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W W Truss Co Inc

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W W Truss Co Inc Reviews (11)

Review: I bought a [redacted] coupon on [redacted]. I had to wait for an appointment until [redacted]. At that time I ordered the shirt that the [redacted] coupon was for and then * more shirts and a Sport jacket. I gave a deposit of several [redacted] Was told it would be ready in a few[redacted]. called and ask him to hold off because I lost some weight. called back and said he could now make it. Was told that it would be ready by[redacted]. Well it is now [redacted] and he will not return my phone calls. still have not recieved my money back or any of the items I ordered.Desired Settlement: I would like my money back or the items I ordered. Preferably the items I ordered.

Review: I am writing to file a complaint about the [redacted] charge to my credit card by C Bespoke. On this date, I placed an order with [redacted] of C Bespoke for the purchase of 4 shirts. For approximately 8 months, C Bespoke continually postponed the delivery date for a wide variety of reasons. These ranged from as simple as the items being back ordered to as outrageous as a hurricane destroying their production facilities. I was continually assured that my order was in the queue to be processed and that my order was forthcoming and that I would be satisfied with the product. On or about the last week in [redacted], I was finally provided with the shirts. The shirts provided 1) were not the shirts that I ordered from C Bespoke, and 2) did not remotely fit and thus were not wearable even if they had been correct. I had previously been assured on multiple occasions that if the shirts were not correct, the shirts would be replaced/repaired free of charge. I immediately contacted C Bespoke to attempt to remedy this situation. I did not get a response. Since that date, I have attempted to contact C Bespoke via telephone and email over a dozen times. All of my inquiries were ignored. It has become clear to me that this is not a reputable merchant and all buyers should be wary of conducting any business with them.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of $266.50.

Review: On 8/15/12 I redeemed my Groupon that I paid [redacted] for a full custom-made suit and custom made shirt (valued at 1000$). After speaking with [redacted]r I then paid an extra $248.97 for an "upgrade" to my order paid to C Bespok. This upgrade consisted of a finer quality fabric. We spoke about exactly what I wanted in the suit. [redacted]r promised me that my order would be ready in 5-6 weeks, in which time I would come to the Houston office for any final alterations. After 6 weeks, I called the company who told me that, "there was a problem with the fabric provider and it would take longer (he approximated 3-4 weeks)." I tried calling again, however the voicemail box was always full. I emailed [redacted]r directly on 10/25/12 asking him about the order, and asking that he call or email me that day. He did not respond in any way, nor did he attempt to contact me past that point. I continued to try calling, I left many voice messages when the voicemail box was open. Finally in mid-march of 2013, [redacted]r returned my call saying that my order would be ready in 1-2 weeks and he would be back with me on the status of my order. As of 5/8/13 He has not given me my order, or even an update.I am completely disillusioned at the utter lack of customer service and respect that this company has for me. Many other customers have complained (on [redacted] that they have received orders that either didn't fit or were the wrong material. They were stuffed in packages from USPS even though a "final fitting" was promised. I believed that this was a reputable business but after being strung along for far too long with empty promises, I do not want to have this product and I DEMAND A FULL REFUND OF MY MONEY.Desired Settlement: [redacted] is refunding my purchase of the "deal" for[redacted]. As of 5/8/13, I require C Bespoke to refund my $248.97 (which was for the extra upgraded fabric). I WILL not accept any suit, any shirt, any pants, or any fabric-made materials from this company as termination of our agreement. I WILL ONLY accept my money back, and it must be before June 1, 2013 @ 5pm. To be clear, I will not accept any other settlement except my [redacted] for this matter to be resolved.

Review: Over four months since ordering shirt that I have not received. Owner stated he would ship it since he did not have it with rest of order at delivery.Owner will not respond to contacts.Desired Settlement: Refund of $75 + tax, or receipt of shirt which was ordered.

Review: I took in work dress shirts to be tailored to a better fit in mid [redacted]. It is now approaching mid [redacted] and I have yet to receive my shirts. I prepaid [redacted] and after countless attempts to get my shirts and money back I've decided to file a lawsuit against this person. He will not return calls/ texts until days later claiming he has my shirts done but has been busy. I've offered to meet him at places outside his office even on weekend and after hours, anything to get my shirts back and he does not keep his word of where we will meet or times. He is very good at making you believe he will get the work done in a week but nothing has come of it. Last I heard of him was in [redacted] when he mentioned he would come and drop off my shirts at my job. Obvioulsy that never happened. I did send a certified demand letter to [redacted] on [redacted] requesting my money and shirts back and even gave him 30 days to respond, and nothing has happened so now I'm filing this complaint among reviews and everything else I can do to stop this individual from scamming other people from their property and money. He should not be in business and by far this is the worst expierence with a business owner I've ever had and I deal with business owners on a daily basis as part of my job.Desired Settlement: I am demanding at this point my money and shirts back. If he doesn't have my shirts (which I highly think he doesnt have anymore) I am being generous and putting a value on the shirts for $50 each. I gave him 4 shirts so that would be $200 plus $18 he charged me to tailor each one for a total of $272.

Review: I went and bought a shirt from [redacted] at C Bespoke in Dallas in [redacted]. He said that the delivery would take between 6-8 weeks. When about 2 months past, I emailed him and asked for an update. He said that there was a major fabric delay due to [redacted]. Since then, he has been poor at communicating, and has come up with excuse after excuse as to why I have not yet received my shirt. It has been over 10 months now, and nothing.Desired Settlement: Refund since I have not received my shirt yet, I would like a refund.

Review: I visited Bespoke back in [redacted] and meet with [redacted] in regard to a "[redacted] deal" that I purchased online. He was very accomodationing and provided a very strong sales pitch about the company and the quality of their shirts. The shirt design went very smooth because I had a general ideal of what type of shirt I wanted to create. Also before I left the meeting I advised Mr. [redacted] that I had two shirts (I did not purchase at Bespoke)that I would like have altered if possible. He advised that it would be easy to have the shirts altered and should be ready in two weeks. He also advised that the custom shirt I ordered would be ready in a max of 2 month which would have been in [redacted]. I have yet to receive either my 2 shirts that required altering or the custom shirt. I have left several messages approximately 30 over the last 4 months and even visited the office once in order to follow up on the progress of the work I requested. I have not seen [redacted] since the day I was measured. At this point i'm completely fustrated with the service and would like a refund on my [redacted] purchase and the return of my two custom shirts I did not purchase at bespoke.Desired Settlement: At this point i'm completely fustrated with the service and would like a refund on my [redacted] purchase and the return of my two custom shirts I did not purchase at bespoke.

Review: I was measured for my clothes and selected the material. After this process, it was requested that I pay for the clothes. I pre-paid, and left the appointment feeling excited about my new work clothes. After 3-months of not hearing anything, I called to speak with them. I was informed that there had been a flood that destroyed their clothes, but they were remaking them and would call me in two weeks. Four weeks passed and I called them since I had not heard anything. They apologized and assured me that this would be resolved in two weeks. After again not hearing back, I called three weeks later. This time there was no answer and the answering machine would not allow me to leave a message. It requested that I text the number. I then e-mailed, texted, and called for months to follow. Finally, after threatening to contact, I received a response. This was 4 months later, or 8 months since my appointment. The response I received was that all orders would be completed in one month time. I contacted them six weeks later with no response. It has now been 2 months since my last contact with them, 10 months after they cashed my check and I still have nothing to show for it.Desired Settlement: Enough time has passed that I just want my money back. I never want to see the name of this company again.

Review: I purchases a custom suit and shirts from C Bespoke for a total of $671.20 on August 2, 2012. After numerous attempts at communication via phone, email, mail, and social media, I have received only two, 1 sentence, email reply's stating my order is delayed. They offer no estimate of when it will be done, no explanation of any kind. I ordered custom clothing to be made to my measurements, measurements that were taken 10 months ago. This is an unacceptable length of time for order fulfillment, and the finished product almost certainly won't even fit after this much time. I have stated numerous times that I would like a refund and have received no reply. All phone numbers go directly to voicemail, if the voice mailbox isn't full. I have only the first name of who took my order, [redacted], and have been unable to discern any other contact. Even if my order was completed soon, it would have to be severely altered at the final fitting and I assume it would be another year before the clothes would return.Desired Settlement: I would like a full refund of my $671.20, $172.20 paid by [redacted] for the shirt order, and $499.00 for the suit paid via [redacted]. At this time, I will not do business with this company, nor except any outcome other than a full refund.

Review: On December 28, 2012 I responded to a [redacted] ad on my email acct.Custom made shirts, or ties could be ordered, also suits.I selected a White cotton, french cuff dress shirt. Paid in advance by credit card. Received receipt next day via email. Owner [redacted] waited on me personally.After numerous calls to business, and no further contact with "[redacted]" I still do not have my shirt, three and one half months later.Was originally told due to a material shortage there would be a slight delay. Told production time would be 4-6 weeks max.Today was told it was ready, but "[redacted]" said it showed to be in the warehouse, and he would check on it and get back to me.No further contact with either "[redacted]" or "[redacted]".Now I find this company also advertising on Bing in a right hand ad on my email page. I'd either like my shirt, or my money back NOW.Desired Settlement: Shirt or refund TODAY........

Review: I used a [redacted] voucher costing $50 for a custom shirt. I was measured in October. I was told it would take 4 to 6 weeks. I still have not been given the shirt. I have not had my calls returned. I have complained through [redacted] with no success. I was told I would be contacted by email, but I was never contacted. I left a message and was called back, but when I told them who I was they said they would have to call back later. They never called back. Product_Or_Service: Custom dress shirt Order_Number: [redacted] VoucherDesired Settlement: DesiredSettlementID: Refund I want a refund of my $50.

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Description: Roofing Contractors

Address: 1233 N US Highway 1, Ormond Beach, Florida, United States, 32174-2995


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