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Wagner Mechanical, Inc.

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The system we installed in in their mobile home is in fact a ton unitThe furnace is a Coleman Model ***Which is in Fact a ton unit with a York Model *** Condenser and that is also a ton CondenserThe trouble with the units not working correctly is directly the result of
duct work that is too small to accommodate the air flow and that ductwork was installed by the mobile home manufacturerPutting a larger unit than four tons will only increase the back pressure in the duct system and will not solve the problemThe customers were sold a previously installed air conditioner and new furnace that they were aware of when the system was sold because they could not qualify for the other system with their finance companyEach time we would arrive the filters for the system would be completely plugged with dirt and debrisParties were held at their home with more than people at a time and the system would not keep upSupply vents are under furniture and boxes with no way for air flow to reach the spacesNo system could work properly in those conditionsAfter many attempts to resolve the issues and the customers not willing to make recommended modifications to the existing duct systems, we have given up on attempting to work on this system any furtherThe system has been installed for four years at this timeI have been in contact with the customer this morning to work out a solution and have not heard back from them as of yet Thank you, Scott R*** General Manager

Our Wagner Team is very sorry for your recent experience with our adviser that met with you at your HomeAs you have already spoken to his Manager, I will reiterate what he told you, that your experience with our adviser is not the norm, and he is a long time in home professional with a very long
list of satisfied clients that refer him to their friends and relativesHe is what many of our clients like to call a large lovable teddy bear from TexasPlease accept our sincere apologies if he did not meet your expectations and made you feel uncomfortableThank you for bringing this to our attentionScott R*** General Manager

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because: Since the incident happened, I've heard other stories about this man Randy talking down to customers who didn't agree to buy his systems on the spotI was told that he's been recorded behaving in this manner, had the police called on him, etc, and that this is nothing newYour company has done nothing at all to address the issue, except say that it's "not the norm," which also appears not to be trueFor this reason, I'm rejecting this paltry response
*** *** [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the responseIf the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:
*** *** [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the responseIf the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to meI consider my complaint closed against Wagner Mechanical
*** ***

We have attempted contact by phone this morning and at noonWe will await contact by the client so our operations manager can visit their siteI can be reached directly at *** *** *** General Manager

For unknown reasons, this is the first notice I have received about this complaintThis will be addressed first thing Monday morning by me personallyScott R*** General Manager

We are sorry for the misunderstandingAs you can see the Club agreement was signed by the customer and plainly written at the top are the terms for this contractThe reason for the early termination fee is that we provide a discounted twice yearly required maintenance to the air conditioning and
heating equipmentWe have had customers stop paying their monthly amounts after we have already performed the service in the past which is the reason for the early termination feeIt is the customers' responsibility to call for service each season even though we make every attempt to remind themThis customer has received both services, one in June and the other in NovemberWe are owed the remainder per her contractEven though our customers ex boyfriend signed up for this, the customer was aware that we had performed our part of this contract and we are owed the final two payments.As far as the warranty goes, the customers equipment is covered by the manufacturers warranty with the exception of failure caused by lack of maintenance or other acts out of the control of the manufacturerThe Equipment replacement portion of the warranty we provide in the event of a compressor or heat exchanger failure is void by not being on our agreement, but all parts would be coveredWe will waive the final two payments for this customer*** *** General Manager

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your personally spoke with Scott regarding the issues and he informed me that wagner mechanical would pay off our loan and the amount that we have already paid. we will return the heater and ac unit to Wagner mechanical. Scott said that when we have our new unit that Wagner would collect the old unit and we would then be reimberssed the difference. My wife spoke to him and he informed her that he would draw up an agreement that we would sign. We haven't recieved that yet from Scott, we're not sure if it's still necessary or not. 
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.

I am sorry for the misunderstanding, but as previously stated Wagner Mechanical will not quote you on any future work. Thank you Scott R[redacted] General Manager.

The facts are that all of our unitary and ductless systems Wagner Mechanical installs are covered under a 12 years part and labor warranty for the last 3 years. Prior 5 years before that was 10 years parts and labor. The level of detail in the quote that was prepared for this customer is above...

industry standard. We wish this customer well in his endeavors to find exactly what the customer is looking for and we are sorry that we were not a good fit. Scott R[redacted] General Manager In reference to complaint ID [redacted], On 12/15/14 I find the business's response inaccurate in some details but acceptable as long as the check is received.
Thank you very much.

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Wagner Mechanical responded to my complaint that they would give me a refund. They have not done that. 12-1-14 I came in person to to tell them that. I was asked if I wanted to close my complaint because of Wagner's response. I said no, because although they said they would give me a refund, they did not do that. The employee said she considered my complaint closed. To date I still have not rec'd the refund. Wagner is not trust worthy, which is why I filed the complaint in the first place. I further rec'd in the mail from that the original complaint was closed at my request, when I specifically told them not to. If does that again I will notify the Nat'l Headquarters. The refund Wagner said they would give me. 
[redacted] [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the response. If the consumer does not provide a reason if he complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Not only is Wagner Mechanical Trust Worthy, we also sent to the address on file a check numbered [redacted] on 11/24/14 drawn on Wells Fargo Bank a check for ALL  the money this customer  has spent with Wagner and ended her contract for a total of $239.69 instead of the $100.00 she requested. It was never cashed. It was mailed on the 24th of November. Since her claim is she never received it, the replacement check along with a copy of the first check is being hand delivered this morning to The office in Albuquerque so that she can pick it up at her convenience. The mail is not always successful. Thank you [redacted] General Manager

We are sorry that you feel this way. Again we apologize for what has happened. The adviser has completed more 480 home visits since the beginning of the year with no other complaints. This is our final response. Scott R[redacted] General Manager

We responded to a request for service on our customers annual maintenance agreement to shut down the furnace and start up her evaporative cooler for the spring. After attempting to start up the cooler it was determined that it could not be started because of the bad condition it was in and would...

leak.  It was worn out as most coolers of this age are. The customer did not want this visit to count toward her annual twice a year service and we explained we had arrived at a time the customer selected and performed the service on the furnace even though her cooler could not be started that was not our fault. Recently we shut down the customers cooler and we cleaned and started up her furnace . Our heating technician noticed water dripping out of her water heater and advised the customer of this and suggested we have someone from the plumbing department come look at it. The customer elected not to do that and had another company come out who agreed that the water heater was also worn out and the customer elected to repair a completely rusted through part instead of replacing the water heater. Our technician did advise our customer that when a water heater lets go, it puts about 7.5 gallons per minute into the space wherever it is located. That amounts to about 450 gallons per hour of water. If you are out of the house for 8 hours during the day that can add up to more than 3600 gallons of water which will do thousands of dollars worth of damage to the home which we see happen regularly. Although we have now completed 3 visits for our customer on 10/19/13, 5/30/13 and 10/21/14 when she has only paid for 2 months out of the next 12 months, we would like to completely refund that amount of $239.68 that she has paid. Thank you [redacted] General Manager

We are very sorry that you did not receive the requested information you had asked for. Our records show it was sent to the installed address but I learned from you that you don't live there. I have prepared the information you have asked for and will send it to the requested address. We are...

sorry you had such a large electric bill using the portable air conditioning units we loaned you during the repair. We typically try to keep our customers cool and comfortable when a break down occurs. Unfortunately it was during one of the hottest month this year and the part you needed was back ordered at the factory. We have requested that you send us a copy of your PNM bill the month before, during, and after the repair so that we can make an accommodation to the repair months bill. Thank you Scott R[redacted] General Manager

The original call was for a fan problem that was repaired under warranty at no charge to our customer. At that time the customer stated to our technician that he didn't like the thermostat that the manufacturer provided and was interested in a replacement. The price quoted for the digital thermostat...

was not acceptable to the customer and was declined. Two days later the customer requested a service call because of noise issues. The unit was checked out and found to be operating normally. I have refunded the customer $64.14 by check number [redacted] and it was placed into todays mail. Thank you [redacted] General Manager

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:Attn: Revdex.comRE: ID # [redacted]- Wagner Mechanical, Inc.The complaint remains unresolved and none of the issues with Wagner Mechanical have been addressed by Scott R[redacted]. A brief summary specially identifies these deficiencies.That he represents an industrial standard is false.His own"Home Comfort Update Agreement" is not proper filled in for the blank listings his company is said to be offering. Items for air filters is left blank; five indoor equipment listings are listed as "Outdoor Equipment". The indoorequipment not shown in the proper location is missing identifier code numbers which is short by two characters for each listing. Two listings for the same outdoor heat pump is misquoted in a second location on the same document.Again, it is necessary to properly identify each equipment listing for application of all warranty documentation as must be applied for any warranty claim. The agreement specially states "Mitsubishi 12 year Labor Warranty" is false. The Attached Mitsubishi warranty statement shows "No Labor Warranty". He does not show any "Wagner Mechanical Labor Warranty" on any of the two documents.All other advertisement quotes as mailed to my home are not listed by line item and do not show anywhere in his non-correctable quotes. Correct listing are also necessary for Tax Deductions and Energy Star Incentives.Mr. Scott R[redacted] does not accept responsibility and accountability for his own documents. Apparently, he uses the terminology "good fit" to cover all issues that show a lack of an intendedstandard.
[redacted] [To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, the consumer must give a reason why they are rejecting the response. If the consumer does not provide a reason the complaint will be closed Answered]

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