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Visco Home Services

Houston, Texas, United States, 77044

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• Jul 03, 2024

misleading diagnoses so it wasn't covered by warranty company
I honestly thought this experience was going to be a smooth and easy process. At first it seemed they were attentive and returned my phone calls. Then it changed. It took days for a response, or I would have to call the warranty company for them to get Visco to return my call.

Our saltwater system was not producing chlorine. There are only 2 possible solutions to this problem with the system we have. 1, the salt cell. 2, the circuit board. Both of these items ARE covered under our contract with First American Home Warranty Co.

We were selling our home and needed to get the pool fixed so there were no issues, and the pool would be right chemically. We expressed our urgency for the sale of the house. It took Visco several weeks to come out to diagnose (if you could call it that). A couple weeks later, they show up to replace the salt cell (1). The salt cell didn't change anything, so we were told it was the circuit board (2).

I followed up with Visco because nothing was told to us regarding how soon they would be back and when the gal in the office finally returned my call, I was told that the item or problem with our salt system wasn't a covered item. I was surprised as we were told it was the circuit board and that was a covered item.

I called FAHW and they told me the problem was the 'TIME MANAGEMENT AUTO SYSTEM' and it was not a covered item. WHAT? That doesn't even make sense. Maybe someone could explain to me what that even means. 2 possibilities, salt cell and circuit board.

Needless to say, we had sold our home and needed to have this fixed (now) ASAP and were tired of the run around and back and forth with both Visco and FAHW so we paid the man who we were using for cleaning our pool at the time (he was having to keep our chemicals balanced anyway).

He repaired our circuit board for less than $100 and just as we had argued that the circuit board was the ONLY possible explanation, the chlorinator started producing chlorine.

I will be filing a complaint with the BBB as well against Visco because I believe this is common practice. AND, shame on First American Home Warranty for continuing to use this company.

• Jun 18, 2024

I could not be more disappointed and angry with this company. They were assigned by my home warranty company so you already know they are not the best and brightest.

The issue was a fault code on a pool heater. They came out and replaced a sensor. The replacement fixed one part of the problem but caused a second related fault code. They came out again to diagnose and the technician determined that the case was a missing sediment trap. He took a picture to prove his point. The item was circle in red and labeled "sediment". The problem is that the item in the picture is actually an anode (it is clearly marked as such right about the housing) and the "sediment" is the actual anode that is corroded (as designed).

I contacted the manufacture of the pump and they verified that 1. yes it was the anode in the picture and 2. there is no sediment trap on the pool heater. They also told me that there were two likely culprits to the fault code, neither of which were address by the technician.

I explained this to the company in an email and got snarky response in return and no offer to correct their mistake.

I convinced the warranty company that this company was either incompetent, lying or both so now I am dealing with another home warranty contactor. Hopefully they will do better.

This was my experience, yours may be different.

• Jul 03, 2024

I wonder if your home warranty company is First American Home Warranty. We argued with them and told them how incompetent this company is and they refused to send a different company for a second opinion. We have been with them for almost 20 years and have only really had 2 bad experiences with FAHW. Both were claims on the pools. Glad you are able to get a different warranty contractor.

Acceptance of spa repair
Appt scheduled through home owner warranty first American. Had an appt with updates on times with a Christopher to look at our hot tub. Never showed. Called the company and they said they don’t service portable hot tubs. Then why accept the project. Called first American and they couldn’t refer a service - we have had the spa added to the warranty since we bought it but apparently they don’t h as f’d a company that can service them. And it’s not portable like a blow up one, it’s a Bullfrog spa installed on our deck that we can’t move , so not really “portable “. So why did Visco accept the job and why does First American use them?😡😡😡

And we had a hard freeze just before it all shut down and had the appt accepted a couple days before the freeze. Now have a leak or burst pipe despite packing the plumbing area with blankets due to unable to rebook someone.

Booster Pump Replacement
Christopher arrived a the time he told me and began swapping out the new booster pump for the broken one He is very knowledgable and professional at accomplishing the job. He explained what was being done and completed the task with everything tested and working when he left. Absolutely the best tech. Thanks.

First American contracted Visco Home Services LLC to repair my 36 year old Central Air. After reading these reviews I called First American back and asked if they could send another company. They didn't so shortly after that call I got an Email notifying me that Christopher was on his way. I expected the worst but was greatly surprised with the quick service. To repair the system took less than 30 minutes and there was no suggestion of any expensive additional needs. I see this is the office in Houston and I am in San Antonio but I believe to be the same Company. I don't know if they have new personnel or it is just the office here/near San Antonio but the service was much different than anticipated... with much relief! I would definitely recommend Christopher with Visco Home services LLC if you need AC repair! 36 year old Carrier Central air unit whirring away on this 100 plus degree day! Whew!

The worst of the worst. 6 weeks later still waiting on HVAC repair. They 1st diagnosed evaporator coil. 4 wks later & $1000 of cost that 1st American Home Warranty is not covering they installed it & stated that the unit now needed a condenser also. 3 more weeks waiting on condenser & now they want an additional $400. Still waiting. I'm done with 1st American Home Warranty & Visco. Only rated 1 star because can't go below. I called & left numerous messages & they don't call back, but they will email you a bill & expect you to pay before they install.


The most HORRIBLE and UNPROFESSIONAL company I’ve ever dealt with. They were sent out by First American Home Warranty company. From reading these reviews, it appears this has happened to lots of people, especially with pool issues. Their technician Barry came out, took apart all the equipment, and then LEFT it all out strewn everywhere and LEFT the house, never to return again. Then after numerous unreturned phone calls and texts to both companies, we are finally told that it was a problem that was not covered. After reading all these complaints, it looks like this is a recurring problem. I would give them ZERO stars if that were an option. Curious to see if FAHW refunds our service call fee.


I paid my warranty company $75 dollars and this man came stayed for 5 minutes only to say my ac coil needed repair. Its been 2 weeks and I Haven't heard back and cannot get ahold them after leaving multiple voice-mails. This company has no website nor a physical address. Seems very fraudulent and untrustworthy.

First American sent Visco Home services out to service the salt cell on pool. It was replaced. 6 months later, the salt cell is not operable, I do not have the home warranty any longer, and I cannot reach Home Visco services to find out the dealer in order to get the part replaced by Hayward under warranty.


Absolutely terrible. Missed first appointment. showed up on a different day. This one man business is apparently now contracted with First American Home Warranty, with the sole purpose of denying claims. Did absolute nothing other then verify that my pool filter housing was cracked. then made a report that it was normal wear & tear and that homeowner knew nothing about his pool equipment. what he didn't realize was that First American had attempted to fix it 6 months prior. Visco was sent back again, then waited until day of appointment to cancel reporting he had already closed this account.

The worst customer service you can get. They do not respond to any texts, emails or voice messages. They have been called to fix my pool heater more than a month ago and they still have not done it and I do not know what is wrong with it (absolute zero communication). They have a system where you can track "Barry" their tech but it does not work all the time. They do not show up when the system states they will. They show up without knocking at the door and go in the backyard without permission and leave as if no one is at home. It is very disappointing dealing with them. The warranty company who sent them "First American" is not any better. Stay away from this company if you can.

Visco was contracted through First American Home Warranty to repair pool equipment. Besides being very rude and arrogant, the repair didn't work. Visco refused to demonstrate the repair and refused to leave a receipt for the repairs so that we knew what had been done. There are thousands of plumbing and pool techs in Houston - I recommend staying away from this one.

By the way, the internet shows that this one person company is permanently closed, so beware of them "opening up" under another business name.

This is one of the (if not the) worst companies I have ever worked for. They have been sent out through our home warranty people numerous times to fix a problem with our pool. Repeatedly, I have told them that what they are doing is not going to fix the problem (I used to work in the pool/spa industry so I have some basic knowledge). Every time, they treat me like an it and temporarily fix the problem. The next day, or a couple days later, the problem has returned. They have also reported to our home warranty company that they replaced a motor on our pump - 100% false. I have pictures to prove it. And don't even try to connect customer service-wise. You'll get a voicemail saying that text is the quickest way to get a response. On average, it takes them 2-3 DAYS to respond to a text and most of the time, I have to send numerous "are you there?" "does anyone check this?" texts to get someone to reply. Horrible, horrible, company.

My work order with this company is still pending. This service provider was chosen through my home warranty provider who sent them out. They came out promptly the following Wednesday. Said they would be back the next day to complete the work. THEY NEVER CAME!!! It is now Monday and they have not responded to numerous calls on a status update. Horrible horrible customer service!!
Also gave one star since I can’t give a negative star rating.

Horrible customer service. Visco Home Service failed to provide services promised and failed to refund payment. I caution anyone from doing business with this unscrupulous company. I gave Visco Home Services one star because NO star was not an option.

Visco Home Services Response • Sep 16, 2018

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