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Walker Miller Energy Service, LLC

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2017/05/01) */
The vehicle had hit something so severely that at the time she brought it in, we noticed the right front hub bearing was destroyed, the right front rim was bent, the right front tire had a huge bubble in the side wall, and yes the strut mount
had damage as wellUpon arrival, Ms *** refused to give us the key to her vehicleWe explained to her that we needed to get it inside on a lift in order to inspectShe insisted that we look at it on the ground outside where it was parkedAfter @minutes of her berating me and calling my work shoddy, she finally allowd us to get her car inside to inspectWe then realized why she was so reluctant to allow us to put her car in the air, as it is blatantly obvious what she was trying to hideWe explained that the warranty only covers defects in product, and not the laborWe also explained that road/impact damage voids the warranty of suspension componentsI explained that I would call my boss and see if he could go ahead and goodwill the strut, and just charge the labor chargeHe agreed, and before I could get off the phone with him, the customer ordered the tech to put her car down and pull it outShe left while I was still on the phone
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 7, 2017/05/02) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The response is unacceptable because for one on the receipt (which I do still have) the warranty does not mention any specifics of what "voids" the terms of the warrantyNo mention at all of road/impact damage voiding the warranty on suspension productsNor was I told that verbally when I purchased the strutThe receipt simply states next to the strut in parenthesis 1yr, referring to the length of the warranty
Secondly, the tire rim was NOT bent and I can provide a written statement from the mechanics at *** Tire in Merrillville, IN who saw the car that same day PRIOR to me going to American Brake and Muffler,also agreeing that my tire rim was not bent, nor was there evidence of anything being "severely " damagedThere was no more damage than the damage that could come from hitting a pothole which is a normality when driving your car for miles everyday like I do
The manager never mentioned that he was going to call his boss to ask anythingHe told me no he was not going to replace the strut, and began to escort me back into the office area of the shopNever mentioning the need to call and consult with anyoneMatter of fact when I asked him for the owner or corporate's number he said; "Do you honestly think I'm going to give that to you?" while he was walking away from me into another area of shop
Since he walked away as if the conversation was over I absolutely DID instruct the mechanic to let my car downWhat was I going to stick around for? I still needed my car to be fixed and he said that he wasn't going to do it
With that being said, this shows the type of character the manager has at American B&M, so why would I want to have anymore dealings with this company by allowing the mechanics to do anymore work on my vehicleI ask again for either a refund of the money I spent so that can purchase me another strut or give me the actual part so that I can have it in my possession for future use

We did not bully anyone into anything. We recommend service, and customer approved. She then had us tow vehicle back stating it wouldn't start, but upon arrival it started right up. We asked customer to leave overnight, and she refused

Initial Business Response /* (1000, 6, 2016/02/05) */
The implication that our shop "tampered" with this vehicle is ridiculous. This vehicle was driven in with a major power steering leak. We informed the customer that it was a unique steering system in that it has multiple pressure lines and...

return lines. We quoted a price for the pressure lines, the customer agreed and authorized the work to be done. The job was a very labor intensive job, and the customer was present the ENTIRE time it was being worked on. Furthermore, the truck was being worked on right outside a window in my waiting room looking into the shop with the vehicle owner sitting a few feet away from the entire repair. Midway through the job, we suggested to the customer that it may be a good preventative action to change the return steering line as well, but the customer declined that repair. We finished with the vehicle, gave it to the customer, and they drove away. The following day the vehicle was driven back and the customer stated that it started running bad a few hours ago. We pulled it in, saw a check engine light illuminated, and diagnosed the vehicle. It was showing a misfire on (2) cylinders. We explained to the customer that the vehicle "dropped 2 ignition coils". We further explained that when an ignition coil fails, it can fail at any time for any reason and we call that "dropping a coil". It is a figure of speech in our industry. We informed the customer that though we know it seems odd that it would develop a coil issue soon after a steering leak was fixed, and may appear suspect, that it was purely coincidental and the steering repair is nowhere near the ignition coil location. Coil failure is the number one repair that we do on trailblazers and that had her steering never been serviced, the coils still would have failed when they did. We quoted her a price for both new ignition coils and the customer immediately and abruptly shut down and insisted we pull her car out of the shop. We then informed her that we had a few used ones on the shelf that we use for testing purposes. We don't feel comfortable selling them, as we cannot give a guarantee, but in this case would be happy to give them to her to bridge the gap until she could purchase new ones. We made that offer for two reasons. First reason was because the customer had been to our shop several times in the past for various repairs, and we appreciated that. We go above and beyond to retain and help our "regulars", and that could be the reason why we have been around since 1974 unde
r the same ownership! Second, and most important, was that changing 2 ignition coils would take me less than 5 minutes. The used coils weren't costing us anything, and thought maybe helping this customer out would show her that we value her business, and when times are tough, something that isn't a big deal to us could mean all the world to her. After reading this complaint, I see that in her world, good is only done when you feel guilty about something. I truly feel bad for this person, having an outlook like that in life.
We did not tamper with or change anything related to her coils or sparkplugs. She is correct in saying that the vehicle should have a/c delco spark plugs, but being that I didn't do anything to or with the spark plugs, don't see what that has to do with me. And to accuse us of tampering with her "amp" is insulting.
The short version of this issue is as follows:
I fixed a power steering leak on a vehicle. I recommended more steering work and it was declined. The next day the vehicle developed an ignition miss and we told her to change 2 ignition coils. When the customer declined, we offered to give her 2 used ones that we had until she could purchase new ones, and she declined. Those used ones could have last forever for all I know. Instead that customer chose to go and buy new ones. She says that she doesn't have money to throw away, but her actions say otherwise. In essence, we were willing to repair her coils for no additional cost. Not because we felt responsible, but because we felt compassion ** her plight. She refused and instead chose to go and buy them elsewhere. She didn't want my help then, but now wants money from us. It is you, Ms. [redacted], that cannot be trusted.
P.S. I have copied this response and am going to attach it to every review site that Ms. [redacted] has already told her lies to.
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (3000, 8, 2016/02/09) */
(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
Ben is a bold face liar and he never stated we needed more done.I was not there but my husband was and Ben is a slick talker especially with warranty companies they messed up our car and we paid our hard earned money to get it fix. If my vehicle had ac delco how did the other brand get in our truck??? Look at the facts they messed with the vehicle this is a company and Ben himself again is a liar. Ben also told my husband we have three lines this truck only has two plus the mechanic whom fixed the truck said the same thing.. American Brake is a shady auto company and I won't rest until they are exposed.. I would like my money back from this company. I took photos of the transmission line being cut but with fluids leaking everywhere pictures were to dark

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