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• Sep 18, 2023

VIP Nation for Incubus Concert in Colorado Springs, CO - Worst VIP experience ever!
A lot is on the venue as well, but it is also still on VIP Nation.
08/27/2023 First, my original account for the VIP tickets had my nickname on it because I never use my legal name for concert tickets unless required for some reason. I changed it everywhere when buying these tickets and the VIP, but the VIP still used my nickname as the attendee. Well, you can't do that for the VIP. Everything must match everywhere. Completely understandable, so I asked to change the names so that I could make everything match which the confirmation email even says that you can do before the show (and this was weeks before the show). Well, they decided that I couldn't do that either. It should have been right when ordering. It was right when I placed the order, but their stupid site changed it back to my nickname.

After arguing for days and realizing that they just took my money and were not going to fix anything, I decided to create a whole new account with another email address so that everything would be in my legal name from the beginning. It worked and I considered everything done while I was just out a substantial amount of money for a freaking VIP experience. Then come to find out, I didn't even need to show ID to get in at the actual concert, so I didn't even need to mess with any of this or purchase it twice. Whatever. So, after placing my second order, then came the wait for the VIP instructions. Those arrived by email at the absolute last minute the night before, after I had called and emailed every few hours every day starting 5 days before the show. Not a single response or help to get this resolved earlier so that we could plan our trip ahead of time. We were left to plan the night before which, luckily, I was already in town from another state so it only aggravated us. Imagine if I had been driving in from where I live only to be left with such uncertain plans simply because they couldn’t send out the email instructions on time?

Well! At the show, the lines were a mess and, as I mentioned in my review of the venue itself, we were left out front in the rain far more often than we were inside enjoying an actual VIP experience. We were brought inside the first time to watch the sound check which was very cool, and then we were ushered out of the arena again to wait for our photo op which seemed pointless and didn’t feel anything like a VIP experience. I didn’t expect to hang with the band the entire time, but how was there not a VIP lounge or something where we could wait and get drinks? Oh, we also weren’t allowed to buy drinks early which was great to know, so we went hours without anything. Security and cops were treated more like VIP than the actual customers who paid for VIP, but what’s new about that?

Hours later, we were finally taken back inside for our photo op, and we were all put into a line to wait. Not to get personal, and I tried joking about it instead of actually explaining anything about me to strangers, but I needed to stay in the back because I’m very slow right now. From severe depression, to gaining a ton of weight and breaking my ankle during Covid, to losing 5 lifelong friends over the past year and a half (including my eldest sister only a few months ago) – I’m just not moving as fast as normal. It took everything in me just to be excited at this show, but the workers/VIP people acted like I was the worst human to exist simply for wanting to stay at the back of the line so that no one would get stuck waiting for my depressed azz to move. Never will I be considerate again. Thanks for reminding me of that life lesson, VIP Nation, and Weidner Field.

Finally, we "met" the band for about 10 seconds for a group picture even though I had purchased 3 SEPARATE VIP experiences. I wanted 3 SEPARATE PICTURES considering THAT'S WHAT I PAID FOR, and I expected to actually meet the band, not sit in chairs in front of them with a table between us. The VIP and venue employees rushed us to the point that we had no idea what to do. I know that bands are rushed around during concerts and can’t chat with everyone for more than a minute or two, but maybe help the fans who paid good money for an experience by giving them better instructions and more time to -- I don't know, MEET the band for more than a few seconds considering that they paid a lot of money for it (in my case, paid over 5k for 10 seconds of interaction and one horrid group photo instead of 3 separate photos for all of us to have of ourselves). We wanted to actually meet them for a minute, not just be told to sit in chairs with our backs to them and to get out as soon as the pictures were taken. And, once again, once finished, we were told to go back outside the venue and wait for the early entrance. As VIP. What was VIP about sitting outside of the arena 80% of the time? Especially out in the rain for over an hour? They also had us stand in the wrong spot while all the other VIP were led to a separate line. And then after standing in the rain in line with everyone else for an hour, we were taken inside AFTER everyone else including general admission. As VIP?!

Horrible, horrible experience. I have adored Incubus for over 20yrs, and this hurt. I honestly don’t think that I would ever do this again simply because of this one awful experience. I will say that Juan (from VIP Nation) seemed to try his best to make everything work for us onsite, and he did argue with the venue about us being out in the rain but to no avail (thanks to the unimaginable amount of security and cops taking up all the room which still makes no sense for an Incubus concert of all concerts). He either actually cared, or he is one great actor, but he seemed as angry as the rest of us VIP. Maybe let him have some fun in the rafters for a while. He deserves it since he was the only person who attempted to work with all of us.

While me being out twice as much money as I should have been thanks to VIP Nation sucked, the arena was the worst part of the entire experience considering that it was the same arena that canceled our show on Friday and the storms were nowhere near as bad as they were during the Incubus show that they left us all to stand in. Absolutely devastated that all of this happened, and we were screwed out of what should have been the coolest experience of our lives to finally meet a band that we have loved for decades, the band that shaped a large part of our early lives. The show was incredible. VIP was an absolute letdown. The only cool thing was we talked to the band for 5 whole seconds from behind our backs since we couldn't even look at them before we were rushed out. Other than the slight interaction with the band and getting to be on stage for the show, I am left highly unsatisfied with this experience. Even our horrid VIP “group” picture was a waste of money. We all look like crap thanks to being rushed through it. I don’t even want it. I cropped myself out so that my friend and daughter could at least have a separate picture to show off since paying for 3 VIP experiences doesn’t actually give you 3 VIP experiences.

Sorry Incubus, but so long as you use VIP Nation, we will never again pay for the experience. Worst memory ever.

5 Seconds of Summer Toronto
What a waste of $250 for me and my daughter. Your at the floor level the artists sit on stage only 4 questions the VIP stupid lady randomly picked a person to ask question. Only 2 songs they played. No Pictures or video the VIP lady said and if you do they will kick you out! So not worth it. Please keep your money and get a couple more concert shirts!

Review: I ordered a ticket to a Damien Rice concert through this company on Nov 9th. The ticket was paid on Nov 10. I received confirmation that my payment had been received on the same date (Nov 10), and was advised that my ticket would be sent to me via Ticketmaster transfer. I sent several emails and placed numerous phone calls to their number ###-###-#### Ext. 200 over the next six days. Several voicemail messages were left as well. I provided my contact information when leaving messages, but did not receive a call back. On Nov 17, I called their toll free number mentioned above 39 times to inquire on the status of my order as the concert was scheduled for Nov 18. I received an email from the VIPNations Security team noting that my number was going to be blocked as I was suspected of spamming their toll free number. I replied to that email with the details of my complaint and was advised that they had access to the Ticket Transfer system and would investigate the status of my order for me. The following day (Nov 18), I received another email advising that the agent who had processed my order had entered it incorrectly and that the issue would be fixed. I never received my ticket, which I paid $220.00 for. I have asked for a refund of the money I paid (via email to the same email address which had replied to my complaint), but he received no response.Desired Settlement: Refund of full amount paid for ticket which was never received ($220.00).

Review: I ordered tickets for my daughter to go see One Direction from a website called VIP This is not to be confused with is legit but was claiming to be a sister company selling tickets. These scammers were good. Their website which is still up and running looks like the real deal. They even have a 1-855 number which I called and was answered and tons of great customer reviews. I unfortunately got scammed and sent them an e-transfer for $700 for 2 tickets and never received my tickets. I should have gone with my gut instinct as I was suspicious but I spoke to someone for about 20 minutes and they seemed legit and knew exactly the answers to all my questions without hesitation. Their reasoning for not taking a credit card and only accepting the e-transfer was because they were reselling these tickets for their clients. Apparently one of the perks of being a member of VIP is if you bought tickets for an event and then couldn't attend they would try to resell if for you, that made some sense and against my better judgement I sent them the money. Upon further investigation it is confirmed they are a scam. Please be advised. I am hoping that these people are caught and do scam others. I know they have scammed many people and probably are still doing it.Desired Settlement: I hope they people get caught and I get my money back but more importantly I hope they are caught so they don't scam other people.

Review: Non delivery of tickets ordered and paid for in the amount of $750. Company claimed to be sending me refund and it never happened,

I ordered 2 tickets to a concert from this company and paid for them by e-transfer.

They claimed to transfer the tickets to my tickemaster account, this never happened. I talked to someone in the office after about 40 phone calls. He claimed he would send a refund but never did.Desired Settlement: I want a full refund and will be conatacting the Police as well.

Review: I paid for tickets to a hockey game and never received the tickets. Tried several times to contact them but nothing. On January 4th 2015 I answered an add on Kijiji for tickets to the Gold Medal hockey game on January 5th. I agreed to purchase 4 tickets for $600. The game was to take place at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The company responded and agreed once I e-transferred the money the would transfer the 4 tickets through Ticketmaster. I transferred the money through e-transfer and received confirmation that they received it. I then contacted the company thris go email several times and was told the transfer had

happened and that they were looking into the problem. I contacted Ticketmaster and they had no record of a transfer taking place. I attempted to contacted them several times since then and have yet to receive anything. They provided me with a confirmation number 88[redacted]8.

The email address I was corresponding with is [redacted][email protected].

The website is

All I want is my money back. Pretty sure I was scammed and won't see a cent but at least want something online to stop someone from making the same mistake.Desired Settlement: I just want my $600 back.

Review: FRAUD ALERT - this company advertises tickets for sale for various events. Asks you for an e-transfer and then they will transfer the tickets to your ticketmaster account. Once you transfer the money, you cannot get a hold of this company again & they disappear. It is an absolute SCAM.

Order_Number: 7[redacted]37Desired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund

I require a refund of the $450 they stole from me, with the promise of concert tickets that were not delivered.

Review: $600 CAD was fraudulently taken from me and my fiance [redacted] we have followed up on multiple occasions to receive the tickets or a refund where the tickets are not available. After in excess of nearly 30-40 emails and phone calls we have not received a response, explanation or refund.Sales Person Name to be provided: Mark Vercelli or VertelliCompany Ontario Address: [redacted] Pitt St, Cornwall, ON K6J 3T7 (Canada) and they also have a US address: 271 N Fairview Ave, Goleta, CA 931171Order reservation number : 8[redacted]21Stolen Amount: $600 CADDesired Settlement: Requesting a full refund of $600 CAD for tickets that were never issued or delivered.

Review: The website is a scam. Ordered hockey tickets and never received them after transferring the money. No one is answering the phone and no one is returning the emails.Can not believe website is still up. They were supposed to transfer them via Ticketmaster transfer because they were season ticket holders.Desired Settlement: transferred $900 to [redacted]@gmail.comwant my money backThank You

Review: Purchased tickets that were not transferred. They traded emails with us until a few hours before the event and now have


My brother and I recently reached out to to purchase tickets to the recent Canadian Junior Gold Hockey tournament.

We purchased the tickets from them and were told to expect the tickets in a few hours via ticket master. The game has passed and it has been 5 days and we have seen neither tickets nor a refund, and now there are no responses.Desired Settlement: I am simply seeking to be refunded the 300$ that we paid.

Review: We purchased concert ticket from this company and never received them. When we tried to contact the company after they received our money and asked for a refund, they never returned any of our numerous emails or phone calls. I also found out that the tickets they said were only transferable through ticket master, weren't transferable at all. I also saw the add for the exact same tickets that we purchased still running on kijiji after we had supposedly purchased them.Desired Settlement: Refund, I expect a full money back refund of $900 which is what the tickets cost us.

Review: On Feb. 24, 2015 I purchased 2 VIP tickets for the Ed Sheeran concert in Toronto - June 6, 2015 (reservation Number ID: 8[redacted]736). I was provided instructions for the E-transfer of $500.00 CAD for the tickets from my bank to VIPNations at the following:Name: VIP ReservationEmail: [email protected] Question: Reservation Number?Security Answer: 8[redacted]736The E-transfer of $500.00 was done but I have yet to receive the tickets in my TicketMaster account. When I made the inquiry I received the following response:"Your transfer is already processed and once completed you will receive a notification email from Ticketmaster."It has been two days I have yet to receive the tickets in my Ticketmaster account.Desired Settlement: I would like either the two VIP tickets| FLOOR SEATING: SEC: FLR-C | Row: 2 | Seats: 05,06 or a full refund of my $500 CAD.

Review: accept my money transfer but did not give me my tickets. They have mysteriously disappeared on requests for a refund. Please be cautious. Am still willing to work with them to get a refund back but there has been no communication. Reservation Number ID: 77[redacted]54Desired Settlement: I would simply like a refund as communicated in email by After that email, they went dark...

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