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Vistra Energy

535 Connecticut Ave Fl 6, Norwalk, Connecticut, United States, 06854-1700

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This was sold to us by a "Friend". Well, I'm sure when we started we saved a few pennies but 6 years later our bill was DOUBLE due to their variable rate. It's extortion. Probably paid thousands more than I needed. I thought my air conditioner was inefficient or the adult children were lowing the temperature!
NOPE, called JCP&L and found out what I would pay through them and it was $200. 00 LESS. DON'T DO IT!!

One of your door to door salespeople attempt to trick me into switching from my *** provider to your service with a BS story about them actually being from ***. I saw through the scam near the end and prevented the action from going the whole way through then contacted *** to make sure there had been no changes to my account.
Your company is sm and should be tried for fraud with these types of practices and hope you are sued by many people in the future by the ones you've managed trick with your underhanded tactics.

This is what we get for allowing our Federal Government to deregulate the energy industry. I requested to cancel their so-called service in February, and I have yet to be rid of them. I am being charged at a rate of 18 cents per KWH which is far beyond the norm of 10 cents. So apparently, the fact that I am being charged almost twice the going rate, I think they are finding it difficult to end their gravy train. I wonder how much the politicians get out of this set up. These clowns don't produce anything, but profit off of the generation of energy by others. Like Wall Street, these ticks get away with all the profit they can, while putting on a green face, telling us how environmentally conscious they are. Fools that we are.

Do I have to give them 1 star? I do, just to have my review go through. It's ridiculous they DOUBLED my kilowatt rate once the term ended without ANY notice and I almost had my electricity shut off due to their outrageous charges. I warn ANYONE trying to get a great rate, IGNORE this company and move on.

I was told I would receive a rebate if I was over charged. I received a postcard in the mail in the fall of 2017 to verify address etc for my rebate. I did that and never got my money, I contacted them and was told I missed the 30 day return deadline. They offered to send me an ema where I can click on a link to verify, never for the email. After dealing with this for two years I found out today they had my email address wrong (n I instead of an l in my address). The representative I spoke to said I had to email them my request for my refund. I did and again was told I missed the 30 day response time that I was bound to on the postcard. How am I bound to a mass postcard mailing? What happened to the original contract I signed when I originally signed up with Viridian Energy that states I would receive a refund for any overpayments?

One star is even too high of a rating for this unscrupulous company, and it seems that there are more bad actors out there as well.
I had Viridian Energy for both my home and business. At the end of both written agreements, instead of a phone call or a verifiable written notice of renewal, we
were automatically renewed, our fees increased by 50% and
when I finally realized there scummy practice, it took hours of on hold to finally cancel.
On my business end, it cost us 13,000.00 over a rate that was negotiated on the phone, as they never honored the rate they promised.
They even have the gall to try and assess a cancellation fee on a contract that was never mutually agreed to. Try and give them a call. If the recording says 45 minutes, plan on double that.

Be aware of this company, they will start you at a low percentage rate but increase rates without proper notification. They charge termination fees and seems like a verrrrry shady business to me. I am surprised they are allowed to stay in business. Numerous attempts to request a copy of my contract were ignored and I had to contact the Department of Public Utilities for assistance. If they knock on your door, DO NOT answer!!!

In 2011 a Viridian Energy representative called me to discuss a "discount plan" where he assured me that they would save up to 20% off of my energy bill. I compared their rate versus what I was paying with *** It was lower, so I signed up. This representative NEVER said that the savings program was for a 12 month period. So here I am in 2018 and I noticed how expensive my energy bill was getting so I called JCP&L, my local provider, to discuss. They had brought to my attention that their rates for energy delivery was 45% cheaper than what I was paying with Viridian. The ***L rep and I looked back for the past 6 years and it showed that I was over paying my energy bill over $1,000 per year. Shame on me for not noticing sooner. I called Viridian to cancel my services and that I was going back to ***. I informed them that I was filing a complaint with the because they never notified me that my program was for 1 year, nor did they ever send me notification that my rates were going up. They then informed me that they would not be able to discontinue my service for 2 billing cycles. This is where the conversation got heated. I dared them to send me a bill, beyond the date of requested cancellation. Yes, I understand that I would owe them a pro-rated amount since I cancelled my service mid-cycle, however, I wanted my cancellation to be prorated to the date of requested cancellation. After much heated conversation, they finally agreed and gave me a cancelation case number, which I supplied to my current carrier. Well today I received my energy bill and those SOBs are charging me for the entire month. Good luck getting that check. Buyer Beware. NEVER do business with this crooked company. I encourage everyone to reach out to EVERY social media outlet to warn your friends about this company. Energy is a deregulated industry, so other than the their is no assistance for this type of issue. Shame on you Viridian for STEALING money from hard working Americans!

When I contacted Viridian about my high gas rates compared to the local utilities and wanted to drop them, the rep immediately dropped the rate by 35% to try to keep me. Buyer beware and check their rates with your local utility.

Cincinnati Bell Energy ridiculous business practice, consumer beware. I have been a customer of Cincinnati Bell Energy for over 5 years and they almost doubled my energy rates overnight without a notification, but if I sign up for another 12 months they can lower it to what it was prior to the increase. I understand I was on a variable rate and can justify a slight rate change, but almost double overnight. They say it's because their rates increased overnight because it is the middle of winter, costing me almost double my monthly rates. If I had stayed with Duke energy in my area my rates would have been virtually the same as what I was paying from Cincinnati Bell Energy. It sounds like a scam, but since you are not under contract they can do whatever they want and don't give a rats rear about loyal customers. I know they do the same thing with customers using their phone, internet, and cable services when outside of the contract they almost double their costs, if you don't catch it ahead of time so I should have known they would do the same with their energy services. They've said they can't reduce my rate back to what it was unless I sign up for another 12 months and then it might take 2 months for it to take effect. Shady business practices!!! Consumers beware...


MDG&E sends a fast talking salesman to my door - For the first part of the meeting I thought it was the electric Company PEPCO then I thought it was another "additional supplier". It turned out I canceled my contract with Liberty Power - then they called and said it would be a fine for early termination. I said Oh I don't want to do's not cheaper and Liberty Power was always good customerservice However the Lib Pow Guy said OK we will just have you come back and take off the termination fee. Meanwhile I called to cancel my MDG&E - but now I find it's too late. $240 Termination fee.
At this point I don't know all the dates, (I was over the 3 days) but am mad at myself for falling for this kind of thing. I see now - Not only at but hundreds of complaints on line. Many are those like nine, wake up too late and they do the $240 termination fee. Since they won't refund any of these it seems to be their business model. If they're so dependent to this they may just keep this up they won't even have to supply Gas and Electric.
I would like to warn people against dealing with THIS company and NEVER open the door for a stranger. Good Advise but sad to say it. At best you'll be filled with self recrimination for not researching a deal or even using 2 minutes to check Google!
I'd like them to take some responsibility and at least split the $240 the termination fee since I made a mistake on what I was told and was with them a week due to the mistake. I'd like to have the someone put pressure on them to either charge less and tell the truth or stop with the amazing mobile sales force
PS Even the one positive review on this site was also not so good.

Vistra Energy Response

We were sorry to learn that your experience with MDG&E did not meet your expectations. Our records indicate that you enrolled on October 12, 2017 into a fixed rate, 24-month Green Plus program for both electricity and natural gas through an in-home sale. Customers who enroll after meeting with a door-to-door agent are automatically provided with a copy of their contract terms and conditions immediately via email. In addition, all new customers receive a welcome packet via U.S. Mail for each account, which fully explains MDG&E’s terms and conditions, including termination fees for early contract cancellation. Because MDG&E did not receive a notification until November 16, 2017 that you wished to cancel your electricity contract – energy was already purchased on your behalf to ensure that MDG&E could fulfill the terms of your contract with us over the next two years. Purchasing energy in this manner – well in advance of actual demand – allows MDG&E to offer highly competitive rates to fixed rate customers. The termination fee assessed is equal to $10 per month of the remaining months in your electricity supply contract. We have provided a link to a handy resource guide from a State Bar Association designed to assist consumers who are about to enter into a contract:
MDG&E appreciated the opportunity to serve you and hopes to again supply your energy needs in the future.

We have had a door-to-door salesman come to our house consistently for the last two years and have always put him off. This week, after a visit two weeks in a row, I finally decided to sign up. A squeaky wheel gets the oil, right? I didn't have a copy of my electric bill at the time, but the salesman was confident enough that he was going to save me money. Anyway - long story short. I signed up, got a confirmation phone call from I'm guessing some sort of call center in Florida and answered twenty questions. After I jumped through all those hoops, I was feeling a little vulnerable and unsure about my decision - so I went online to look at my Ameren account. This company is signed up with Ameren in my area, so that seemed legit, but unfortunately it was not going to save me any money as the $/kwh was more expensive at the fixed rate than the average of the flexible rate I was getting, so I decided to cancel. The salesman gave me a cancellation form to mail in within three days of signing up, so I've sent that in. I also called the number to cancel. The lady that answered could not have been sweeter or more understanding. She asked a few questions to make sure I really wanted to cancel, and then gave me a confirmation number. I know there are a lot of bad reviews out here, and I agree that the salesmen may need a little more training about the product they are selling, but it was so easy to cancel once I found out I wasn't going to save any money that I just wanted to write a review about it. Overall, I shouldn't have signed up in the first place before I knew if it was going to save me money, but I don't feel like I was intentionally misled and I didn't experience any of the bad situations I read on the other reviews. It was a consumer mistake - and luckily I had three days to cancel without any repercussions.

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Address: 535 Connecticut Ave Fl 6, Norwalk, Connecticut, United States, 06854-1700


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