then going after the patient. I had her office call my insurance in advance and agreed that I will not be paying any out of pocket expense however after few weeks of my visit starting getting emails that I owe her office $101.00.

Not only that the treatment she did was abusive of the requirement of my treatment by doing same procedures excessively and claiming the insurance for it. When I visited to another dentist they confirmed I don't need that treatment / medicine. She and her office staff forced me to order medicine in an advance from my insurance and delivered to her office so she can sell that medicine to other patients. A full investigation should be conducted and she should be barred to practice so this insurance fraud can be stopped immediately. Also her tactics to be stopped as she use a collection agency to scare patients that if they will not pay then their credit rating will go down by reporting to credit agencies.

I'm having concern and helath issues after the treatment.Desired Settlement: Dr. must stopp harrassing patients thru collection agency for unneeded medicines and services and ordering medicines from patient insurance providers to sell to other patients. Dr. must refund and return all the medicine. A refund of 5,000.00 is required otherwise a formal court case will be filed sueing her illegal practice.



Response to Claim:

1. The patient has had a history of advanced [redacted] that was diagnosed 7/**/12.

2. The patient was explained orally and was given a written dental plan to help cure his [redacted] that he signed (not forced). It included medicine commonly used to heal [redacted] called [redacted] (see attached) He also willingly signed the Rx form to order (see attached).

3. He also signed an agreement saying that he would cover/be responsible for any bills that insurance didn't cover. See signed agreement to pay.

4. As the owner, I have personally contacted patient since February to explain why he has a bill and he refuses to listen and try to understand. As a result of not getting paid what is due to us financially, he was put into collections after 9 months of account not being paid.

5.He is welcome to file a court case as I feel confident that we have not done anything unethical or malpractice.



Please be prepared for loss wages counter lawsuit for every single day I have to miss work for your pointless lawsuit, my legal fees, and more!



I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID# [redacted], and have determined that my complaint has NOT been resolved because:

Stop threatening. You mentioned in your previous response before this one that this will be the last thing from your end. Now what this is for ? You are not truthful to your own words and so is to the patients. It will be up to the court and judge to decide.

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