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Walls Roofing

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Harrising calls and rude

TPO roof material had a hole which resulted water damage to our roof. We have a flat roof that we had replaced with TPO material from Walls Roofing in 12/2012. We called Walls again around 2 months later because it was leaking again. Walls came out and said there wasn't a leak, that the shingle side of the roof was leaking. So we got that replaced by another roofer, [redacted] L [redacted] We thought everything was fine but during a remodeling project we discovered the roof was still leaking. We called Walls back and after saying there was nothing wrong with the TPO they found two leaks in the TPO and sealed it up. But the problem is all the water damage from the leak that went unnoticed since they put in the TPO. Walls Roofing is blaming [redacted] because they weren't notified when they put in the new roof and for causing the tear in the TPO. Walls also blamed me for not replacing the plywood underneath. But he told me the plywood was still fine when he put down the TPO so he didn't replace them. [redacted] said they didn't cause the tear in the TPO because they only tied in the ends of the TPO with the shingles, not where the tear was found. Walls will not replace the roof that was damaged by water caused by the two leaks. Desired SettlementWe need our water damaged roof to be replaced. Rotten wood removed and replaced with new wood, new insulation and sheetrock replaced.Business Response /[redacted]/Re: [redacted]Chapel Hill NC XXXXXComplaint Case #: XXXXXXXX Consumer: [redacted] Case Opened: XXXX-XX-XX Will enclose a package of info on this job and send to you by fax.Walls Roofing LLC Was contracted by the above customer my email 9/7/2012 to put a TPO roof on her dads home. In the Email as you will see we were told not to replace any wood until her dad looked at the damage and say he wanted us to replace any or none at all. When we removed the roof you could see where the water was running from under the shingles and under the old flat roof. We had her father come up the ladder can't remember if he got on the roof or not, But the wood was not rotten but I told him that it was best to replace it and he told us to cover over it that they did not have the extra money to re-deck flat roof with new OSB as you see in the email the price I quoted her was $950.00 Labor and Material. At the same time we showed him the water running out from the old shingles and told him that the back side of the roof needed to be replaced as well to make sure that we had his leak taken care of. I gave him a verbal price on that and was told again that they did not have the money to put shingles on that area so we caulked the vents above our roof in hopes it would at least get them by until they had money to replace the shingles.Fast forward to 12/12/2012 fax enclosed we were called and told that the flat roof was leaking and that we needed to come up and take a look. We called Miss [redacted] back and told her we would be there the next day to water test our roof and the shingles to find her leak so repairs could be made. When we got there the roof was standing in water from back to front and side to side. We showed her this and that the fact was our roof was not leaking with all of that standing water on it. We performed a water test on the shingle roof and my foreman was in the attic space near the 3 vents that are on that area of the roof. He took a picture on his phone as we put water on that area and showed her that those vents were leaking at the same time as we did this the flat roof would start and stop leaking as we put the water on and off of those vents. We were told again that she did not have the money to replace that area of the roof so we again tried to caulk that area to get it by until they had the money.We did this at no charge in hope of getting the work when it was done. Miss [redacted] over the next year called us back on my phone 3 times so I do not have dates on those calls. Again when we go back we did a water test and again showed her the pictures of the area leaking. The last time in 2013 we went back Miss [redacted] did not believe what we were saying so [redacted] had her to go in the attic space and she saw for herself what we were saying was true. Again the three times we went back the roof was standing in water and our roof was not leaking. Again we went back and did not charge her for the trip. Again we told her and gave her a contract dated 12/27/2013 also enclosed for the work that needed to be done to correct her problem. I told her that if she chose someone else to do her work that do to the fact that they had to work around our roof that we had to be paid for our time to make sure they did not damage our roof per her warranty also enclosed.On 2/4/2014 Miss [redacted] again called my office fax enclosed to report that she had a roof leak that was found by her contractor working on her home. We called her back and set up a time and date of 9am on 2/6/14 to go and look at her roof. When we get there her contractor and brother told us that the new shingles above our roof were leaking and that our roof was leaking as well. We were told that the company that put her roof on had to take the new shingles off and replace the wood that was wet from the new roof leaking. After we inspected the new shingles we found that the company that put her new shingles on did not install them to factory specs this is why their roof was leaking. When a roof leaks above a flat roof the water will run down to the lowest point and leak in the flat roof. We removed the standing water and cleaned the TPO roof to look for cuts or other damage that could have been done to our roof when the shingles were installed. We found that the roofing company had rolled our roof back as well as 2 cuts in the TPO straight line cuts that could have been done by a shingle hook blade or shovel. Both cuts were clean straight cuts one was 1.5" long and the other was 1" long. We repaired them and gave them a bill for the work done.The contractor has sent us a letter to send to you that will be in our package to you today as well.As for her warranty enclosed for you to read. We gave her this warranty on 9/10/12 and gave her brother a copy of this warranty on the 2/6/14 visit. It is clear and to the point on others working on or around the roof that [redacted] Roofing LLC installed. This guarantee is made subject to the following conditions:Specifically excluded from this guarantee is any and all damages caused by lightening, windstorm, hailstorm, or other unusual phenomena of the elements; foundation settlement; failureor cracking of the roof deck; defects or failure of material used as roof base over which roof isapplied; defects of parapet [redacted], copings, chimneys, skylights, vents, supports or other parts ofthe building; or fire. If the roof is damaged by reason of any of the foregoing this guarantee shall there upon become null and void for the balance of the guarantee period unless such damage isrepaired by the Contractor at the expense of the party requesting such repairs.The warranties contained are IN LIEU of all other warranties, express or implied, includingAny warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular use. Nothing in this instrument shall Render the Contractor liable for consequential damages to the building or contents resulting from any faults or defects in material or workmanship. 3. No work shall be done on said roof, including, but without limitation, openings made for flues, vents, drains, sign brackets or other equipment fastened to or set on the roof, unless the Contractorshall be first notified, shall be given the opportunity to make the necessary roofing application recommendations with respect thereto, and such recommendations are complied with.Failure to observe this condition shall render this guarantee null and void. The ContractorShall be paid for time and material expended in making recommendations or repairs occasionedby the work of others on said roof.

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