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Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Sincerely, [redacted]

On or about 6/15/I received a call from [redacted] that he had a coworker that was looking for an engagement ring I was told she originally wanted a carat diamond; however this was way out of his price range so that I should look for a carat diamond for him I was able to get two carat diamonds for Mr [redacted] to look at One was a certified diamond that was rated a VSI color 2.15ct and the other was an uncertified diamond, this diamond was a 2.04ct with no rating from a diamond grading company When Mr [redacted] came in on 6/25/with his two coworkers I layed out both diamonds for them to look at Mr [redacted] was asked if he could see the difference and he could however he didn’t think that the difference was worth the $difference in price He chose the uncertified diamond I then proceeded to show him a couple of settings that I had in the store that were designed to hold a 2ct diamondHe choose a Simon G setting We then negotiated on price and came to an agreement on $out the door It was never implied that he wasn’t paying sales tax We then agreed upon a down payment of $12,with payments to be made every weeks until paid off (Next payment didn’t come till 9/21/2015) Mr [redacted] was never coerced into which diamond to buy; he was free to choose either one or neither Mr [redacted] was told that once he put the down payment down that the sale was non-refundable since I would have to pay for the diamond then I wrote down that the sale was non-refundable on his deposit slip and he agreed to the terms Mr [redacted] then came in on 8/27/to show me a picture of a ring that she had to have I showed him a ring that was similar which he was fine with So I agreed to make him the ring and band in a size as a replacement to the Simon G setting Once Mr [redacted] had paid off the balance he received the ring complete He at that time noticed a small inclusion that was next to one of the prongs but was completely satisfied and even stated to me that “If she’s not happy with this, I’m going to drive to California and give it to the richest girl I see”I called him the following Monday after he proposed to see how it went and he stated to me that she loved it Just over a week later Mr [redacted] and his fiancée and her mother came into the store ranting that the diamond had cracked I looked at it and couldn’t see a crack, just the inclusion that was there from the start The fiancée stated to me that she had taken the ring to a respectable jeweler and that they told her that when the diamond was set, the diamond got cracked I told them that it was highly unlikely and that they needed to take it to an independent gemologist to see if the stone was cracked I recommended [redacted] in [redacted] I told them if it was cracked that our goldsmith has insurance for that purpose and we would take care of it [redacted] never called me to let me know the results so I called [redacted] and asked them if the stone was cracked All they told me was that there was no crack, just inclusions I felt bad for Mr [redacted] and left him a message on 11/5/that If his fiancée wasn’t happy with his original purchase that I would try to get the better diamond for him for the original difference in priceI left him a second message on 11/9/stating that I was able to get the diamond wholesaler to send me the better diamond and that I would have it for a week On 11/9/Mr [redacted] ’s grandfather came into the store with a letter wanting a refund.I explained to Mr [redacted] that [redacted] wasn’t coerced into buying anything and that it wasn’t like I sold him a diamond that was sight unseen He knew the sale was final and non-refundable and he seemed to understand the situation I even told him that I had left [redacted] a couple of messages and he hadn’t returned my calls.I called Mr [redacted] On 11/11/that if [redacted] wanted to get the better diamond that we would absorb $and exchange his diamond for the better diamond for $plus tax He didn’t think that [redacted] should spend anymore money on which I agreed.I then proceeded to call Mr [redacted] and was about to leave him the same message when he finally called backThis was the only time that I actually have talked to Mr [redacted] since the day that he and his fiancée and mother came into the store Mr [redacted] told me that I frauded him, I asked him how did I fraud him and he said that I sold him a “***” diamond that you couldn’t buy anywhere He then said he wanted his money back and I told him that I wasn’t going to refund his money He then threatened legal action and I haven’t heard from him since.I would like to address one of the statements in Mr [redacted] ’s letter; Mr [redacted] is implying that the diamond he received is not the one he picked out This is not the case, we would never do such a thing and never have done such a thingSincerely,Bill O.Katie O Fine Jewelry Bill O [redacted] Katie O Fine Jewelry [redacted] Everett, WA 425-303-

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