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May 04, 2020

Very pissed off customer
My husband and I ordered $216.00 worth of t-shirts from this company “Warrior Culture Gear”. I hadn’t realized the exchange rate from US to Canadian at the time and $334.00 was taken out of my account. When I realized the mistake I had made, I contacted the company and asked to cancel my order and get a refund with the intention of re-ordering later on in the future when I have more money. I’ve gotten nothing but automatic responses along with these “customer service” people telling me I’m impatient and there’s no way to prove that the money was taken out of my account. I’ve emailed several times. Even contacted the owner directly to his Facebook. I still get no response. I am absolutely FUMING. I have never had an experience like this before when it comes to customer service. I apologized for the mistake I had made and they still won’t cooperate with me. I have now threatened them to take legal action against their company. I am beyond baffled and disappointed. I’ve never EVER come across such st service.

Feb 28, 2020

I ordered $60 dollars in products at the end of December. After more than a month with no word I emailed to check on my order. All I got back was a snide automated response that basically said they are busy and will get to my order when they get to it. Weeks later my order shipped. I received 1 of the 4 items I paid for. Everyone makes mistakes so I emailed customer service 3 times with NO response. I finally left a bad review and had to post on their Facebook page to get a response. The guys at Warrior Culture “never received my emails” despite the fact that I used the link they provided. I definitely got. response after the Facebook post. I was “petty” for expecting them to actually provide what I paid for. I told the guys I would give them til Friday (4 days) to just ship my order and we could all move on. I was told they were “done here” but that I would get my tracking number. That never happened. Thankfully PayPal protects users against scam artists and horrible businesses. I filed a complaint and 10 days later I just got an email that said my money would be returned. Those guys never even responded to PayPal’s attempts to resolve the issue. There are too many other businesses on the internet that sell cool T-shirt’s to give this fraud a dime.

May 04, 2020

I payed with my debit card. I have no idea how to dispute this and get them to give my money back. Did you eventually get your money back from them?

Feb 14, 2020

I purchased the pre-sale "Born to Roam" hoodie in late November. Upon checking on my order last month, I had received no update to whether the item was shipped, and they removed the product from their website. Upon inquiring about the issue, which took about four days to get in touch with them, I was told they had issues with the hoodies due to the supplier, and that they would "look into it". That was two weeks ago, and I have contacted the company daily since to no reply. During a facebook live stream I confronted the owner about my issue, since I have had no answer through their customer service e-mail (which he claimed he checks daily) or through facebook, and was threatened with a ban from their social media and was told "this is facebook, not customer service".
Desired Outcome: If the product is no longer being sold and there is no way for them to fulfill my order, I want my money back. The total amount spent was $37.50. I also have a screenshot of my purchase from paypal, that I also attached to my multiple customer service e-mails, and I will attach it to this review. Hopefully they can rectify the situation, and develop a better form of communication with their customers.

Jan 17, 2020

Warrior Culture Gear is the worst online company I’ve encountered. I still have not received my order. They do however upload a daily video of excuses.. short staff, turnover, inventory issues, packing issues, orders being returned/damaged, difficulties getting products, and the list goes on. Don’t dare ask where your items are because you will get a rude reply from the owner basically stating he doesn’t care and he’s been in business 7 years. After 7 years all of these issues should be worked out. I’m all for supporting small businesses but this company is about GREED! They continue to take peoples money and sell new items when they are behind by MONTHS!

Jan 01, 2020

Ordered a bunch of stuff took 2 months to ship and when I asked about the delay got blocked from social media and then ignored through there customer service email for weeks and multiple emails until I threatened to report fraud and get my money back which they refused was told by the owner the same day as the threat he will make it up to me by throwing in extra stuff I agreed to this because I really had loved this company’s design package showed up weeks later no extras I contacted him again he pretty much said I don’t care I told my staff to send it out but they must not of I am sick of people threatening us with reviews for free stuff I’ll send another package it’s been two additional months almost half a year and still no package so I’ll take my business elsewhere !

ordered pre production shirt.its coming up on a moth soon and no shirt.they have 4 employees and can't keep up.they should shut down website till they can fulfill their obligations to paid customers. poorly run company that needs more help for the business they attempt to do.

Review: I placed a pre-order for two shirts and only received one. After months (about 6) of attempting to reach the company via email, [redacted], messaging, etc. I finally got a response from the company that my money would be refunded within 7-10 days. That was over two weeks ago. There has been no refund, and no response to my attempts to contact the company again.Desired Settlement: Request refund of the purchase price of the shirt (appx $23.00)

Review: On Jun 28th, 2013, I placed an order (#[redacted]) for three t shirts. On July 23rd I recieved a package from the business with two of the shirts, but one was missing. I contacted the company via email immediately to inform them of this. I recieved no response to this email. I sent a facebook message on 7/24 with no response. On 7/26 I sent another Facebook message with the following response: "Yes. My apologies for the delay. Another set of deliveries is going out tomorrow and Monday for the Patriot shirts. It will be among them." I waited until 8/19 andsent a message followed by another on 8/26 and 8/27. This response was recieved from the 8/27 message: "The move is setting things back quite a bit [redacted] and you've been exceedingly patient which I appreciate. All orders that had pending pickups are being hand delivered to USPS so I will forward tracking to you and get you squared up in the next 24-48 hours" On 9/12 I still hadnt heard anything and attempted to contact them again. There has been no further response.Desired Settlement: Please deliver the shirt I intially ordered, or substitute the Templar shirt and refund the difference, or refund my payment.

Review: I made a purchase of a number of T-Shirts from this company and paid in full via my debit card a sum of $247.87 on 15 June 2014. After 3 weeks I contacted Warrior Culture to check the status of my order #[redacted], which had not arrived. I got no response. After my 4th attempt to contact the company I got an e-mail stating they would look into it........ That was a couple weeks ago, so I sent another request for any information at all and have recieved no further communication. I have left phone numbers, email address and feel I have bee more than patient. In my last letter I informed Warrior cul ture that if I did not hear SOMETHING I would be forced to take further action. This is the beginning of that action.Desired Settlement: I just want what I paid for and a response as to when I might expect my order.

Review: On June 13th, 2013 I per-ordered 3 tee-shirts for a total of $74.47. I have never received these. I used [redacted] to make the purchase. I have never had an issue with the company and this is my 5th order with them. I have emailed and sought communication thru Twitter and Facebook and when I eventually get thru I am told there was an issue with the shirts coming in or something. Now I see the company is having some of these already on sale! For shirts I ordered over 5 months ago. The last email I received said they would be on there way two weeks ago and still nothing. Something must really be wrong I had ordered these with 2 other friends but they have since given up on me and this company so I have paid them back and will still wait for the company to come thru. I refuse to discus this over Twitter or Facebook I a have no wish for Warrior Culture to have to defend itself over that medium, and I hope this communication get thru to them.Desired Settlement: I want this company to succeed, I just wish to receive our order, Thanks

Review: I placed an order for three shirts totaling a price of $58.47, when I received the package it contained only 2 shirts, and one of the shirts wasn't even the one I had ordered (nor is it the one on my invoice). I sent an email as well as contacted the company's Facebook page October 1 to resolve the issue and was shortly contacted by someone named [redacted] informed me that the coming Friday a replacement shirt and the shirt that was missing would be sent out and that it would not be necessary to send the incorrect shirt back. On October 16th I sent a follow up email to find out the status of the package, there was no response. On October 24 I again tried to contact Warrior Culture Gear via there Facebook page, there was no response but the message had been viewed, according to the Facebook messenger. At the time of filing this complaint it is now November 8th and I have yet to receive the corrected product or a refund. I have kept the digital receipt I was sent as well as have kept all messages exchanged between me and [redacted] as well as Warrior Culture Gear and myself.Desired Settlement: I would prefer the 2 correct products to be sent to me but if this is not possible I would like a refund for the shirt I did not receive (19.99), the shirt that was not correct (19.99) and a partial refund of the shipping charges I paid that were clearly not necessary for the correct amount clothing included.

Review: I ordered a t-shirt which has already been billed to my credit card. I reached out by email, they have no contact phone number. When I ordered the product, my credit card was charged and the item was available. They have not responded to my email attempts at all. It has now been 2 weeks since I have ordered this item.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my order fulfilled as soon as possible with some level of communication from the seller.

Review: I ordered product back in june 2013 product came and print was wrong the american flag only had 11 stripes and spoke with [redacted] the owner and he claimed he would send out a new one with a couple extra and to this day I have received nothing. After many promises and guarantees that he said he would do he does nothing except lead me to believe he is running a legit business stealing peoples money and giving them what they do not order. After all conversations I agreed to purchase another shirt so he wouldnt have to pay shipping so I purchased another shirt from this company and the product he promised to ship with it was not with it.Desired Settlement: refund for my shirt and another refund for the shirt I ordered last month so he wouldnt have to pay shipping.

Review: I ordered several shirts from this company on 2/5/14. Never received the product. It's been 1/2 a year and still no shirts. I've asked for them to be sent on several occasions, and was promised they would be delivered. They still haven't. My order states it's unfulfilled. It's order [redacted]. I'll cut and paste the actual order. I have emails from the owner if you need them please let me know.

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Placed on February 05, 2014 04:08PM

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WCG Heraldic Warrior - 4X-Large / Navy [redacted]-13 $26.99 1 $26.99

Special Edition Extortion 17 Memorial Shirt - Special Edition Extortion 17 Memorial Shirt / 4X-Large / Black $29.99 1 $29.99

WCG UNDEAD DISPOSAL UNIT SHIRT - 4X-Large / Black [redacted]-21 $21.99 1 $21.99

WCG Kneel Before No Man Shirt - 4X-Large / Charcoal Grey [redacted] $22.99 1 $22.99

WCG Survival Warrior - 4X-Large / Charcoal Grey $15.99 1 $15.99

WCG Team Shirt - 4X-Large / Navy WCTS-28 $9.99 1 $9.99

WCG Viking Warrior Shirt - 4X-Large / OD Green WCVS4X $15.99 1 $15.99

Subtotal: $143.93

Shipping (Standard Shipping-Flat Rate): $6.50

Total: $150.43Desired Settlement: I believe that 6 months is long enough to fulfill a T-shirt order.

Review: I purchased merchandise - paid in full including international shipping and the items were nevershipped although he claimed it was shipped then returned and stated he would ship ASAP and provide shipping information Order #2367 paid for on May 12th 2013.I have attempted to reconcile the owner [redacted] with negative results.Please feel free to contact me and [redacted] provide electronic information[redacted] - [redacted]View Addresses (1)OrderDatePayment StatusFulfillment StatusTotal#[redacted]May 12, 2013paidfulfilled$106.96Desired Settlement: I would prefer items shipped with verified postal confirmation or my money refunded ASAP



From: of Metro DC and Eastern PA <[email protected]>

Date: Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 9:04 AM

Subject: Fwd: Complaint #[redacted]

To: [redacted]

---------- Forwarded message ----------

From: [redacted]

Date: Tue, Jul 30, 2013 at 7:24 PM

Subject: Complaint #[redacted]

To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>

Please drop my complaint #[redacted] - I was contacted by **. [redacted] and the issue was resolved in positive manner. Thank you for your assistance.



Review: I placed an order with the company on May 12th, which was then processed on May 18th. The company claims that the order has been fulfilled. However, upon tracking on the USPS website, it claims to not even been received. Multiple attempts to contact the company have been made. However, none have been answered.Desired Settlement: I personally would love to see the company change practices and services associated with the business to better the company's service toward customers including maintaining contact with customers throughout the ordering and delivery process to ensure customer satisfaction.

Review: On February 8th, 2014 I ordered three t-shirts from Warrior Culture Gear (order# [redacted]). I received two of the three shirts and contacted the company to inquire about the third shirt. I was advised by the owner / operator that it was a packing error and that the third shirt would be sent right out. After three weeks I stll had not received the shirt and reached out again. I was again told it was going out with the next batch. Another three weeks passed and nothing. I attempted to contact again..but my e-mails have gone unanswered. I have repeatedly reached out VIA e-mail and [redacted], but they will not respond or refund as requested.Desired Settlement: The shirt was ordered as a gift. I would like the shirt..but would be satisfied with a refund.

Review: On July 2, 2014 I placed an order for 3 t-shirts for a total of $56.87. The money for this order was withdrawn from my account in less than 48 hours. On July 15, 2014 I received an email stating that my order was being processed. On July 29, 2014 I had still not received said order and sent an email. Numerous emails have been sent since with replies from the company stating that the items had initially been backordered but they were working presently toward fulfilling the order. After a very direct email to them on September 12, 2014 stating that they had failed to provide me the product to date and their customer service was also failing. They responded 3 days later letting me know that they were willing to refund my money if I desired, if not they would work on filling the order and have it out the next day. I responded letting them know that if they had the product and would be mailing it promptly then to keep it, if they were, however; unable to do such then yes, I wanted my money returned. This was on September 27, 2014. I have received no response nor the product.Desired Settlement: I would like my monies returned to me immediately.

Review: I pre-ordered a T-shirt from Warrior Culture Gear. When it arrived it was the size I ordered, but was too small. I contacted the company via email and [redacted] but didn't receive a response. On both their [redacted] page and their Website they have the following statement:

Two things to be understood about Warrior Culture gear is that it was started by one man and to this day is only operated by two men. This means your wait times WILL be a bit longer, you may not get your emails or messages answered as quickly as a large site, but what you will get is 150% effort to manage and maintain a quality product, premium design and better prices for custom shirts you may find online.

I couldn't wear the shirt and to help them out we returned it and requested the next size larger. That was 2 months ago and we are still waiting for the correct size. We will be happy to pay for return shipping and notified them that we would.Desired Settlement: We would like Item number [redacted]4 in a size LARGE/Black

Review: I made an order with Warrior Culture Gear in December of 2013. When I received the order, I was missing a shirt. I emailed Warrior Culture and they said they would send me the shirt. That never happened and now they will not return my emails. They have no intention on giving me the product I purchased or returning my money. My order number with them is 5649. The shirt I was missing was the "Deceit and the Truth T-Shirt" the color was charcoal grey. The cost of the shirt was $15.99 plus $6.50 for shipping.Desired Settlement: I would either like to have the shirt that I purchased or get a refund for it.

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