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VO Financial Corporation

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Review: A representative from VO Financial Corporation contacted and informed me that he would pay off the balance of my timeshare. The representative promised that this would be done for an upfront fee. I obliged the representative and paid the upfront fee of $8,292.06 with the understanding that my timeshare would be paid off. I have not seen any return on my investment to date.

Any agreement I may have entered into with VO Financial Corporation should be null and void considering that the services were never rendered. I am seeking a full refund and I will be writing letters to the Office of the Attorney General to report this incident as well. Any help regarding this matter is greatly appreciated.Desired Settlement: I am seeking a full refund in the amount of $8,292.06

Review: A representative from VO Financial, who informed me that he could sell my timeshare, contacted me. The representative guaranteed that the timeshare would sell and that I just had to pay an upfront onetime fee. I obliged the representative and paid this fee of $30,349.00. The representative then proceeded to tell me that if any other companies called that I should just tell them my timeshare had already sold or to not answer the phone. I paid this fee with the understanding that my timeshare was guaranteed to sell, but I have seen no return on my investment with VO Financial to date.

I was operating under the assumption that this was a legitimate company offering to help me sell my timeshare. Had I known that the promises were empty then I never would have agreed to pay for their services in the first place. I have tried to contact VO Financial to ask for a refund. I even contacted the corporate office, but there was no response.Desired Settlement: I am seeking a full refund and I will be writing letters to the Attorney Generals Office to report this incident as well.

Review: VO Financial said they would eliminate my timeshare loan, but they have not done so. They also will not answer any phone calls or emails.Desired Settlement: I would like a refund of $5,349.00 and my credit score to be restored to the original status.

Review: We gave V O Financial $5,000 plus processing fee in January 2013 for services to eliminate a contract with Wyndham vacation resorts. V O Financial guaranteed their services with a money back guarantee. The expected time to process services was six to eight months. They contacted us on a regular basis until around November 2013. I was able to reach a person before Christmas 2013 and was promised a return call between Christmas and New Years. Since that time, I have left voice mall and sent them email. They have not responded. I have tried to contact to weekly since the beginning of January.Desired Settlement: I would like V O Financial to finish their services or refund the money.

Review: These people said that they could help me remove my name on a timeshare deed with [redacted] located in Orlando, FL. They charged me over 800 dollars to start. I did what they asked me to do and I have not received any confirmation as yet. This business just sits and calls you every now and again all hours of any day week or weekend. Within the last 30 days, they have taken out 3 payments. I called them and told them no more payments, I intended to report them to you as well as the[redacted] Desired Settlement: They give me back all the money I have paid them and insure they do not scam others.

Review: My husband and I were contacted my mail and telephone by VO Financial in 2011,saying they had a process for getting people out of their timeshare obligations due to deceptive sales practices. We agreed we had been deceived into buying more than we ever intended, but declined the services of VO Financial. My husband became very ill. We were contacted again in 2013 and refused their services. My husband passed away in July, 2013. I received a phone call from VO Financial in October and actually screamed at them that they were a rip off and I did not want their services. I received a call ([redacted], I think) said he was president of the company in NJ and asked why I had the reaction to their previous call. I said that I had read online that they were a rip off. He told me they had previously had some problems, that they reorganized and now those problems were resolved. I told him my husband passed away and my income was less than half of what it used to be and I could not waste money. He said they had a client in NC who had a similar situation. I called this[redacted] in NC and she praised VO Financial, telling me that the one thing she promised her husband before he died was that she would get rid of their timeshare. She said that VO Financial got her out of the timeshare. [redacted] called me later and I agreed to use their service. [redacted] in their NC office called to tell me that he was my personal representative and would handle my case. He advised me to stop all automatic electronic fund payments to [redacted] and sent a letter for me to mail to[redacted], advising them of my actions and quoting a law that said it was illegal for them to harass me. I was to send all my communications from [redacted] to him so he could negotiate with them. When I didn't hear from him in awhile, I called and got the NJ office. They had closed the NC office and now[redacted] in NJ office would be my rep. I have placed numerous calls with no response and feel I have been ripped off. ($5,000Desired Settlement: I want to join any lawsuit pending against this company. I would like to get my $5,000 back in a [redacted] credit card or money order. I am afraid any check would bounce. I want this company to cease ripping people off . Taking advantage of the bereaved is the worst.

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Description: Vacation Time Share, Timeshare Companies

Address: PO Box 112, Pleasantville, New Jersey, United States, 08232


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